Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Make a Ponytail with a Vacuum Cleaner

Someone on Facebook posted a YouTube video of a dad who did his daughter's ponytail with a vacuum cleaner. We laughed until we cried ...and then decided to try it out.

Here is the result! My mother is going to love this one!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Storage Stairs? I Want Them!

Check out this site to see all about these cool stairs and more cool options. These are pretty, huh? But the three on the right are not practical in my household, what with the kids who can't put things back or pick up after themselves. I would hate to come flying down the stairs and bust my hip tripping on a drawer someone left open. Also I would need a handrail or some sort of support or my people would be jumping off the higher steps. See how I have to think these days? Practical over pretty. Safe over glamourous.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

9109 High Grove Road, I Love You & Merry Christmas!

Yes, I am aware that I keep posting photos of houses I fall in love with. I have a category of posts called Country Living. I should make one called House Hunting. The thing is, the other two I have posted pictures of on here I did not post the address and they were both $400,000, WAY out of our price range.

Today I'm posting the address and I'm not sure why. I just love it and have not seen it in person. My mom and Dave drove by it today on their way home from our place and thought it was super awesome and that there were deer tracks all over the snow. I should not post online how much I think I love this house. That would mess with negotiations, but Mr. Kerrie says he is not ready to move yet. Still, I have talked him into LOOKING at it from the outside maybe Friday. I hinted that maybe the agent could MEET us there ... why not? What could it hurt to see the INSIDE? I did see the layout of the place after some heavy duty internet stalking of the place.

Here's the link for family and friends and anyone else who just loves houses! Don't freak out on photo #5 because that is my favorite part: PINKSPLOSION (kinda like the pinksplosion we created at our own place recently)! The house was built in 1940 but someone in the 1960s took some acid and decorated this room. Oh, and the SUN PORCH is kind of a hit in my world. So Merry Christmas and enjoy my house love affair #3 (only more affordable).
Don't judge my ugly room. I love it. It has more character than anything in Overland Park any day of the week!
Okay, so it didn't speak to us. Here is a post on Bubblews that talks about that and leads to more about why it was not perfect for us. And in the comments section someone named Tim says he and his wife bought it, which is AWESOME! I hope they are very happy there and have 8 babies just like the previous owners had.

Merry Christmas 2013!

Hope you are having an awesome day!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Being Santa Is Like Being a Spy

Why do the Santa thing when it is so exhausting? When the kids notice the handwriting on the tags, the wrapping paper, that there is a dog hair from OUR DOG in the tape on a package? I'll tell you why. Because I feel like a super spy doing it, making this magic my parents made for me. I shut myself in my room to wrap in secret. I shop in secret. Mr. Kerrie comes up to the bedroom to grab a box of wrapped gifts to cover up and take to the basement. SNEAK to the basement and hide. I guess it's exciting for the adults, too, and we love to see their faces when they are surprised! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Pose for Photos ... by Mr. and Mrs. Kerrie

These photos were taken in August and I'm finally getting them off DropBox and onto our external hard drive (better not lose that!) because Mr. Kerrie is freaked about our stuff being on DropBox. Duly noted. Anyway, I had him take a picture of me in our newly wood-floored living room and I stood like a normal person, as shown below:

Then I did this POP thing that I learned from our sitter, Jordan. You put one hand on your hip and then POP out the opposite knee. TRY IT! (yeah, I know I look dorky trying this out but I don't really care)

Somehow when I tried the photo shoot with Mr. Kerrie he was not amenable. Poor dude tolerates me; you know that, don't you?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Would You Live by a Cemetery? Check out my Potential Kerrie Dreamhouse! #househunting

So back here in August I talked about and posted a photo of the house my family had fallen in love with. The problem was that it cost $400,000, a wee bit over our budget. It's still AMAZING, of course, but no house is perfect. For instance, we love our current house but with all the Little Kerries running around we're growing out of it, plus we're on that busy street corner where nobody stops for little kids. The house we fell in love with in August was a little far from Mr. Kerrie's work, in another state, and the pond right out front always freaked me out. I am always going to be freaked out about something, mind you, but drowning is a special freak-out that is dear to my heart.

