Friday, April 19, 2019

10 Signs That a Trend Will Become a Viable Business Opportunity

Being successful in business requires you to take advantage of opportunities as soon as they’re in front of you. Grabbing hold of a trend and building a product or service around it is a great way to stay relevant in the eyes of the consumer and it’s important to occasionally refresh your brand and products so that you can stay in business and grow your audience.

However, latching onto a trend and creating a product from it can be difficult especially if you’re unsure if it will be a lasting one. The worst thing you can do is hire new employees and shift your business direction just to take advantage of a trend that isn’t going to last for a long time. When this happens, you’ll waste money, you’ll waste time and you’ll waste valuable resources that could’ve been invested elsewhere.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 10 signs that a trend you see on social media or in the industry will become a viable business opportunity and not just a fleeting idea.

1. The trend is capable of changing the lives of many people

A good trend is one that will be capable of changing the lives of many people. For instance, a trend for healthy eating is a great one to consider if you’re thinking of starting a new business or changing the direction of your current business because it can make a positive change to people’s lives. Trends such as smartphones many years ago were also a viable business opportunity because of the power they had to make people’s lives easier and also connect more people from all over the globe.

2. The trend is based on a legislative change

Sometimes, trends are forced by legislative changes that make new markets appear or create entirely new product possibilities. For instance, the attitude change towards cannabis products in the United States makes a wholesale vape partnership a lucrative one. Not only does it give you access to trendy products at a lowered price, but it also helps you learn more about the trend and the legislative change that can help empower your business opportunities.

3. The trend doesn’t require you to shift your business much

If a trend doesn’t require you to shift your business much then it’s a great opportunity that you can take advantage of. For instance, if you’re already a consultancy firm that deals with technology and networking in offices, then you could add new services to take advantage of any regulation changes. A good example of this in the past was the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, that made it difficult for companies to work with EU-based consumers unless they met the new strict standards regarding data storage and usage.

4. The trend is being spoken about in social media

If a trend is being spoken about on social media then there’s a good chance that it’s something that could stick around. However, it’s always a good idea to ensure that the trend isn’t just a passing idea or a temporary thing. You can use data to help you ensure that the trend you see on social media is one that will be a lasting business proposition and not just a fad. However, if your team is agile and you have the connections to make it happen, it’s still possible to take advantage of fads.

5. The trend is enabled by a technology advance

Sometimes a trend is enabled by technology advances. For instance, smartphones were a fantastic platform for people to create businesses based on apps. Whether it was creating apps, helping other businesses create apps or even creating consultancy firms to help offer advice on add development, many new business opportunities were created as a result of increased awareness of smartphone technology.

6. The trend has many possibilities that can take it in different directions

Much like app development trends in the past, a good trend can be taken in different directions which will offer you many viable business opportunities. If you can already envision the many ways that the trend can be shifted then there’s a good chance that it’s worth further investing in the idea and take it in a new and unique direction.

7. The trend is something that you fully understand

If you want to fulfil orders efficiently then you need to fully understand the trend before attempting to take advantage of it. Whether it’s understanding the entire legislative change or learning why it’s exciting for so many consumers, you need to fully understand a trend before you attempt to take advantage of it.

8. The trend has been seen before in the past

Trends come and go and there are often times where a trend will fail in the past yet be brought back because of new technological advances that can advance it further. We saw this with tablet and mobile computing. It was once popular for business users despite the bulky size of a laptop and touchscreen computers, but as that technology improved, it came back in the form of smartphones and tablet computers.

9. The trend isn’t being spoken about too much

Trends that are constantly being spoken about with predictions are often over-hyped and usually don’t last long. The other direction is that they can be completely exploited by larger companies before you can even take advantage of it as a business opportunity. Look for niche ideas that aren’t being spoken about much so you can surprise the industry with a new idea.

