Monday, November 17, 2014

33 Things to Do Indoors with Kids in #KansasCity

Posted this on Facebook and got a great response so it needed to be in a permanent spot:

Okay, so my visions of snuggling up by a fire and homeschooling every day this winter have been blown to bits by the fact that my kids are getting older and bounce off the walls when stuck inside on freezing days. So here are some indoor ideas I have come up with so far ... some are free and some are so expensive they should not even be on the list, but I would love your input for KC area things to do indoors with kids ranging from 5-13 (including field trips)!

Don't send me money and don't kiss my feet when you see me out and about, okay? Just use this list and enjoy it and have fun NOT being stuck in the house with your kids when it is 10 degrees outside this winter. And yes, I know you might have kids younger than 5 and older than 13. This is The Kerrie Show, remember? Those are the ages of MY kids, so bear with me here.

Maybe I'll see you out there and please, I beg of you, don't judge me when you see me out with my 5 kids and I am feeding them Kit Kats for lunch with a Capri Sun chaser. Assume we got all our homeschooling done that morning. Definitely let's chat and share in this parenting thing.

If you are a homeschooling dad, I won't assume you want me (see this blog post written by my friend Tom and know that I get it, okay?). And yes, I know some of these ideas are expensive and you can only pick one of them ... so choose wisely. We are going with the 3 months to Matt Ross pool since it packs more bang for the buck and if I can sell a boatload of mascara this winter maybe we can also make a trip to Paradise Park!

Feel free to leave me more ideas in the comments section, kay? Realize most of this stuff is in my 'hood but I am happy to branch out. Thanks, and see you around! (I'll be adding links in the days to come, peeps!)

  1. McDonald's Playland 87th Street in Overland Park between Antioch and Farley by the Central Resource Library
  2. McDonald's Playland 95th Street in Overland Park by Oak Park Mall (new)
  3. McDonald's Playland 87th Street by 435 in Lenexa but not as spacious
  4. Burger King Playland 135th and Metcalfish
  5. Explorer Room at Matt Ross Community Center Overland Park
  6. For $170 for 3 months you can get a family pass to Matt Ross gym and pool ... definitely worth it for big families if you can scrape the funds together
  7. Bass Pro Olathe Christmas activities daily through Christmas with free Santa photo
  8. Zonkers at the Great Mall
  9. Tiny little roller skating place at the Great Mall
  10. Getting lost at the Great Mall, play area there, food court, general messing around
  11. Running buck wild in Metcalf South Shopping Center
  12. Paradise Park in Lee's Summit
  13. Monkey Bizness (also at ... where else? the Great Mall!!!!)
  14. Science City (my dad and stepmom got us a membership and it rocks)
  15. SkyZone (kinda expensive for my crew for only an hour of play even with the homeschool discount ... you have to buy their sky socks and good luck washing them and finding them ever again, hence the buying of the sky socks again and again)
  16. Ibis Bakery in Lenexa field trip
  17. Set up a craft engineering class at a library with pasta noodles (thin and fat) and florist foam
  18. Paint, Glaze and Fire or some other ceramics painting spot (you can take the older kids or whatever)
  19. IKEA in Merriam ... I hear if you sign up for the family card we are talking about free kid meals and lots of roaming space
  20. Steamboat Arabia Museum
  21. Wonderscope
  22. The ballet and KC Symphony
  23. Kidscape in Shawnee
  24. Check out Stone Lion Puppets free shows
  25. The Coterie at Crown Center
  26. Emerald City Gymnastics has a homeschool open play on Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. ages 4 and up ... only $5 for an hour of open play (half the price of SkyZone and no Sock Police and a great staff!)
  27. Christian Youth Theatre
  28. Blue Valley Recreation aquatics stuff
  29. Parkside Coffeehouse at Cedar Ridge Christian Church in Lenexa
  30. Kaw Prairie Church and play
  31. Lakeside Nature Center
  32. Homeschool classes at Schlagle Library
  33. The Roasterie field trip (free except for the mass amounts of caffeine you will take in after you see yourself in a hair net on the field trip)

I finish this out by saying if Starbucks would finally get a clue and have a play area, my life would be complete. It can be all soundproofy for the normal patrons so they don't have to hear our nonsense ...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

#Halloween Week Craziness ... October Insanity, #WorldSeries #Royals

This post is kinda for my parents and Mr. Kerrie's parents so they can see all the cool stuff we have been doing with the grandkids lately. Somehow into all this crazy I am also fitting the Leavenworth Virtual Schooling and it's still working out really great for us! When I can catch my breath I will post more on that on my homeschooling blog! For now, here are some photos!

Science City with 2 of our Connors friends! Thanks for the pass, Dad and Nancy!

Trunk or Treat at our church

Boo at the Kansas City Zoo ... thanks, Mom and Dave! Finally got to ride the boat after all these years!

Leaving the zoo, with friend

Walking home from church last Sunday just for exercise and leaf crunching.

Monday at Johnson Farms with friends ... so many awesome friends!

Tuesday at Deanna Rose

More pix of Wednesday to come because we had lots of Royals party fun with friends ... for now this is what I have ... there was also a homeschool party but the best shot from that day is me flipping off the camera and I was too lazy to make the pic NOT sideways so this is what you get instead (I'll share it another time ... I know you love to see me misbehaving) ... Mr. Kerrie found us $1 T-shirts so now we are OFFICIAL MAJOR ROYALS FANS!. We don't care that they lost. We still LOVE THEM!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream #HolidayGiftGuide2014

I have the opportunity to review Anavita Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Cream and am super excited about it! Here is some information about it while I wait for my actual product to try so you can read up on it and purchase it if it sounds like something you would love. I'll be back in about a month to write my review!

From the manufacturer:

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Will It Work On My Skin Type?

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