Yesterday Mr. Kerrie was off work. We FINALLY set out around 3 to go to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our our tree for the first time. I had looked on the internet and found a place and wrote down directions. Welllllll ... the info was out of date and I did something I never do: I didn't do my research. I did not call the place first to make sure we could just go on their property and cut down a tree like the Christmas tree website said I could.

Thankfully the people who lived there were home and, after a wild goose chase to find it, Mr. Kerrie asked and NOPE, they are not doing trees anymore. I felt so HORRIBLE! It was the 16th of December and we still needed a tree and drove half an hour to get there. As we left we saw a NO OUTLET sign, which always turns me on. I mean, the thought of a dead end street and my kids being safe is pretty cool. Alas, there was also a FOR SALE sign pointing down the road. Hmmmm, let's go check it out. After some exploring we came up this stately thing, which instead of calling it South Fork I would call it something goofy like Spoon Fork:

ACROSS FROM A CEMETERY yet at the end of a road! Can't have everything on your home checklist, I suppose. Did I mention I watched too many scary movies as a kid so moving to the country AND being by a cemetery is EXTRA FREAKY?! You can't shoot a ghost, people!

Okay, lemme calm down here before I tell the rest of the story.

Whew. Of course we pull up in the driveway, mesmerized. I mean, look at that beast! Room for kids to run around and LAND, glorious LAND! And trees! So I whip out my handy dandy cell phone and call the realtor.

Well, it's 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on 40 acres of land. Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's another $400,000 beauty we have found ourselves with. Now, if you are living on one of the coasts of American and reading this, you are wanting to smack me because that is cheap in your world. In my world, I live in a house that we paid about 1/4 of that for. That's a lot of moola. Like I said back in August, I'd better keep writing and hope for that bestseller to take off soon. (buy my ebooks; shameless plug)

Of course we came home and I internet stalked the house. I found out one of the owners died in 2009, was a Gemini like me and her name is the same as Aron's grandma, the name we would name our next kid if it ended up being a girl. Interesting turn of events indeed.

I'll keep ya posted. And if you can't get enough of this topic, I write more about it here.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Son Is Baking 120 Dozen Cinnamon Rolls Today ... and I'm Chillin'

No, not by himself, silly! With his Boy Scout troop! Thanks to the ever-rockin', fire-fightin' Bill Schneider for taking this photo (I like to give a shout-out and don't do it enough).

Mr. Kerrie is off work for THREE WEEKS so you might be seeing me on here quite a bit posting fun holiday happenings. Know why? 'Cuz I found the external hard drive so I can transfer all the pictures to it that are backing up like a dude who ate too many beans and too much cheese. I've knocked out some big proofing jobs and it's time to concentrate on preparing the house for Christmas.

Wow, reading that back it is a big fat wonder I make any money at all to write because I just jump from topic to topic. Sorry about that. Lemme slow down.

My point is that my camera should be empty so I can QUICKLY post new pictures in the coming weeks. I know the grandparents love that!

Mr. Kerrie has been working insane hours (like 16+ hours per day) and it's been Crazy Town here. I'm looking forward to my man being off work so I can have some fun with my kids instead of policing them, to working on my Laid-Back Homeschooling book and getting it out in time for all the people to receive their Kindles at Christmastime. And then there's shopping for stocking stuffers and other last-minute fun. Maybe the growing pile of clean laundry will get put away magically, as well!

And finding the Excel file with all the addresses for Christmas cards since our PC shot craps. It's cool, you know I'll also post the humblebrag Christmas letter on the blog!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah (wait, that's over), Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

Love, Kerrie

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#Free Ebook: The Cut-Out (Spy Thriller Based on a True Story)

This book is free through tomorrow, Thursday, December 12, 2013, so you have nothing to lose by downloading it. Just go to this link and grab it. You DO NOT NEED TO OWN A KINDLE to get this ebook. I don't own a Kindle (even though I write for the Kindle format!) and just download to a handy little thing on Amazon where they hold onto all my free ebooks for me to read when I want.

LOGLINE: When the American called me up and said he wanted to talk, I never imagined he would tell me what he did: that someone of global renown, “within days from now”, would be assassinated. Why tell me? A low-key conspiracy journalist? I didn’t know. And quite frankly, I didn’t believe him, either—until the assassination happened… 

SYNOPSIS: Britain in the nineties was obsessed with the X-Files. The high street was awash with X-Files type magazines, and as senior editor of the biggest selling one on the market, I was accustomed to receiving phone calls from anonymous sources promising inside information. So when the American called me up and said he wanted to talk, I took it in my stride. Why wouldn’t I? He was a former Special Forces Green Beret, he said. A CIA runner. He also said that the information he had was best not divulged over the telephone. So we arranged to meet. Nothing unusual in that. 

