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How To Install an Indoor Putting Green

If you reside in cold regions, then you can understand that practicing golf in a cold area or during the winter season is so difficult. Winter months are hard to deal with and therefore a great idea is to build a practice putting green in your basement. The indoor putting green can be built anywhere in your house and it is ideal to practice golf. You just have to move with a little planning and motivation. So, following are some ways which will help you put the putting green and you will learn about its benefits as well.

First: You should make a plan
You should measure your basement and then select an area where you would like the putting green and then measure the footprint of the putting green. You can choose it to be 6’x16’so that it can go almost the full length of your basement and it should be wide enough to put at least two holes on each end. You must base this measurement as per the standard length of the materials which you decide to buy and make sure to use every material in full form.

Second: You will need some tools and have to purchase some materials
The tools which you will need are safety goggles, power drill, 4.25” hole drill built and a circular saw. To make the best indoor putting green you will need materials like, 2" wood screws, 1" thick MDF which is a dense kind for the floor, for outer framing you will need 2" x 6"s, for inner framing support 2" x 4"s, Regulation golf cups or you can make use of PVC piping. You can use the putting green ½ inch or two strips of 3’x6’ of birdieball putting green. The finished size can be of somewhat 6 feet x 16 feet and the expensive thing here is BirdieBall putting green, you can reduce the cost by making a small putting green.

Step 3: Build a frame
Make use of 2”x6” to create the outer framing of your indoor putting green. Then make use of 2” x 4” to build the inside frame support. The areas where you want the golf holes to go should not be blocked when you add the inner framing. Add enough amount of inner support so there should be no weak areas in the flooring. You need to test this a few times by placing the flooring down at least once in a while so you can know about the areas that are weak.

Fourth: Add the flooring
Make use of the 1" thick MDF to make the flooring and drill it in the right place. If the inner framing is taller than your outside framing it will help you create the inset of your flooring and after insertion, you will have 1” lip that will stop the golf balls from rolling in the green.
Now you can put the Birdie Ball green on the top of the floor and make use of 4.25" hole drill so you can drill the cup holes in the platform for the putting green. The cutter for BirdieBall will help to cut the green.

Fifth: Add some finishing touch and enjoy
Once you are done with everything and things are proper at their places, then it’s time to print the logo of your putting green. Now, it’s time to practice golf at home, relax and hone your skills from scoring distances. In the winter months, you don’t have to stop playing golf. Simply, come to your new area of golf and enjoy the game. You will have everything in the comfort of your home. So, get ready and have fun.

Everything About Skateboarding Bearings and Wheels

If you use a skateboard then it’s important to know about its bearings and wheels. Every skateboard wheel has two bearings and if you want your skateboard wheels to roll smoothly then good quality bearings is a must. The space between the bearings can be filled with the help of a spacer and the small metal cylinder prevents the bearings from moving to the center of the wheels when it comes to tightening the axle nut and getting damaged. The spacers are useful to make sure that the bearings are parallel with each other. For soft quality wheels, spacers are advisable.
If you purchase the skateboard bearings from a reputed shop online or from a local shop then you will not find it challenging to get the size you need.

Role of bearings in a wheel:
There is an outer ring and a small inner ring in the bearings and just between these rings there are small steel balls. This helps the wheels to turn. On each side of the rings there are covers known as shields and it helps the bearings to remain clean. They are located inside the ball cage and it keeps the balls in its place.
You can also choose to skate with ball bearings without shields, which are open or semi-open. If you do skate with open or semi-open bearings, they will indeed be more susceptible to contamination, but they will be somewhat faster. Many skaters enjoy the slightly louder sound of a skateboard with open bearings.

Role of ABEC 3 bearings
It is said that if the ABEC rating of the bearings is legendary, then it will be fast as well as better. Here ABEC stands for Annual Bearing Engineers Committee and this standard is decided for understanding how fine the rolling elements will be. High ABEC rating means low tolerance for any types of errors during the manufacturing process. Rating will help to decide the quality of bearings in the skateboard, but it is also a fact that RPM’s have been achieved even when skating is low so the role of the rating is not required to get a bearing.
ABEC 7 or 9 bearings have the potential to reach 20,000 to 30000 RPM and for a 54mm wheel, it will correspond to a speed of over 200 kilometers per hour. This is the reason why some manufacturers renounce ABEC ratings, though it can still guide you to get that first impression of the bearing quality. When it comes to speed and relevance of skating, ABEC rating is futile to some extent because the impact of skateboarding on the bearings is very different than industrial use traditionally.
This is why one should buy only skate tested bearings as they are more resistant and are designed to meet the skateboarding goals. So, when it comes to performing landing tricks or other tricks of turning, the bearings will do a good job. The exciting and new developments keep taking place in bearings. These days you can get the skateboard bearings that are made of titanium or extra hard balls made of the tempered ceramic. The special technologies are used for increasing the lifespan of the bearings and they are quite expensive as well.

