Friday, February 16, 2018

4 of the Best Flexible Careers For Working Parents

If you are a parent that wants to go back to work, or is already a working parent, then you’ll know of the struggle that working and running a home and family can be. It is a big juggling act for sure and you need to be organized. It can get easier as children get older and become more independent. But until then, it is all about figuring out the right work and life balance. But what are the best jobs for a parent to have?

Of course, one that pays the bills is needed, as well as some flexibility. Being able to juggle everything can be easier when there is flexibility with start times and even the chance to work from home from time to time, or even full-time. So if you’re thinking of changing career or want to get back into the workplace after having children, then here are some of the best careers for parents. Do any of them appeal to you?

Public Relations

If you have some experience of advertising, marketing, or journalism, then working in public relations could be a good idea for you. It can mean some working from home, and many PR firms do offer flexibility with working. You will work on a campaign basis too, so you can work your schedule around campaigns and deadlines. It can be a pretty lucrative career, as well as offering creativity.

Courier or Driver

With so much of what we do online, there is more and more demand for couriers and delivery drivers; even taxi drivers themselves. Places like Uber and Amazon Flex all have the opportunity to sign up to work at the times that you want to. So you could work it around your partner’s shifts or only work evenings or when the kids are in school. If you’re fine with working alone and like to have complete control on what you earn, then this could work for you.

Social Work

In the world that we live in, there is more and more demand for social workers. Whether that be for families or individuals with disabilities, there is a range of social work careers that can offer complete flexibility, as it is often needed around the clock. Some experience or qualifications are needed ideally, so it could be worth looking at doing an online master of social work course if you haven’t been in education since doing a bachelor’s degree. The work is regular and the money can be a really good.


If you want a career that does offer regular work and plenty of flexibility, then nursing (or any medical profession for that matter), could be for you. People need nurses and medical staff all day, every day, so there will be plenty of chance for working the hours that work around your family. Not to mention the opportunity to train and develop in the career is very possible (though it could mean going back to school beforehand to get qualified as a registered nurse).

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ideas For Strengthening Your Marriage

Marriage is work, and it’s not always going to be a smooth ride. Even if you’re a newlywed, you have to put effort into strengthening your bond each and every day. Don’t assume it’s always going to be perfect or you won’t fight.

Be realistic and know that there will be ups and downs for you to deal with. Understand that there are ways to create a stronger bond and help you through the tough times. You’ll thank yourselves years down the road when you have a solid foundation to work from and are getting along nicely. Have fun with each other and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Celebrate your Love Daily

You shouldn’t need a reason to celebrate your love as a couple. All it takes is kind gestures toward each other and creating a home that shows off what you two have together. Hang pictures of your favorite memories as husband and wife and purchase Mr. & Mrs. Couples Bedding from trend gem. It comes in multiple sizes and is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Kiss each other when you leave for the day and return home. Remember it’s the little actions that go a long way.

Spend Quality Time Together

You’re not going to be able to strengthen your relationship when you’re living two separate lives. That’s why it’s important to spend quality time together doing what you love. Recall what interests brought you together and focus on doing more of those types of activities. Be sure to unplug and not be on your phones or computers when you’re supposed to be connecting. Make your time together special by being present and attentive.

See A Marriage Counselor

There’s nothing wrong with seeing a marriage counselor if your relationship is on the rocks and you want to save it. There are trained professionals who specialize in getting couples back to a better place, and that can help you rescue your marriage. Talk about it together and see if this is a solution you’d both be willing to try. This way you’ll truly know if it’s meant to be and worth working out, or if it’s best to go your separate ways. Hopefully, your relationship will be strengthened, and you’ll walk away happy.

Openly Communicate

Open up to each other and talk about what’s on your mind. Share information about your day, your hopes, dreams and fears. Don’t be afraid to seek support from each other and be vulnerable. The better communication you have as a couple, the more likely you’ll be to make it through tough times and come out on the other side even stronger. Pick a time and place when it’s most convenient for the two of you to sit down and have an adult conversation on a regular basis.


It’s encouraging to know that your marriage can improve. Strengthen your bond by implementing some of these practices and stay positive about where you’re heading. Focus on each other and eliminate distractions until you get to a better place.

March 2018 Free Lego Monthly Mini Build RegistrationI

I think it really says something that I've been posting about this for years and the same employees are there every single time we go. Lego is a great company!
wrote this FOREVER ago, it seems like, about the LEGO Store monthly mini build! Things have definitely changed. I used to have to wait in line for a long time with a couple of little ones but now they are older and easier!

After the crazy waiting-in-line like for a rock concert only with little kids fiasco month after month, Lego stores changed things up for at least 6 months and the employees would just hand you your mini build kit if you had gotten a card for the kit when you first got to the line.

HALLELUIA! The first time they did that I almost cried. We got our kit, grabbed ice cream and went home to build the kits, saving an hour (at least) of our lives!

The last year or so, however, they have changed it again. They don't do this to be a pain in your butt. They do it to try new things to make as many customers happy as possible because they are Lego and they rock like that. You are basically RESERVING your mini build.

So you have to mark your calendar or you'll forget to register like I do. For instance, today is February 15 and I need to register for the March mini build. You can now pick Tuesday times or Wednesday times.

Sign up HERE for the current mini build.