What was unusual, though, was what the American told me, not at our first meeting, but at a subsequent one some months later. On this occasion he said he'd been made aware of an imminent prime-target assassination, that “one of the most prominent figures on the world stage” was about to be taken out, “within days from now”, though he claimed he was unable to reveal who the target was. 

“Watch the news networks. You’ll know who it is soon enough.” He added: “The media will tell you it was an accident. You’ll know it wasn’t.” 

I came away not knowing if I’d been fed a line or let in on the world’s most terrible secret. And I had no way of finding out, either, other than to wait, and watch the news. 

I didn’t have to wait long. Because a week later the “accident” the American had alluded to was all over the news: the assassination he’d forewarned me about had happened. 

Of course, at this stage I had no idea I was being set up. Only that I’d been told something I wished I’d never been told. And that, because I had, I now faced the most terrifying challenge of my life—to get to the truth before the intelligence agencies got to me... 

The catch: please leave a review for this book if you enjoy it. (let me spoil it for you and tell you this is about Princess Diana's death!)

Thanks for checking out this edition of FREE EBOOKS FOUND BY KERRIE!

Eva at Her Birthday Party: Wordless Wednesday

Friday, December 6, 2013



This is a guest post from Kerrie's blessed husband.··You can call me Mr. Kerrie.··I saw a picture of her this morning and thought 'my wife is pretty'.  This is the picture

Of course I  think my is wife pretty in all of her pictures.  And pictures don't do her the justice compared to seeing her.  But don't let her looks fool you she's smart too,... and funny,... and a great cook, and the BEST mother to our children that I could have prayed for, and a perfect wife. ...  I could go on for a while, but probably the best thing that I could say is the she's as good of a mom as mine.  Did I mention smoking hot pretty.  I love you Kurvy©.  Kurvy is my copyrighted name that only her husband may use.

Happy 6th Birthday to my Eva!

I'm cheating a little bit today because I'm going to be super busy. Aron is having to work a lot of long hours this week and today is his day off, but he's gotta work most of it. He'll take off to come ice skating with us, though, and after all these years of birthdays and kids I think I can handle the rest of it and the party prep and the making today special for Eva.

So happy birthday, Eva! Here's the cheat: a post I wrote on another site today. Check it out! It even leads back HERE to a post of her FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Here are some pics of this ornery little light of our lives:

At the park in Grandview on a sunny day.

At the apple orchard. This girl has fun wherever she goes.

Resting in the van after a long day of being sunshiney and naughty

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Babo Botanicals Holiday Promotion!

This newest Holiday Gift Guide 2013 addition includes a product that is great for any age person, but it most perfect for that new or current parent on your shopping list. And if you know someone who is due to have a baby next year, stock up now on Babo Botanicals for your shower and new-baby gifts!

Babo Botanicals offers a full range of natural and safe skin, hair and suncare products for newborns, babies, kids and the entire family! Babo products are made on a certified organic farm in upstate New York and are ultra-rich in vitamins A, C and D delivering maximum nutrients, protection and moisture to your child’s hair and skin. Babo’s mission is to provide the perfect balance between optimum results, natural ingredients and family fun.

Babo Botanicals is having a special holiday promotion of 50% off all products available at their site here! Just remember to use promotion code HOLIDAYBABO.

HURRY and save this link! This offer is only available from December 11th through December 18th and the coupon does not apply to the VIP Gift Basket.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Emilia Delizia Tours: Something for Everyone!

It's no secret that I love to travel. So does Mr. Kerrie, as long as it's not for work and he can be with his family. One of our dreams is to travel the country by RV. Another is to go to Europe. He'd love to go to Ireland and Scotland. I'd love to visit Germany, where I was born. We both would love to go to Italy.

Oh, Italy. How I would fall in love with it. I mean, I already fell in love with it when I read Eat, Pray, Love,  but I want a deeper relationship. I want to go on food tours and wine tours and cooking tours in Italy. I want to really get to know it.