Cleaning the skateboard bearings:
The wheels of electric skateboards need to be kept in good condition if you want to have a wow experience during skateboarding. The bearings should be well maintained. There are some simple rules that you can follow and keep your skateboard in good condition.
  • Water is not good for bearings as the bearings will rust and therefore, make sure the bearings should not come in contact with the water. Never skate in rain. It is good for the deck as well; else you may even get injured on wet ramps or concrete surface. The dust should not settle on the bearings. It can spoil the bearings. So wipe the bearings every day.
  • When you oil your bearings, make sure the bearings are thoroughly cleaned. For ball bearing maintenance, it might seem a tedious task, but if you want to extend the life of bearings then taking care of it is necessary.
Cleaning process: You just need a lubricant and a container for cleaning along with a cleaning solution. Remove the rubber cover and shields from the bearings carefully. You can do this with the help of a safety pin. Now slide the bolts to the bottom of the container lid which includes wing nut and the spacers. The bearing balls should face upwards and the cage they sit is located downwards. Take some cleaning solution and fill the container with it. Reseal the lid now. Now, shake the container and let the bearings be soaked in it so all the grime can be removed. Now, remove the bearings from the bolt in a careful manner and let it dry. Once dried, take two drops of lubricant and put the shield back. It’s all set now. 

Should You Do Enamel Paint On Your Car?

A well-maintained car should also look beautiful and enamel paint is a good option to give a new look to your vehicle. For a clean and finished look, enamel paint can be a good choice. Well, you must always analyze the pros and cons of the paint you are using to give that beautiful look to your car.

If you are thinking about changing the colors of the car and want to use enamel paint on a car then think of wet sanding the body of the vehicle. Also, make sure the color that you selected previously is hardened on it already.

It is important because when you think of using another color, it will be easier to paint and the appearance of the car will not go for a toss. While testing the paints, check the acrylic lacquer as the paint will work in the best manner if the vehicle is painted before and the body of the car will not slip off as well.

Using color coats is a good idea as it will go with any surface. If it doesn’t go with the surface then you will need to wet sand the surface down. It is required to do so because it will ensure you have a clean coat that will stay where it should be on the vehicle body.

Some little cons of using the enamel paint:

It may not be easy for the new clear coat to mix well with the old paint that is already there. This depends on the brand and type of use of the coat as well. You need to check the type of paint which you have used previously before applying the new enamel auto paint on the body of the car. It is necessary to do so if you want to give a perfect shine to your vehicle.

Well, it can be quite difficult to judge at times, so it is better to test a spot on the vehicle before you start painting the complete vehicle. If there is no hardener in the paint then it will quite complicated because the new paint will not be able to stay on the surface for a long time. It will be wise if you purchase a new paint color. You will need to add the hardener if you are interested to add a new color to the car surface.

You should be able to do this if you have experience, but if you are doing it for the first time, then you need some guidance. You should be able to take care of the paint not running off while you doing the job. You must check for hardeners and other types of coating as well. It can be mixed with the paint and then you do not have to worry about the paint running on the surface of the car. You can check some shops nearby or online to get some information about it. If you can talk to a mechanic then the body work of the car can be more flexible for you.

Other reasons to use enamel paint:

Enamel paint is used on the trucks and cars because it hardness has the capability to withstand many elements. It will suit your requirements if you are not interested to do a lot of hard work. You will need to remove the top coat of paint to the metal and then make use of primer to paint it. Add acrylic enamel for extra shine.


Enamel paint is not expensive to buy, but once you mix hardener and other additives, the cost can go high. Well, it is the most reliable solution at the end of the day.

5 Reasons To Choose Cruelty-Free, Vegan Skin Care

Cruelty-free vegan beauty products have gained enormous popularity in recent years. They are relatively efficient in resolving all your beauty problems effectively. It is vital to select a suitable product which satisfies your requirements. Let’s perceive the five major deciding factors because of which we should adopt cruelty-free and vegan friendly beauty products.

1.      Testing on Animals is more Brutal
The animals are locked in the cages and tortured. This act is definitely inhuman and against the law. The animals will develop so many diseases and infections as well. It will ultimately cause their death. It is not morally proper to force the animals to undergo all these tortures.
There are various other alternatives available to test the products. Cultured cell tissues are one of the most commonly used methods to test the products. Computer models could be deployed effectively to test the product as well. The organization might have to invest some amount of money towards setting these facilities.
2.      Animal Testing is not mandatory for Cosmetic Products
If the company is handling the right ingredients, animal testing is not at all mandatory in the first place. The right ingredients will ensure the product would be reliable and additionally would provide the desired results. Buying high-quality organic ingredients could cost money. Hence, few organizations gather an alternative ingredient to produce the product. In that case, they will have to test on animals to figure out whether the alternative ingredient will work.
Hence, if an organization is not following cruelty-free practices and testing its products on animals, it is a massive red flag. They might be using low-quality ingredients. It will definitely not be a sensible decision for you to purchase these products. It could cause you side effects in the long run. Hence, always prefer cruelty free skin care brands.