10. The trend aligns with your existing ideas, culture or industry

If the trend is something that is closely related to your existing idea, office culture or the industry you’re in, then it won’t take long for you to adapt your business processes in order to take advantage of it. In this case, it can become an excellent business opportunity that you should take advantage of in order to grow your brand and reach a wider audience.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Avoid The 4 Most Commons Vacation Injuries

If you’re in the midst of planning your summer holiday, you’ve probably set a list of the things you’d love to do and see. Some holidaymakers can’t get enough of the beach and sea, while others prefer the appeal of fresh mountain air. As you compare the accommodations and activities available, you check that they match your criteria:
  • Suitable for young children
  • Does the hotel have a separate spa for the days when you just want to relax?
  • Included airport transport
  • All meals included
  • Sports equipment available for hire
  • Etc.
Ultimately, making sure you can plan the best possible holiday requires a lot of preps, checking and double-checking. But don’t think your job as a holiday organizer is already over. You need to keep your family safe from vacation injuries and diseases too:

Active holidays are not for everyone
When you have healthy and enthusiastic kids, you might be tempted to book a sporty holiday for everyone. Ultimately, while holidays are designed for relaxing and de-stressing, it doesn’t mean you have to stay idle. However, whether you want to go hiking, cycling or kayaking, you need to consider the risks of each activity. Inexperienced children could come to harm when they’re stuck performing skills they haven’t yet fully mastered. Do take into consideration everybody’s fitness and skill levels before making a decision. Sometimes, a less exciting option might be the safest plan.

The unsafe hotel
You might have picked a comfortable and luxurious hotel, but what is it isn’t safe? In recent months, many articles have surfaced relating to accidental deaths and injuries in hotels all over the world. Hotels in other touristic locations, such as the Solaris Hotel in Cancun, can struggle with potential health and safety failures. Slips, falls, and other injuries in international hotels can often be blamed on H&S discrepancies and lack of common sense. While you have a legal resort if you find yourself in this position – you can find support with professionals such as The Hadley Law Firm –, it is best to avoid the issue at all. Choose your accommodation wisely!

You’re just tired of hearing about sunscreen
Sunscreen, sunscreen. Who needs sunscreen anymore? Unfortunately, many Millennials have grown bored of hearing about SPF lotion and have decided to go with as little as they can afford. In reality, skin cancer remains a high risk when being exposed to direct sunlight. Countless holidaymakers get a sunburn within the first few hours of their vacation, which makes them more vulnerable for complications. According to the Environment Working Group, SPF 50 is the most effective protection, so pack a tube in your beach bag!

Wait, is this food even clean?
When visiting a foreign country, be cautious about what you eat. Drinking unfiltered water can expose you to bacteria and parasites. Additionally, if you’re going to buy street food, pay close attention to the way it is prepared. You don’t want to end up with food poisoning from a yummy snack that might not have been cleaned or cooked properly.

Everybody loves to relax during their holiday. But if you’re not careful, you could put yourself and your family at risk. From choosing a safe hotel to avoiding complex activities, you can keep everyone happy and healthy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Modernize Your Old Kitchen Without Remodeling

Chances are if you’ve purchased an older home, it was for a reason; you wanted a place that had charm, you wanted to have quality wooden interiors which were done by trusted wood importers along with a dash of history, and you wanted a place that had character i.e, not a cookie cutter house. That’s great, but sometimes people wished that when they owned these homes, they could update the spaces inside of it a little bit to a more modernized style. Not necessarily fully modern in terms of looks, but also function. If you still want to keep your beautiful home, but you want to remodel a few things along the way, here are a few to consider.

Change The Flooring

Chances are if you’ve got a house that is 50, 75 or even 100 years old, the flooring needs an update. A lot of the floors that are that old tend to be wood. Hardwood is a great flooring material because it does last a long time, but with that age can come stains, scratches, dents, squeaky floors, etc. You can find wood floors that are especially cheaper than that of hardwood, and they still look and feel amazing. One option if you like wood but you don’t have the money to put down on a new hardwood floor, is to look at installing laminate flooring material, a lot cheaper option.

Add A Fun Backsplash Tile

This is a modern take in bathrooms and kitchens. You might even have one right now – but it’s probably stained, you might have a few cracks or missing tiles, you might even have grout that so desperately needs to be cleaned but can’t be. If that’s the case then a brand new backsplash is just what you need. Not only with this update the look of the kitchen, but if you feel that you need a little contrast or want to add a little color to the kitchen or bathroom, this is a great way of going about it, without going crazy with color.