That's where Emilia Delizia comes in. They asked me to check out their site and let my readers know what I think about it and I have to say it is verrrrrrrry cool. Allow me to demonstrate using their infographic:

I am salivating just thinking of all this amazing food. Mr. Kerrie would think he had died and gone to heaven during a culinary or wine tour. And I would be in homeschool heaven going on production visits with the kids to see how things like Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and Parma ham are made!

This site is EXTREMELY informative. Check out this post on truffle hunts! And EEEEEE! ... they can arrange Ferrari test drives here!!!!!!

I have to admit I went to this site and got lost in it for a long time. The Big Family Dream after moving to the country here in the USA is to start traveling to cool places like Italy. Guess I'd better get back to work on that best-selling ebook, huh?

You can follow Emilia Delizia Food Tours on Twitter here. And on Facebook here. But whatever you do, check out this site ... you won't be sorry!

Friday, November 29, 2013

When Is the Right Time for a Cell Phone? (guest post)

Today is Black Friday, I'm taking a little break from the production of The Kerrie Show, and we have a guest post by HB Redbird. She also provided a great piece for me about doing back to school uniquely here. Check it out!

When Is The Right Time for a Cell Phone?

I think the hardest part of parenting is acknowledging that children are growing up in a different age than we are. This is apparent by parents who no longer allow their children to walk to school, or bike wherever their hearts desire. It is also becoming clear to me that parents have a harder time deciding when to let children branch out with technology.

My children range in age from one year to ten years. My children are better with computers than I am, and I thought I was good with personal computers. The older two, aged ten and eight, love computers and cell phones. We have a family computer to allow them the ability to email family members, and keep their own blog. So, when is it okay to allow children to have their own phones?

We see children in first and second grade carrying their own phones, and we feel that it is too young. My husband and I had originally planned to allow phones at the age of 13, but now I think that may be too old. My children are prolific on our Smartphones, playing games, sending text messages, and using the internet to research on the road. Are eight and ten year olds responsible enough to have a phone of their own? How does one keep them safe from those who have only evil thoughts racing through their minds? This is where we are not sure which direction to go.

·         Able to communicate with friends without stealing our phone
·         Can play games that expand brain power
·         Can call us when they are needing picked up after school
·         Call them when needed
·         Research on the go

These pros come from our current experiences with our older children. My daughter is very prolific with texting, and she loves communicating with my family. She also has a few friends and cousins that have cell phones, so having one would allow her to communicate with them. She is also always stealing my phone to play Draw Something, and other games that require her to think. We also regularly hand our phones over to both of the children to allow them to use Google to work on their homework on the drive home from school.

·         Increase phone bill
·         Access to evils on the cyber world
·         Unauthorized purchases or subscriptions

My pocket book screams when I think about allowing my children to have access to a phone of their own. Will they understand the limitations on usage? Will they purchase games or subscribe to text messages that will affect the bill? Will they get onto sites that they really should not be on? I understand that most of these cons come with both years of trust and parenting. We can let a child learn by experience that purchasing games require money by making them pay for it. Same with having them go over their minutes, but the OCD in me really has trouble with relinquishing that control.

Therefore, we are back to the beginning questions. When is it appropriate to allow your child to get a phone and join your family plan? We are beginning to think that eight years old is not too young. Are we wrong? My husband and I are not yet sure.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

I am grateful today for too many things to even list, but I'll go ahead and do a few!

Obviously I'm thankful for my awesome, fun marriage of 15 years,which is still going strong. I'm thankful for my five healthy, awe-inspiring children. I am thankful that my parents and Aron's are alive and well.

I am thankful for new friends and old and those with potential.

For a place to live, a car to drive, a way to make money from home.

For food, a furnace that works after 47 years, clothing, a library card.

For the freedom to homeschool.

My husband is amazing in the kitchen. He has spent a lot of time working on today's meal. He loves to cook and I let him take it over. He was so excited that he got a roasting pan with rack like this one at Macy's yesterday for nine bucks!

My mom and stepdad are coming over to share the meal with us. Please pray for my Grandma Sue while she goes through surgery tomorrow.

I sincerely pray that you have a fabulous day today. Good food and relaxation and love!