Sample calendar like they hand out at the build:

One August I was able to take my own kids plus my friend's kids for a total of 7 kids building :-)
You can only sign up 4 kids per session per VIP account email. You can sign up for a VIP account here (worth it ... VIP points add up and you get free Legos!). I am not messing with getting two VIP cards and we only need 4 kits anyway. Callie is not thrilled about building Legos and instead uses them as decorations (Heartlake Grand Hotel, anyone?). BUT ... the sweeties at Lego usually offer her one anyway. And we take it because they are cool!

TIP: Make sure when you do the final page of registering to CONFIRM that the top of your page does not say that you are confirming to be on the WAIT LIST or you do not have a spot! Go back in your web browser and get another spot FAST!

FINE PRINT: In order to participate, guests must be between the ages of 6-14. All guests will be expected to complete the build in the store. Registration on a first come first serve basis. Stores will no longer accept walk-ups on the night of the event.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fascinating Destinations Across the Globe Ideal for Kayakers

Travelers do experience the best things in life, from synchronicity and serendipity, self-education and self-discovery to peace of mind and creativity, not to mention about the opportunity to explore every corner of the world. Those spontaneous people who decide to grasp the nettle and go on an adventure can disconnect from their monotonous everyday life, discover new amazing places, increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons, achieve the highest state of relaxation possible, create unforgettable memories and live new experiences. However, being a travel and kayak enthusiast at the same time truly changes the game because you not only reach fascinating destinations, but you also get to do the one thing that distracts you from worries and responsibilities in those locations. If you decide to travel with your friends or family, then you will be able to share the amazing experience together.

Greenland – this cold location will warm your heart as soon as you start paddling

It does not matter if you decide to paddle abroad in the middle of the summer or in the midst of winter; there is a perfect location for kayaking, regardless of the season. You just need to make sure that you purchase the sit-on-top kayak and that you master at least the basic techniques and rules of kayaking. Of course, you cannot neglect the safety equipment because even in the most peaceful water, unpredictable events may occur and you want to prepare yourself in advance. Moving on to adequate locations for paddling, Greenland offers a captivating landscape with icebergs, whales and numerous birds. You do not have to concern yourself with finding kayak rentals because various companies across the country offer these types of services, especially taking into account that kayaking represents a mode of transport there. If you are up for an authentic experience and amazing views, Greenland is your kayaking destination.

Maldives – the warm and peaceful water will enhance your kayaking experience

If you want to move from cold to warm, then you should direct your attention towards Maldives. When you think of Maldives, you picture white sandy beaches, clear blue water and lavishing hotels. However, a real kayak enthusiast views this luxurious place as the perfect location for paddling though the waves. Taking into consideration the water sports facilities provided there, their perspective is not hard to understand. If you prefer to bring your own kayak, then you should invest in a kayak rack for your vehicle. Otherwise, you will not be able to move it from one part to another. Once you have the chance to get into your kayak and feel the calm ocean under you, a feeling of tranquility will surround you instantly. Even if you struggle, you still cannot find a good reason for which you should not visit Maldives as a kayak lover. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself in terms of destinations when there is so much waiting for you across the globe. Norway, Spain, Hawaii and Slovenia are other magnificent places that you could visit.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Five Tips For Buying Baby NFL Gear Online

It is no secret that shopping online is easier than driving around town for baby NFL gear. Imagine purchasing a Baltimore Ravens onesie and Green Bay Packers jersey during the same shopping trip. However, you do not want to overspend or add the wrong item to your cart. If you are looking to purchase baby NFL gear online, here are five tips to help your virtual shopping trip go smoothly.

Read The Product Description
You can find a variety of adorable baby NFL products when shopping online, but you want to learn everything you can about the product before adding it to your cart. Does the NFL onesie feature a snap closure? Can you slip the booties on their feet, or do the booties feature shoelaces? It is important to read the product description so you know what you are adding to your cart. The product description includes everything from the features to materials. You want to make sure the items are just right for your baby.

Buy The Next Size Up
You never know how an outfit is going to fit when shopping online, and your baby may outgrow it within a few months. The solution is to buy their clothes in the next size up. It is better for them to grow into their NFL gear than to outgrow them too soon. Remember to keep the next football season in mind when buying the clothes in a bigger size.

Expand Your Search
There are many online retailers who offer baby gear for different NFL teams, so you do not have to limit your search to your home team. You and your spouse may want to support the team of your previous hometown, or you may be shopping for the baby of a long distance friend. You can also find baby gear that is not aimed towards a specific team, such as a beanie or diaper cover in a football design. Expanding your search is a great way to find different NFL items for your baby.

Buy The Gear In Bundles
You do not have to buy three pairs of the same onesie, but it never hurts to buy a set that includes an outfit and accessories. One bundle includes a onesie, beanie and bib, and another bundle includes a bodysuit, footed pants and beanie. You can also find a set of three onesies in different NFL patterns. Use the bundles to stock up on items or surprise someone else with a gift.

Look For Deals and Promotions
Online retailers offer deals and promotions to help you save money, and you can find them by checking the websites and social media accounts. There may be an announcement on the homepage of the official store, or the website may include a section for clearance items. There are many online retailers who offer deals and promotions when you sign up for their newsletter. The deals and promotions range from 50 percent off the original price to free shipping when you spend a certain amount.

The best thing about shopping online is you do not have to change your schedule, and this makes life easier for you and your baby. You can get the most of your online shopping trip by reading the product description, ordering a bigger size and looking for promotions.
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