Paint Your Kitchen

Painting a kitchen or even a bathroom is a great way to create a clean and uniform space. White can make a room feel updated, without feeling overbearing. Make sure you paint the cabinets white too. This can be a time consuming process, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Add A Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands might seem like a newer accessory, but these have actually been around a lot longer than you might think. In one capacity or another kitchen islands have actually been around since the 50s, perhaps just a smaller version than the ones available now. A kitchen island has an aesthetic draw, but it’s also quite functional. If the kitchen is big enough, an island can give you more working space/cooking space. On top of that, most all kitchen islands have drawers and cabinets which gives you even more space to put things like cookbooks, pots and pans, jars filled with baking ingredients like flour, sugar, and yeast. Kitchen islands are primarily made from wood, but you can find all sorts of options for the stand as well as the top; butchers block, stainless steel, tile, etc. Simply find the one that works for you and your kitchen style. If you have the money, you can also find websites online and businesses offline that will make you a custom made island too.

Choose Classic Finishes

Instead of choosing more updated or trendy materials like stainless steel or marble, try to stick with materials that are more classic. That includes wood, porcelain white tiles, white cabinets, glass, etc. Try to stay away from overly expensive or luxurious appliances, natural stone materials, and the like.

Update The Hardware

You can still keep the charm of your kitchen and bathroom, but update it by changing out the hardware. Not only will this create a new updated look, but who knows, maybe you need a change. Hardware can get oily, faded or stained over the years. Hardware can be purchased at any home improvement store and depending on how decorative you want to get, it might cost you less than $30 for the entire kitchen or the bathroom.

Update The Faucets

If you have a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom that is deteriorating, why not consider buying a new one? These days you can actually find all sorts of styles, which is great because it gives you the ability to keep that old age charm, without going too far modern. If you really want something unique, look into finding a custom made faucet or find a recycled faucet – these tend to be aged, like your home, but they are cleaned, fixed and renewed.

Seven Tips to Combat Single Loneliness

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito... from Pixabay
Being single shouldn’t have to leave you feeling lonely. Whilst many singletons experience feelings of loneliness, there is no need for this. Finding yourself and being able to be happy on your own is extremely important. Your relationship status should not define who you are and your happiness- that comes down to you. Whether you have recently come out of a long-term relationship or you have been single for as long as you can remember, here are seven tips to help you combat single loneliness.

Find Happiness in Your Singlehood

If you are single and constantly looking for a partner or comparing yourself to friends and relatives, you are never going to be happy. Instead, you need to appreciate where you are now and look at the things you do have, rather than the ones you don’t. Enjoying the path that you are on will ensure you are happy. You won’t be single forever, so relish in this status for the time being. One way to get into appreciating your current status is to write down each morning one thing that you’re thankful for, or one person you are thankful for. This can instill a new mindset into you and leave you feeling happier from the minute you wake.

Get to Know You

Although you may have known yourself from the minute you were born, there is always more to discover. This is the perfect time to come to terms with who you are, so you can be truly content. Meditating is a great way to being at one with yourself and working on any negative thoughts you have of yourself is important too. Perhaps this is the perfect time to find a new skill or a new hobby.

Be in Love with Yourself First

The relationship you have with yourself is, without doubt, the most important relationship you will ever have. This means cultivating some self-compassion because until we truly love ourselves, we can never be 100% happy. There is no need to replace this love with a partner or else you will rely on them to make you happy. This also means having more acceptance of your body. Many people struggle with how they look and put themselves down. Whatever you don’t like about your body, now is the time for a change. Self-acceptance is key and without this, even when you do get into a relationship you may struggle to feel truly contented.

Take This Time to Do What You Want to Do

One of the best things about being single is you can do what you want. This means you have extra time to fill with anything you want. Make this time worth it and fill it with loved ones, hobbies, charity work, and church if you are religious. Many Christian women experience loneliness when single and this is something that should be addressed more often. As a Christian woman, it can be more difficult to find a relationship due to your religion, but you can use this time to help out with church activities, spend time with loved ones and volunteer. If you are a Christian woman suffering from loneliness or depression due to being single, find out more here.

Live with Others

Now is the perfect time to make friends and live with new people! Whether you choose this time to find the perfect housemate or you and a few friends decide to live together, being single brings you this opportunity that you may never get again. Living with others also gives you the option of less expensive rent and will help you to keep busy and distracted, meaning you have less time to think about being single. If you prefer living alone, this is fine too, but why not tackle your loneliness by getting a pet? Pets are well-known for combatting loneliness and keeping you busy.