Happy Thanksgiving! (and I wouldn't be me without leaving you with a funny!)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Shopping: My Kid's Favorite Toys Site

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping, whether you are in denial or not. I'm not telling you to run out and do Black Friday shopping. I'm telling you to sit on your butt and shop at home like I try to do as often as possible! I think my kids are starting to figure some stuff out when the mail comes and I run it up to my closet.

Okay, so check out this site My Kid's Favorite Toys ... I love it because it gives me so many great ideas for my kids for Christmas shopping. I already have some things for the kids but I need more ideas! And family is asking for gift ideas for the kids. I'm often at a loss as to what kind of ideas to give them. I want presents to be a surprise if it can work out that way, so I scanned this site for some great ideas. See what you think!

If you don't know where to start, check here for the top toys of 2013, according to WalMart, KMart and ToysRUs.

My girls are starting to want some of the Lego and Friends sets, like this one:

Samuel is all about trains and this Thomas set is perfect!

And check this out! Nerf finally got a clue like Lego did and now they make stuff in pink!

This site helped me to discover all sorts of new things that my kids might like for Christmas. I'm going to be spending a lot more time on there. I love the search box, that you can shop by brand, by tag, by type of toy and more. I'll be heading back here for birthday ideas for all of my own kids and for the kids of my friends when it's birthday party time next year!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

KC Pumpkin Patch Pics of the Day Saturday

We got to go to the KC Pumpkin Patch last month and I have all these great photos I keep forgetting to post! Read here to find out what's going on with them having to move and how nobody wants them as a neighbor. I would totally want them as a neighbor!

Friday, November 22, 2013

KC Pumpkin Patch Pics of the Day Friday

We got to go to the KC Pumpkin Patch last month and I have all these great photos I keep forgetting to post! Read here to find out what's going on with them having to move and how nobody wants them as a neighbor. I would totally want them as a neighbor!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

KC Pumpkin Patch Pics of the Day Thursday

We got to go to the KC Pumpkin Patch last month and I have all these great photos I keep forgetting to post! Read here to find out what's going on with them having to move and how nobody wants them as a neighbor. I would totally want them as a neighbor!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Creekside at Beaver Creek ... Time for a Colorado Vacation

It is so time for a vacation around my household. I got the chance to post about Creekside at Beaver Creek today and jumped at it. Just looking at the gorgeous mountain sunset has me dreaming of Colorado and dying to go again!

Vacationers looking to leave everyday life behind and enjoy remarkable skiing and the grandeur of a modern alpine ski resort should head to Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Creekside at Beaver Creek is a luxury ski-in/ski-out property located within the heart of Beaver Creek village. Nestled right up against the bubbling Beaver Creek, guests are steps away from world-class restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. In the morning, you can ski right to the lifts and access nearly 1,900 acres of skiable terrain including immaculately groomed green cruisers to steep powder-filled Aspen groves and chutes. At the end of the day, after a relaxing dip in the hot tub, unwind in a comfortable two or three bedroom condominium, elegantly decorated to make oneself at home.

Whether you are visiting Colorado to ski/snowboard or just take in the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find your stay at Creekside at Beaver Creek a memorable one.

Book by Opening Day and Save up to 30%!
Book your winter 2013/2014 vacation to Creekside at Beaver Creek by the time the lifts start turning and save up to 30% off regular rates for the 2013/2014 ski season! (Beaver Creek opening day is Nov. 27, 2013)

"Get Organized, Stay Organized" Review and #Giveaway!!!

Yeah, I'm putting this in my Holiday Gift Guide for 2013. I mean, I know you would have to carefully slip this to someone as a gift, since giving someone a book like this is like telling them they are a bit of a slob. Oh, I know ... give it as a Secret Santa thing and then never reveal yourself! Or give it to:

  • that person who is always griping about their messy house (like me, except I already own this book) as a friendly gift. 
  • to that hoarder down the road. G'head, just slip it in their mailbox! I dare you.
  • as a wedding gift for a new bride who is clueless about combining two households of junk.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy 47th Birthday to Mr. Kerrie: Aron McLoughlin

My husband is amazing. Today he turned 47 and he spent most of the day cleaning out the van with the kids and then later fixed my driver's side van window which broke a couple of weeks ago and would not roll up or down. 

Tonight I got him World War Z to relax to while the littles watch something cartoony on the laptop upstairs. I plan to SCRAPBOOK nearby (I know ... scrapbooking ... it's been a long time!).

