Friday, April 3, 2020

FirstPRO Shares How Healthcare Staffing Agencies Are Handling The COVID-19 Pandemic

When COVID-19 started to take over the world, medical clinics and hospitals were not ready. Medical staffing agencies have been working hard to help give patients the care they need, but there are gaps around the world that are hard to fill. There are some tips below that will help your hospital, medical clinic, or staffing agency prepare for what is to come.

Find Travel Nurses

FirstPRO recommends that you find travel nurses when you can. Travel nurses can come into the area, relieve many of your staffers, and help provide excellent care. You may need travel nurses who have come from an unaffected area or you might want travel nurses who have been working during the pandemic. Hiring just a few extra people can make a big difference in a large hospital.

Stagger Your Shifts

You must stagger your shifts so that your best practitioners get time off. They likely want to keep working because they need to help people, but these practitioners either need to be tested or be sent home to rest. You can stagger your shifts to give these professionals rest, and you can bring in extra travel nurses who will help.

Medical staffing agencies can provide you with contact information for doctors and nurses who live outside the area, and you can request their services at any time.

They Are Calling Some Practitioners Out Of Retirement

Some medical staffing agencies like FirstPRO are calling people out of retirement. Anyone who has medical training or still has a license is being asked to help in any way that they can. This is a good way for these retired professionals to help, and the staffing agencies can put experienced people in the places that need the most help.

Staffing Agencies Are Hiring Right Now

Medical staffing agencies are hiring right now. They are looking for people who have medical technician training, or they are hiring students who are close to graduating from nursing school. Someone who cannot get a job right now because all the hospitals are flooded with patients can work for a medical staffing agency.

These agencies allow new hires to work in many different places, and they might get permanent jobs when the crisis is over. Because this is such a sensitive time, new hires should be prepared to be sent to the places that need the most help.

Home Care Professionals Are Working Where They Can

Home health professionals have been asked in some cases to work in hospitals or medical clinics to treat patients. These home health professionals can check on families that are in quarantine, and home health professionals know how to assist medical professionals in hospitals. If you have worked in home health care in the past, you might get a job with a staffing agency that needs more people to help hospitals and medical clinics. This is a good way to start in the nursing field, or you could pick up extra hours because some people cannot afford home health care.

Medical Staffing Agencies Are Offering Hazard Pay

Medical staffing agencies are offering hazard pay to those who are working on the COVID-19 outbreak. People who are just getting into the medical field or who want to make more money could start working for-hire with a staffing agency. You could be sent to the places that have been affected the most, and you could continue to make money so long as your services are needed. As mentioned above, you may find a permanent position when the crisis is over because the hospital you were working at needs your assistance.


When you are looking for help with medical staffing, you should consider what a medical staffing agency can do for you. These agencies can bring travel nurses to your facility, or they can help bring retirees in to help. You can hire new people to stagger your shifts, and you can give patients the best care possible. Those who are hired by medical staffing agencies might get permanent jobs when the crisis is over because these facilities will need more people to help with the cleanup and aftermath.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Planning for Your Aging Parents’ Future

                    The thought of your parents getting older, declining in health, and needing help with basic tasks can be overwhelming. It’s a thought no one really likes to grapple with. Your parents’ health and safety, however, should be a priority. Decisions should be made as a family and preparing is the best way to avoid confusion and stress. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your aging parents’ future.

Meet as a Family

No matter what types of decisions are made, they should be made as a family. It’s important to involve everyone in the process. Don’t bring the topic up out of the blue, though. For such an important discussion, you should schedule a meeting in advance. If you have family members who can’t attend physically, use video-conferencing so everyone is present.

Determine the Needs of Your Parents

Chances are that if you’re having a meeting to discuss your parents’ future, you already have concerns about their health and well-being. Has one of your parents fallen recently? Are they having difficulty driving? Are they having trouble doing basic tasks around the house like cooking or cleaning? Taking a look at their specific needs will help you to determine if they might soon require assistance.

Ask Your Parents What Their Wishes Are

Your parents must be involved in any decisions that are made and you should ensure that their voices are heard. Ask them what their preferences are, whether they want to remain at home or move to upscale assisted living facilities. Maybe they would feel more comfortable moving in with your family or one of your siblings’ families.

Keep in mind that your parents may not want to have the discussion or might become defensive. Don’t pressure them. You may need to have several smaller meetings to make all the important decisions.

