Monday, September 21, 2020

Create High End Interiors Without The High End Budget


Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

We all want to create a home that we can truly be ourselves in. But how often do you find yourself browsing through Pinterest or the latest interior design magazine and lusting after all those beautifully put together homes? Then you check your bank balance and realize you’ll have to stick to just looking on in envy.

With a bit of research and creativity, you can make your home more stylish than you ever imagined. 

  1. Use the voucher sites 

Sign up to some of the better-known voucher sites and you’ll receive emails with all of the latest deals every day. Products on there are sold with up to 75% off and you can find many great brands. You can find furniture, garden accessories from, home furnishings and linens on these sites. 

Products stocks are usually limited and sell out fast so get ready to pounce on an offer when you see it. 

  1. Use furniture hacks

YouTube and Pinterest are filled with inspiration on turning basic items of furniture into unique centerpieces for your home. You may have to roll your sleeves up and get into DIY mode, but you’ll save yourself a lot of money. 

  1. Look for high street dupes

Designer items often end up inspiring products sold elsewhere, usually for a lot less money. So if you see something you love, but can’t justify the price tag, then do a little digging and you’ll find something almost identical elsewhere.

  1. Be your own interior designer

Some people have a great eye for interior design. They know exactly which colours and products work together. If you don’t have that talent, or the patience to come up with the perfect look for your home, then hiring an interior designer might seem like your only option.  It doesn’t need to be. You can study interior design techniques through online courses. Many of them are very inexpensive, and you’ll get an inside look at what an interior designer thinks about when creating the perfect home. 

An easier option? Copy a style you like. Those magazines you’ve been looking at, they are already styled by an interior designer. The hard work has already been done for you. Just copy it, making any tweaks your need to along the way. 

  1. Look for pre-loved items 

How often have you seen someone throw out old furniture when they’re redecorating, only to think ‘that’s really nice’. Well, why not give a pre-loved item a home? There are many places online that you find free or cheap furniture.  Often, the furniture has some history to it, meaning that there won’t be too many of them around. 

Final thoughts

Not many people have the budget to hire an interior designer. Yet we all want our homes to reflect our personality and sense of style. When our budgets don’t match our aspirations, it’s easy to get discouraged, but by following some of these tips, you can make your money go much further and create a truly stylish home. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

3 Outdoor Event Essentials


Most people love getting together with their family and friends to celebrate different occasions or simply because the weather is nice and they want to have a gathering. Like all events, outdoor parties take preparation and planning to go smoothly.

1. Music

Music can serve many purposes at a gathering. It can be useful as background noise while people eat and socialize and does not have to be turned up too loud at any point. At more lively events, it can become more prominent as people are encouraged to dance or sing karaoke. Having a live band play can be fun too, so check out stage rental prices Nashville TN to get a quote.

2. Food

One of the most important things to do when planning an event is to consider the food. Guests should be asked if they have any dietary needs and accommodated if possible. The menu can match the theme of the event to make it feel more cohesive. There are many great ideas for food that can match any type of event, from a circus theme to an underwater motif. The spread can be as fancy or as simple as desired; the most important thing to remember is that there should be enough for everyone in attendance.

3. Seating

Even if people will be milling around and interacting or dancing for much of the time, there should still be adequate seating should the majority of people decide to sit down at the same time. Chairs can also serve as a place for guests to place jackets, hats or other items without having to take up space on tables or be carried the whole time.

Spending time with family members and friends can be a great way to relax after a long day. Hosting an outdoor event may take some work, but it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

8 Ways To Make a Boring Gift Stand Out

 When it comes to giving gifts, it’s fine to admit that you’re a little boring with your choices. If you’re the type to give socks during Christmas and chocolates on someone’s birthday, you shouldn’t feel ashamed or bad for your lack of creativity. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts–right?

For most people, that’s the case. Most people don’t really care what kind of gift you give them. They’re just happy to receive something at all and are more than happy to know that you’re thinking of them. However, it’s always a great feeling to know that your gift is both well-received and managed to surprise your recipient. As such, we can often invest quite a bit of time into picking a gift for someone special in our lives.

But did you know that there are lots of ways to make your present stand out no matter what it is? In this post, we’ll be looking at 8 ways to make your boring gift stand out and become a lot more sentimental and memorable.

Source: (CC0)

1. Add a personalized note to it

One of the easiest ways to make a boring gift stand out is to add a hand-written or personalized note to it. If you buy a gift online, you usually have the option to add a note to it for a little extra. This is a great way to add a little message with your gift and it’s a fantastic opportunity to show your recipient that you’re thinking of them as you send the gift.