Popcorn and mocha hot chocolate are also on the docket for the evening. AFTER he gets the van door put back together, poor guy.

Earlier we had homemade pizzas and then a blue suede cake that some guy named Duff has out. It was super yummy, actually and totally worth it. There's also a tie dye cake and a zerbra cake we will be purchasing. We put white cream cheese frosting on top, but I used food coloring to make it lime green.

Friday, November 8, 2013

$1,000 Countdown to Black Friday #Giveaway ends November 29, 2013

Countdown To Black Friday Giveaway

Organized by Mom Powered Media and the MPM Blogger Network.

Looking for the best contests around this holiday season? Make sure to visit http://www.sweepstakesfanatics.com/" target="_blank">SweepstakesFanatics
where you can find the newest sweeps, blog giveaways and even a special section for Canadian giveaways.

Here's the link to my post leading you to the 2013 Toys R Us Black Friday ad, and I have my eye on the Disney movies for $11.99 and the Lego Eagle Castle, but don't tell my kids if you see them. And if you are one of their friends reading this, PLEASE do not tell them because that is just not cool!

One lucky winner will receive $ 1,000 Visa Gift Card or Amazon Gift Card {choice}!

Giveaway ends November 29th  at 11:59 pm, open worldwide, ages 18+. Please note if the winner is a non-USA or non-Canadian resident, they will receive $1,000 via paypal instead. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

Disclosure:The Kerrie Show is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact teri@mompoweredmedia.com" target="_blank">teri@mompoweredmedia.com
with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Well Woman Check! Details Here.

So I just wanted to update ya'll and let you know I made it through my well woman check with flying colors.

Well, not really. It seems my cervix is still a little red and angry-looking. Yes, a gyno actually said that to me once when I was in my twenties (before I met Mr. Kerrie and when I was not, ahem, so kind to my body). So we'll see how all that shakes out. I'm not freaking out or running for the HPV vaccine or anything (do not get me started on that rant).

And since I'm all 42 and losing my hair (no bald spots so don't freak out, Mom, Dad and Aunt Cathy) and had gestational diabetes with Joel (borderline, people, but I jumped through the hoops because it was my first pregnancy), I get to GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR for blood tests for my thyroid and sugar and cholesterol and probably some other stuff.

That means more time out by myself, which I am oddly craving since the hardwood floors arrived and made my world all LOUD and echo-y.

By the way, how much do you love trying to make conversation with your doc and the lady that has to supervise him while he has his hand inside you and then has to do the breast exam?! We for real talked about how I'm proofreading AND writing now and my doc of 16 years said I'm the only person he knows who proofreads! Shoulda given him my card but my gown had no pockets.

Let this be a reminder for you to schedule your well woman exam. They are usually free if you have insurance and maybe Obamacare will also make them free?!

Sorry there are no pictures to accompany this post. Next time.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kerrie McLoughlin's Print Books and Kindle Ebooks

Hey, did you know that you don't need a Kindle to read my ebooks? Back when I didn't have a Kindle I would just download books I bought or got for free on Amazon onto my Amazon Cloud Reader to read whenever I wanted later on my laptop. Here's my author page so you can see all my offerings on one page, you lucky duck.

Have files of article reprints that you own but have no clue where to start reselling them? Have ideas for some fantastic new pieces but no idea who might want them? Check out my 386-page PDF of tips, tricks, and insider information, as well as 384 paying parenting and family markets! Just head to this page to download How to Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids and get started immediately!

Sign up for an email subscription to The Published Parent and get two amazing freebies: 10 Parenting Markets That Pay $100+ and 10 Markets That Pay Writers to Write About Writing! And join my Facebook group called Parenting Magazine Writers ... it's FREE and full of tips and tricks and markets and like-minded writer friends!

Available in print and ebook (free on Kindle Unlimited)

I Love Shopping for Retro Stuff!!!!

Okay, Aron and I got to go to a Liberty Ball at the Riverfront Marriott in Lawrence, Kansas over the weekend to support Aron's cousin, who is running for governor of Kansas on the Libertarian ticket. (did I say that right? it sounds too smart to come out of my mouth!).