Getting older is a natural part of life. Together, however, you and your family can work together to create a plan that makes the process a little easier for everyone.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Get $10 off Your First Walmart Grocery Pickup Order

There was even more than this. It's what $350 in groceries looks like. And I didn't have to set foot in the store, deal with PEOPLE, deal with checking out, deal with loading up my own stuff, etc. I feel very spoiled indeed.

Let me set the scene for you ...

It was a Friday afternoon. I was already tired, and I had a proofreading job to get out, homeschool planning to do, kids to love on and swim with. I also needed to go to Aldi, my go-to grocery shopping place because of their low prices.

But oh, the heat, and battling the crowds then packing up my own groceries. I didn't have the energy (turns out I'm having some thyroid issues, but that's another blog post). I had a lovely grocery list all made up for a week of groceries so I logged on to Walmart Grocery to see what I could get and if it would be way too expensive. One of my favorite friends uses the service all the time and I trust her judgment. 

Oh, the thought of running out Saturday morning anytime between 9 and 10 a.m. and having the groceries put into my trunk for me was so heavenly. So I did it. Turns out it's:

  • Perfect for those who are not able to get out and shop on their own.
  • Perfect for those with little kids who can't brave the store.
  • Perfect for those who are in a rush.
  • Perfect for those who are tired from working or whatever and just need to get their stuff.
  • Perfect when it's cold outside or hot outside or raining.
  • Perfect for me during the homeschool year when my time is very precious.
  • Perfect for EVERYONE!
  • UPDATE: lately, it's perfect for those who prefer not to go into a grocery store and be around other people!

A few good things over hitting Aldi and worth a little extra money to me:

  • I was able to get a smaller version of the half and half I wanted. The one at Aldi is a good deal but it's too big and it goes bad.
  • I was able to get the frozen Reames egg noodles we prefer when we make chicken and noodles.
  • I didn't feel rushed or stressed by looking at so many things and I could take a break shopping online.
  • I was able to order Ranch dressing packets when Aldi had been out of them forever.
  • I realized we didn't need 150 name brand flossers for $5.92 and a few hours later I was able to go online at Walmart, delete that item and replace it with 75 of the same flossers, only a different brand, for $1.88. It was so easy! I saved $4.04 on that specific order (yes, I realize I got half the flossers).
  • I am able to get fun things like matcha powder, specific brands of contact solution and other things we use a lot.

The substitutions!
Sometimes you get there and they are out of what you wanted, so they come to your car window and let you know. They are always more than fair that I have experienced. Once they did not have ONE Clif bar flavor I wanted so they gave me an ENTIRE BOX of it instead. Once they didn't have a 24-pack of frozen waffles so they gave me 3 packs of 10. If they don't have the size of canned good you need, they always do a substitute upgrade. Just today they were out of the 3-pound bag of oranges so they gave me a 5-pound bag instead NO EXTRA CHARGE EVER.

We both get $10 off if you use it. Here is the fine print:

*You must be a new customer and spend $50 or more before taxes to receive offer. You must have a registered Walmart account to redeem promo code.

I did it my first time and used my friend's code and we both got $10 off. It should email you a promo code or something. $30 minimum. 


Walmart costs slightly more than aldi but, hey, I figure the time I save braving the store, standing in the checkout line, and loading my groceries into my van one bag at a time. 

UPDATE: I had fully planned to go to Aldi one day recently. But I did something to my ankle and knew I could not walk that entire store, stand in line, load my groceries into my trunk. So early this morning I went onto Walmart Grocery and placed my $255 order just like that. What was great was that I can't always get everything I want at Aldi — or I'm not sure if I can find it/get it — (cinnamon fire Jolly Ranchers, Clif bars, Brazil nuts, cranberries?, toothpicks?), but I can at Walmart.

If you have any questions, you can always find me on Facebook or you can email me at

Happy shopping!

Stay on the Right Side of the Law While on the Road

Driving can give most great freedom. Families can jump in the car, and start an amazing adventure. Whether it’s the beach, or Christmas shopping, or shopping in general. Wherever they are headed, a car is a staple of many peoples lives. However, have you always stayed on the right side of the law when it comes to owning and running a car? If you haven’t, or you want to know how to stay on the right side this handy little article should help you out!