2. Wrap your gift before you send it

You can make things a little more special by wrapping the gift before you send it. There are lots of wrapping paper choices to pick from but you’ll generally want to pick something that is suitable for the season or occasion. Again, if you’re buying from an online store there will likely be an option to add a gift wrap to it in addition to a personalized message. Gift wrapping weird shapes can be a little challenging, but it’s usually much easier to box them up before you send them.

3. Add a ribbon and a name tag

The presentation has a huge impact on the way your gift is perceived. Make sure you go the extra mile by adding a ribbon after you’ve wrapped the gift and consider putting a bow on it. The gift will stand out a lot more and it’ll show that you’ve put a bit of extra work into making it presentable. You should also add a tag to it with the recipient’s name in your handwriting, and you should consider a handwritten message on the back of it as well. This isn’t something that an online store can offer, so you’ll need to do this yourself!

4. Give the gift in person

Even if you have the perfect gift, it’s not going to matter much if you’re unable to give it in person. Being there when you hand the gift over makes the gift much more memorable and adds a lot of sentimental value to whatever’s inside. Even if it’s a boring gift, giving it to your recipient in person will make it a lot more special. While we understand that it’s a little bit difficult to give someone a gift in person if they live far away, it certainly helps with adding sentimentality to it.

Source: (CC0)

5. If it’s a generic gift, try and personalize it first

If you’re giving a plain gift such as a shirt, socks or even a mug, try and find ways to personalize it to make it a little more special. There are plenty of gift stores online that will allow you to add custom messages or images on the items you send. This can make them a little more special and will certainly be more memorable and sentimental. If it’s something practical, make sure you don’t customize it to a point where it’s embarrassing to use it.

6. If you’re going to send something common, put some thought into it

Things like chocolates, flowers, socks and gift vouchers are really common presents. However, you can make them stand out a lot more if you put a bit of thought into it. For example, a flower bouquet with the Orchid of the month or your recipient’s favorite colors is going to stand out a lot more than a generic bouquet from a florist. Similarly, if you’re going to buy a gift voucher as a present, make sure it’s for a store that your recipient actually frequents so they don’t feel forced to shop at the store just to use it.

7. Attach a sound message or video to it

If you’re sending a gift to someone with help from an online service, you can usually attach a video or sound message to it. This is the equivalent of adding a personalized message, but you can use a video or record a clip of you speaking instead. This is a fairly common choice if you’re sending a gift card or digital download code via an email. You can record a little message to show that you’re thinking of your recipient and congratulating them if it’s part of the occasion.

8. Surprise your recipient with something high-quality

Common gifts usually have very high-end alternatives. For example, a cheap pair of socks can be replaced with an expensive and comfortable pair instead. These not only feel great on your feet but are guaranteed to last much longer than a typical pair. Similarly, something common like a box of chocolates can be upgraded to a big luxurious box of treats that will blow any supermarket chocolates out of the water.

Hopefully, this article has shown you that it’s possible to turn a rather boring and uninteresting gift into something a lot more fun, unique and sentimental. It takes a bit of work on your part, but it’s well worth it for the memories.

Why Your Marriage Needs A Five-Year Pit Stop

 The first five to ten years of a marriage can change the nature of your relationship with your spouse to some pretty surprising degrees. It might not change exactly how much you love each other or your devotion to one another, but it can definitely change how your life operates from day to day, as well as future plans that you might have previously talked about. For that reason, we’re going to look at conversations you should have with your spouse during a pitstop after at least five years.

Image Source - CC0 License

What are your goals for life?

One of the big misconceptions is that after you have had some time to achieve your goals or found that some are no longer important to you, you are likely to simply rest on your laurels. Congratulations are in order if you have reached those goals but you are likely to find out that you have different priorities, now. You and your spouse might not be able to support each other as effectively as you otherwise could if you’re simply not telling each other about what your aims are for the future. Talk about where you see yourself and where they see themselves in five years and whether that matches up with your current trajectory.

Are things going okay financially?

At this stage, you and your partner should have some sort of financial system in place. Now is the time to look at that financial system once again. This can include, of course, how you’re spending your money, but might also include how your finances are organized and who holds the purse strings on different accounts. How much are you putting towards savings? Do you have any financial goals and have you been putting enough money towards them to meet them within a set timeframe? It’s easy to get sensitive about money and how one handles it, so it’s important to address this question as a cooperative effort, first and foremost, so that it doesn’t sound accusatory.

Your working lives

This topic might end up getting rolled up into the conversation about your finances, but the question of who works, how their career is going, and what can be done incorporates more than just the financial side of life. It’s also about individual goals, the importance of being able to spend your time productively, and more. Have a talk about who is working and whether they want to work (or have to, as the case may be). For those who are working, it may be worth taking the time to talk about their career, its trajectory, and options they might have to get it moving int the way they want, whether that’s by searching for new roles or by looking at development potential through training.