3.      Cruelty-Free products are a Healthier Option
The cruelty-free products will ultimately use supreme quality ingredients. These products would be safe for you to use and provide immense skin benefits. You should constantly look for vegan friendly beauty products to attain glowing skin. These products would cause no side effects and absolutely a healthier option. If there are many chemicals in your product, it can sooner or later affect your skin to a considerable extent. It is fairly beneficial to your pockets too. You might find only fewer options available. So, you wouldn’t end up buying unwanted stuff. It will definitely save you money as well.

4.      Reputed Brands are Cruelty-Free
The reputed brands are apprehensive about animal cruelty, and they thrive hard to be socially responsible. Hence, they promote cruelty-free products and stand up legally correct as well. There are many say no animal testing beauty brands. Whereas, various other brands might desire to cut down the costs by altering the ingredients and might sell a similar product for a lesser price. But these products would definitely not be vegan beauty products.

5.      Maintains an Ecosystem Balance
The animals are not tortured and killed. This would ensure a balance is maintained in the ecosystem. All the products are produced from plants and no derivative from animals is being used. The products are manufactured from non-toxic ingredients and it preserves your skin remarkably. In addition, you might not be purchasing undesired products. Hence, it would reduce waste tremendously.

Bottom Line
We, at Olychka, sell the cruelty free beauty products. You could buy any of our products effortlessly and unleash the comprehensive benefits of the vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products. All the products have handpicked ingredients and free of toxins. This would promote skin health immensely.

What Is The Best Flooring Option For Salt Lake City?

It is a big task to replace or install the flooring. You can’t choose anything because it will impact the overall appeal and ambiance of your space. Getting in touch with a local contractor in Salt Lake City is a good decision to choose an ideal flooring option. A reputed Salt Lake City hardwood flooring company locally can guide when it comes to choosing from different flooring options because it is an expensive deal. There are so many things which you need to consider while choosing the flooring and here we will discuss some options that you can consider.

The six types of flooring options are highlighted below
·        Solid wood flooring: It offers natural warmth, stable and a uniform fit. The Salt Lake City hardwood floors have the ability to be refinished and sanded many times. It has wear resistance and offers an amazing look. Prefinished wooden floors come with a warranty from the factory and hold better than those types of woods that can be finished on site. It is a great long term investment and increases the value of your property. Per square foot cost is $5 to $10.
Cons – Solid wood contracts and expands because of the different humidity levels and it can dent as well. Some of the species of this type of wood can become discolored when exposed to sunlight. Unfinished flooring is cheaper than the prefinished one. It is not good for damp spaces and basements.
·        Engineered wood flooring: Engineered wood flooring is made of thin layers of wood that is sandwiched with adhesives. It has the ability to withstand high humidity levels. It doesn’t expand like solid wood flooring. A thin veneer of real wood or bamboo is placed over the structured plywood and therefore it is cost effective as well. A high quality engineered wood is very durable.  Per square foot price is $4 to $9.
Cons – Most of the engineered wood doesn’t wear and it can dent easily because of the differences in the wood species. The thickness level of veneer determines that engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished or not. Mostly, these can be refinished only once or twice. When it comes to refinishing the wood, check with the wood flooring Salt Lake City installer about the same.
·        Laminate flooring: It is constructed with a denser fiberboard and once you place a clear plastic protective layer under it, it can mimic anything. For a muffled sound, some use cork blacking beneath. It can resist scratching and discoloration from sunlight. It is robust stuff. Per foot cost is $3 to $7
Cons- The repetitive pattern doesn’t give a real look so if you mix planks then the pattern will look less repetitive. You can touch up minor flaws, but once the top layer of the flooring is worn out, you will have to replace it.
·        Vinyl Flooring: It is good for fending dents, scratches, discoloration from stains and sunlight. It is easy to install the tiles and planks and there are many choices available when it comes to choosing colors and designs.  The per square foot cost is $2 to $6
Cons- The top vinyl line costs as much or more than the best laminate floors and solid wood floors. The best brands can mimic the look of the tile, stone, and oak, but still, most of the good products look near to vinyl.
·        Linoleum flooring: It is made of linseed oil and wood products. It is a natural and resilient material. Today you can get it in various styles and colors. Per square foot size is $4 to $8.
Cons- depending on the product quality, the resistance towards scratches, dents and wear vary.
·        Porcelain tile flooring: The classic material has the ability to withstand moisture, scratches, dents, stains and wear and tear. Per square foot price is $8 to $15 and those products that can float, the per square foot price is, $5 to $8.
Cons- It is painful to install porcelain as a lot of work has to be done. The subfloor has to be smooth so you can set the tile in thinset and put the grout in the cracks. Grouts can stain and tiles can crack. It is best to hire a professional for installation. Replacing the cracked tiles is challenging as well.


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