Pick the Right Insurance for You

Once you buy a car, your job isn’t over, as you need to find the right insurance policy for your car. Policies vary depending on years of driving experience, previous driving misdemeanours and more. But how do you know that you chose the right one? Well, firstly every year do a rate check, as rates fluctuate too. This helps you pick the right insurance, and if you want to switch to a more money-saving policy, later on, this will help you find one. Another tip is the good old fashioned review. Find a top-rated insurer, as many people saying they are good cannot be wrong? Also, see how they perform when it comes to taking out claims and dealing with claims, as this is a huge part of choosing the right insurance policy. Lastly, always review your coverage. Once you decide and choose one, again that isn’t the end of the story. Continually review it, as life changes. You may take out the policy, then have a baby, or change cars, or move houses. 

All of these affect the policy and what policy you would need. So make sure you do your reading, and keep updating and reviewing your insurance policy once you get it. 

What to do In a Traffic Accident

Being involved in an accident can be quite scary, no matter how big it is. What do you do? How do you report it? How will this affect my insurance policy? All of these questions are valid. First of all, if you are involved in an accident, make sure you a calm, and give you details to whoever asks (if they are also involved). If another person hit you make sure you get their insurance. If anyone is injured make sure you call the emergency services immediately, even if they look ok at the time, as they may need to be looked over. It may also be best to think of hiring a lawyer if the incident is quite serious, for example like Michael Harbeson Law Office, as these firms are especially suited for road traffic incidents and lawsuits.

Something else you would need to show is an insurance certificate. This would be shown to anyone hurt who may ask for one, to show that you are fully insured. 

Keep your Car Mechanically Safe

Last but not least, make sure your car is mechanically safe. Driving without a visible number plate is a legal offense. Driving without a valid MOT is also an offense. All of these offenses, however, are avoidable, so make sure you keep all of these in check not just for other road users safety, but for yours. 

Need more Help?

Hopefully, this article helped, if you need any more information make sure you research exactly what you need and enjoy the freedom of driving!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Healthy Women Have These Traits - And You Should Too!

There is a lot of general material that focuses on how you can stay fit and healthy. And, in this current Coronavirus pandemic, it’s crucial to absorb as much information as possible to maintain your body. Of course, general tips aren’t always applicable to women because a woman’s body is unique. If only men knew what it is like to be female! Therefore, it’s essential to get as specific as possible to deal with common symptoms and functions. And, there’s no better place to start than the shining lights that are women who regularly practice healthy habits.

Here is a selection of the ones that you can incorporate into your routine straight away.

Female-Only Friendships

Everybody has met girls who say they don’t connect with the same sex. Instead, they’re more comfortable around guys. Hopefully, you don’t fall into this category because scientific studies prove it’s crucial for women to form friendships with females. In extreme cases, cancer patients are more likely to survive due to an increase in key nutrients in the body. For the most part, strong relationships provide better cognitive health and enhanced longevity. So, you’ll live longer and avoid physical and mental diseases if you bond with women!

Body Experts

Yes, they can’t start handing out medical advice as if they have a doctorate and years of training. If they do, please ignore their tips! No, a fantastic trait of healthy women is that they are experts on their own bodies. They know the difference between a yeast infection vs UTI with a quick glance, or whether a lump was there before or is new. Although this sounds obvious, plenty of women fail to understand their bodies and their symptoms, and this stops you from actively participating in your health. To stop being a passenger, you must start reading and analyzing the signs.

Serious Sexual Health

Men have it easy with the lack of work they have to do regarding their sexual health. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your sex life seriously. If anything, it’s up to you to put safeguards in place to ensure that you are secure and comfortable. There are 19 million people with STDs in the US, and not all of them are men like women would like to believe. As well as strong contraception, healthy females pick one that strikes a balance between accessibility and comfort. After all, playing with your hormones, while less hassle, is potentially mood-altering.

No Exercise Worries

Working out is a critical part of leading a healthy lifestyle, along with eating a balanced and nutritious diet. Sadly, more than one-quarter of women in the USA still don’t exercise at all, and even more don’t get the required daily amount. That’s because going to the gym can be intimidating. The good news is that healthy women can lend a hand - they find an approach they like and stick to it. If that means jogging instead of going to the gym, they do it for the sake of their wellbeing.

How do you attempt to maintain your health as a woman?


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