Image Source - CC0 License

Is it time to start planning for a baby?

It’s very likely that the topic of children has come up, as most couples tend to make sure they’re on the same page regarding that before they even get married. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to talk about having your first child if you currently have none. Is it time to take the step to actively try? Are you as ready as you can be, financially and in terms of having a stable home life? Or have expectations of children changed for one or both of you? Even if you have both agreed beforehand that you do not want children, it’s still wise to take the time to check in with your partner and your own feelings.

Do you have enough kids?

If you have, in fact, had children already or you both find that you are resolute that you don’t want any more, then you might want to look at the possibility of closing the door for any children in the future. It doesn’t need to be a formal decision, you can both practice safe sex, but there is also the option for a surgical option. Take the time to research how painful is a vasectomy as well as what the long-term effects are. If you’re done having kids, it’s the most accessible answer, but it does need a lot of preparation and cooperation.

How are you raising your children?

Whether you already have children or you plan to have them in future, you need to talk more about the process of actually making them. It’s important to check-in on what kind of parents you want to be and what you’re doing to make that a reality. This means not only looking at you provide and nurture for them. You need to talk about plans to deal with issues like misbehavior, discipline, bullying, and more. If you have two different parenting strategies in mind, this can lead to major tensions down the line so it’s important to see where you line up and find a compromise if it’s not an exact match.

Image Source - CC0 License

How do you argue productively?

Is it possible for anything but bad to come out of an argument? The answer is: yes. Arguments are how we sort out disputes and conflicts within relationships and an argument doesn’t necessarily have to be an emotional and hurtful process. If you need some sort of the change in your relationship, it’s important to be able to address it calmly, without making the other feel attacked, or without getting defensive if you or your behavior is the subject of the conversation. More importantly, you should look at whether you make some of the biggest mistakes when arguing with a partner, such as criticising them, acting with contempt, being defensive and taking personally, or stonewalling them when they’re trying to talk.

You might find during your pitstop that your relationship with your partner, your life, your needs, and your wants for the future haven’t changed that much. If that’s the case, then that is fantastic. However, it’s important to have these conversations anyway to make sure that there aren’t any issues that could grow under the surface if left unaddressed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How Getting Into Fitness Could Improve Your Life In Many Folds

Over the past ten years or so, health and fitness have become an awful lot more popular. Perhaps it’s due to the science that is so easily accessed now, or perhaps it’s because of the increased popularity of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. People want to look good for photos and be a lot more attractive to those who view them. Whatever the reason, the world of weight-loss and/or muscle-building has become so much more enticing. 

Are you currently someone who doesn’t really look to be all that active? Well, perhaps you should. By no means is this a mandatory thing, but it really could change your entire life if you fancied a change. If you aren’t really all that convinced just yet, then read one and we’ll have a little chat about how your overall existence could be improved by doing so.

It’ll Make You Feel Much Better About Yourself

When you exercise, your brain gets a rush of all the positive chemicals. This feeling makes you more confident when doing most things in life – it’s one of the best sensations you can have. Do you ever feel in a better mood after getting out of breath? That will be the endorphins. Becoming fitter and stronger also allows you to feel better about yourself because you know you’re an improved person.

It’ll Give You Something To Do

When you have free time and very little to do, it can get the better of you. You can end up wasting the day, and, worse, you can spend hours overthinking. Fitness and working out allows you to stop that spiralling sensation immediately. You could get in touch with many Mental Health Services, of course, but if this kind of thing would be a simple, cheap, and organic alternative. You’ll have a new passion/hobby while improving your physical, mental, and social life. 

You’ll Be A Lot More Adept Physically

In general life, you’ll be a lot better off as a fitter individual. You’ll have to do a few physical tasks every single day when you run your errand, so it’s only right that you get yourself into much better shape in order to do so. It might not seem like much, but domestic jobs and the oomph to head to the supermarket will be boosted.

Social Life Would Be Boosted

We mentioned before about how you’ll feel a lot more confident regarding yourself and the things around you, and this is emphasized when talking about social life. When you’re zapped of energy and aren’t feeling too good about yourself, the idea of dealing with other people can be even more draining. If you’re at a gym or have just been for a run, you’ll feel a lot better about being around others. You’ll potentially meet new friends at recreational centres, and you won’t care about people judging you because you’ll know you’re doing great personally. 

A New Career Path Could Be Formed

If it becomes a real, genuine passion, then who’s to say you couldn’t follow it up professionally? If this is something that you want to do every single day, then you might as well make a little money out of it. Thankfully, this industry is on the up, and there is a fortune to be made in it.


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