Anyway, the night before I had gone downtown to the Crossroads District of Kansas City to support my friend Angeliina at her art show with my BACKPACK slung over my shoulder. It wasn't freezing, so I did not wear a coat. My coat options are a heavy Liz Taylor furry thing or my 13-year-old busted up Yale jacket.

Saturday morning I realized it was time for a coat and a purse, for gosh sakes. My mother would be so proud that I am, at the age of 42, recognizing a little bit of class.

So after Weight Watchers (I don't even attend meetings anymore; I just weigh in and leave with my head down) I trucked to Pete N' Repeat in Downtown Overland Park because I knew I would find what I needed there in about 5 minutes.

And I was right!

I literally ran in, asked where the black purses were, and the woman said she had just organized them! A cute Liz Claiborne caught my eye and $20 seemed fair so there you go. Then I ran over to the coats, checked the Medium rack, and found my new lover, a gorgeous gray pea coat for $45. You get the full effect when it's buttoned up, and rest assured I will post pictures of that fabulousness.

I never cared much for fashion but looking back I realize I've always had a certain kind of retro style. Always. Now I can really buy what I love and look like I stepped right out of the 1960s without spending a fortune to do so!

What's your style like?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

OraMD Review

Okay, here's the thing. You know I'm not going to lie to you. I got something to review and I'm just not so sure about it. So I'm going to say it. It might work fine for you and maybe I just have a super sensitive mouth.

But I got this OraMD stuff and it's a tiny bottle that is supposed to last for a month of tooth brushings (for one person?). It costs $15.31 per month per person. That is not going to work in my house. Toothpaste is much cheaper! Baking soda even more so!

Anyway, the cost is not my problem. My issue is that when I was using this stuff my teeth were hyper-sensitive. Things hurt when I ate hot or cold foods or drinks. I tried this experiment twice and got the same result both times. I have not used this stuff in weeks and my teeth are just fine.

I get that it's all natural and made with peppermint and spearmint oils and menthol, but maybe my processed-foods butt just freaks out when natural and organic touches my body ... haha?

Never fear, this company also offers a colon normalizer for $39.95 per bottle and Vitamin C for $29.95 per bottle. Being healthy is EXPENSIVE!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Could Prevagen Be My Brain Fog Lifter?

Okay, here's the deal. It's hard to tell something like if my brain is working better. I couldn't exactly do scientific tests on myself to see if I, say, did better at a timed test on Day 1 of taking this stuff versus Day 30. The company says you should take it longer than 30 days and I only got a 30-day sample, so I have to base my review on that.

That said, maybe I felt a little more spring in my brain's step for a while and was able to really go crazy on working on ebooks and writing creative and fun things. Maybe it lifted some of the fog. But then my grandpa died and the fog came back so it's hard to say about this Prevagen stuff.

Depending on how much it costs, I would buy it and take it again. I know this kind of things is all relative, like when you are taking vitamins and then don't and feel sluggish. Still, I put my faith in B12 for my daily energy and credit it with not needing naps! If the cost of this is no more than vitamins, I would stock up on it because I think brain health is very important. I'm 42 and Mr. Kerrie is almost 47 and we can use all the brainpower we can get to thwart the evil plans of our 5 kids. Just sayin'.

Here's some info from the company and after that how to find them online:

Prevagen (pronounced “prev-uh-gen”), developed by Quincy Bioscience, is a unique brain health supplement that promotes clearer thinking and improves memory. Prevagen’s main ingredient is a new use for a well-known protein called “apoaequorin” which was originally found in a certain species of jellyfish.

As we age, the body’s ability to produce essential proteins slows down. When this happens you begin to lose about 30,000 brain cells every day, and may start to experience difficulty with memory, focus and concentration. Apoaequorin has been clinically tested and shown to supplement these proteins during the natural process of aging and improves brain health and overall memory.

In 2012, Prevagen became the number one selling brain health supplement in chain drug stores across the country, and continues to remain on top. Prevagen is available in health food stores and pharmacies nationwide including Walgreen, CVS, Rite Aid, and Vitamin Shoppe.

Prevagen is safe and effective. Daily use for 30-90 days is the recommended length of time to experience noticeable results.

Learn more about Prevagen at www.prevagen.com

Here's how to find them on Facebook!

UPDATE: $40 is the cheapest I could find this online for 30 pills. For that price, I choose to remain stupid!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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