Connect with Your Favorite People

Once you are in a relationship, you tend to spend a lot of your free time with your partner. Although this is never intentional, it is just a natural progression that occurs when you fall for someone. You should never spend every waking moment with a partner though, or this will cause feelings of loneliness and depression if you break up, as you have isolated yourself from friends and family. It is good to have a balance when in a relationship. If you have disconnected from people, now is your chance to reconnect with loved ones and surround yourself with them. Make an extra effort to make plans with friends and family or join a social club or group in which you can do so. Don’t forget that you can be your favorite person too! Some people prefer to spend time alone, so fill this time with activities you enjoy and relish in having some space for yourself. Even for those who prefer surrounding themselves with people, it is a good idea to have some solitude now and again.

Get into Dating

When you are ready to do so, get back into dating. The best time to do this is when you are happy in yourself and you are looking for a relationship because you would like one, rather than to combat your loneliness and find happiness. Sometimes on the path to true happiness, you may accidentally find a new love interest. Often, we find what we want when we stop looking. Ask friends to set you up on dates, attend speed dating events with friends or use dating sites. There are many dating apps out there, whether you are straight, gay or religious, you can find an app tailored to your preferences.

In the era we live in, people often put too much emphasis on relationships and dating. Whilst being in a relationship can make you happy, it shouldn’t be the only reason you are happy. Being single is the perfect time to discover who you are and learn to love yourself. It may sound cliché, but until you love yourself you can never be wholly happy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

3 Diets That Might Work For You

If you are currently on the lookout for a diet which you can make use of, there are always going to be plenty of options available to you. Understanding which might be the best is something else, and can be very hard to do, but as long as you are looking at your options you should be able to find one fairly easily. As it happens, there are always a number of dierts going on trend at any one time, and if you are keeping up with them then you might already be well aware of some of the most effective diets out there. In this article, we are going to take a look at just a few of these diets, so that you can get some idea of what kind of diet is likely to suit you best. As long as you find one that seems to work for you, that is all that matters, but you do need to have a few to be able to choose between first and foremost.


First up is the keto diet. If you haven’t heard of this, you might be interested by how it is supposed to function. The idea behind a keto diet is that you keep your consumption of carbs as low as possible, and eat a moderate amount of protein, with a larger amount of fat. While that might sound strange to eat more fat, that is actually how it works. When you only eat a small amount of carbs, your body slowly goes into the state of ketosis - this is where your body produces ketones, and it is essentially the production of a separate food source within the body which makes use of fat reserves. That’s why you eat a lot of fat, as that fat is what is primarily being used and is burning off quickly, thereby ensuring that you lose weight pretty fast - and everything you do lose is fat, moreover. If you want to get into this kind of diet, make sure that you plan out your meals well, so that you are not going to have to worry about accidentally eating the wrong amount of things. Done right, it can be a very effective diet which you might not even need to be on for very long for it to be effective.


You might have heard of the 5:2 diet, and it is considerably more popular than many others out there. This is in part because of its ease, as it is a very simple thing to follow, and it is also something that is shown to be highly effective indeed. In essence, the 5:2 diet is just a form of intermittent fasting, which is interesting because it doesn’t actually affect what you eat at all, nor how much you eat overall - just when you eat. With 5:2, you eat whatever you want for five days, and then you fast for two. This is effectively partly because during those two days your body gets into the ketosis stage, as mentioned above, but it is also just a great way of making sure that you are keeping an eye on your weight in general. What is interesting is that apart from that change, you don’t actually do anything different - you simply eat whatever you want, and that’s that. Of course, it is still also a good idea to make sure that you are eating well, and you might want to watch your calories just to make sure that you are not eating too much, but basically you can eat what you like during those five days. This is partly why it is so easy and why so many people find it to be so highly effective and even enjoyable to do.

One Meal A Day (OMAD)

This is one you might not have heard of, but it is nonetheless gaining some popularity in recent years, and it is something that you might want to consider as it can be very effective indeed. It is as simple as it sounds, basically: you just make sure that you only eat one meal a day. But the point is that within that meal, you eat all the calories that you need for that day. If that sounds a bit much, the truth is that it is still a very effective means of dieting. It again goes back to the state of ketosis, but it is also valuable because of the way that it encourages you to focus on exactly how many calories you are eating. While not the healthiest method for the long term, it is still something that you might use brierfly as a means of losing weight, and it is very effective for that indeed.


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