Sunday, December 21, 2014

Leavenworth Virtual School December Field Trip to Crown Center

I got the little kids up early for this awesome field trip! We hit McD's for some breakfast on the road and headed down to Crown Center in Kansas City. Here are the highlights!
At The Coterie Crown Center to see Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Lunch at Crayola Cafe

Eva and I love the white Christmas trees and had to get a shot with them

My 5 babies posing at Crown Center.

The play area always rocks

Joel is turning into Mr. Ice Skater ... at Ice Terrace

Eva and Samuel. He's wearing his Breathe Right strip he digs and Eva did not skate today.

Callie is Miss Ice Skater

Michael helping Sam along

Eva with me and Michael

Mommy skating swiftly by Samuel. Just kidding; I'm just posing; I only went around the rink like ONCE.
We got to meet Miss Aly and even the principal, Mr. Brinkman. We also met a few kids and parents and look forward to going on the next field trip. I wish we could make the Fun Fridays but they are an hour away and start in the morning ... if I want to do any homeschooling with my bigs I have to keep the littles asleep in the mornings. Maybe we can hit some of those in the spring after we are more on track and in the swing of things. The kids really like the virtual school Calvert deal ... and especially doing it through the Leavenworth school district. Who knows ... maybe we will even be moving closer to that area next year ...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets for FREE from 101 #TheFox Kansas City

While running errands yesterday I heard something on The Fox saying CALL NOW to win tickets to something so I whipped out the cell and called. It was busy so I tried a few more times then:


I'm like, okay, (thinking, I don't even know what caller I was supposed to be to win).


And then I got REALLY EXCITED! I love this group and so does Aron ... they are the ones who do the rock n' roll Christmas songs with drums and electric guitar and generally kick butt. We have been wanting to see them for a long time and I ALMOST ordered tickets but just didn't. And now we are going for free! We were in the neighborhood of the radio station (Mission Bank Building) so I swung by with the kids to pick up the tickets ... next year I'd love for them to go with us but for now they are going to have fun with a sitter!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Advanced Healthcare Directive

Dear Aron, Mom, Dad and kids ...

i'm proofreading this thing and it's getting me really worked up. i know this might not be binding or whatever but wanted you all to know that if something happens to me i think i prefer to live, however that might be ... on a machine or whatever. maybe give  me 5 years like that and then cut me off. i think that's a good amount of time to wait for a miracle and then let me go ... i don't want everyone visiting the freaking hospital every dang day forever and getting the kids all worked up. so if it hits 5 years and nothing has happened, just pull the plug and i'll see you all on the flip side, kay? i love you guys. oh, and let the kids know i am okay with aron remarrying if he finds someone equally as rockin' as me or else ... even better ... someone more calm and chill than i am ... but she has to be fun. and try to keep homeschooling the kids if you can somehow.

Kerrie (Kethryn) McLoughlin



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