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IMDb's List of 22 Movies You Must See in 2022

 Not to be confused with this list over here of dozens of family-friendly and clean movies mostly free of any type of nudity or sexual stuff.

For more details on each one, check out IMDb's list of 22 movies they can't wait to see in 2022!

And because everybody loves a good movie trailer (tell me I'm wrong!), each movie title links to the trailer on YouTube. Enjoy!

POGO Pass: Entirely Worth the Price! #KansasCity #LasVegas #Dallas #Phoenix #holidaygiftguide

*Yet another update: My oldest is going to ROKC climbing gym in Olathe, KS today and does not have to pay the $18 day pass rate because his grandmother got him the POGO Pass for Christmas!

*Update: went to Skyzone in Lee's Summit (this review is of Shawnee Skyzone, but they are both amazing) to celebrate Callie's birthday. One kid did not jump, but 4 kids would have cost $64 normally WITHOUT the POGO Pass. We have one more Skyzone jump, too! So that would be another $80 (5 kids) without the pass. I'm definitely signing up for a pass … that way I can jump at Skyzone and get into the other places free!

We went for our second Skyzone visit and the rules had changed there once again. They keep raising the prices! A few years ago it was $10 for on hour to jump and now you can only do 90 minutes and it's $22! Extortion! But with the POGO Pass you can jump one hour for free, and my receipt said I would have paid $80 for 5 kids to jump for an hour ($16 each kid). So the POGO Pass pays for itself basically after your two visits to Skyzone and the rest is icing!

This is a great deal because I have 3 teenagers who often count as adults in the price of activities. Let's see how much it would cost for me + 5 kids to do these activities normally. Then I'll take out the sports events because I'm not sure we'll do them, just to see if it's still a good deal.

Price of 6 POGO passes (not including tax) = $209.70
Price of all activities for a family of 6 = $1,673 to $2,825.

Price of the activities we will absolutely do = $610 versus $209.70 (scroll to the bottom to see updates on what we've done and what the cost would have been)

Here's the Kansas City list:

Adventure Oasis -- 1 visit ($42)

Black Bob Bay water park in Olathe -- 1 visit ($48)

Coco Key water park -- 1 visit ($60, but let's say it's a Sunday and we are actually paying to do something on a Sunday, which we won't be doing; then it would only cost $30)

Kansas City Mavericks Hockey -- 2 games. Not something I would ever think about but my  youngest is quite the sports kids and this would get us out of the house for something fun so why not? It's included. (Ummm, tickets to the specific games they want you to attend go from $46 to $150 so why wouldn't you take the $150 tickets? The catch = I am the one taking them and my name is on the POGO pass. We are not going to pay another $150 for my husband* to attend with us. Let's go with the $46 tickets.) ... ($552 for 6 tickets to 2 games at $46 each).

Kansas City Zoo -- 1 visit ($90)

Museum at Prairiefire -- 1 visit ($50)

National Frontier Trails Museum -- 1 visit ($21)

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum -- 1 visit ($52)

Paradise Park -- 2 visits ($96-$108 for two visits depending on activity we sign up for). I was wondering what Paradise Park entailed ... can they get into the little kid part or is it just a go-kart ride, rock wall, laser tag or bumper car ride. ONE ride is not going to be enough for our family so we would need to budget for more.

ROKC Climbing Gym -- 1 visit ($90 ... gear rental would be $10 per person for shoes, harness and chalk bag but we might also take turns on the chalk bag; Joel has a harness that might fit his brother and sister) ... so this one ends up costing a bit but is something we wanted to do anyway.

Science City -- 1 visit ($79.50)

SkyZone -- 2 visits (not available Saturday or Sunday) ($192 for two visits but you have to pay for socks unless you already have them from another time. SAVE THESE SOCKS.)

T-Bones baseball -- 2 games (tickets are $6.50 to $16 each; see Kansas City Mavericks Hockey for my take on this) ... ($16 tickets times 2 games and 6 of us = $192)

UMKC Roos games -- multiple visits (see Kansas City Mavericks Hockey for my take on whether to get the cheap or the costly tickets). WOWZA. Members can attend FOUR (4) games for EACH of these events, which is 20 games INCLUDED in your POGO pass. We are not a super sports family so we'll have to see on this one, but it's an amazing value! General admission tickets are $10. So if my family went to each event (5) and did all the games in each event (4), the cost would be $1,200. Let's say we just go to ONE game ... that's a $60 event.

  • Men's Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Women’s Volleyball
Wonderscope -- 1 visit. Yes, most of my kids have outgrown this place, but nostalgia is strong and it's included in the POGO pass, so let's hit it, shall we? Even if I only drag along the youngest 3, it's still worth it. ($48 for 6 of us)

Go to this site to see all of the above, and click on each separate one to see specific details, like exactly which T-Bones or Mavericks or Roos games you can attend.

Bottom line: even if we have to pay for my husband to go (although I should get him a pass, seriously) and pay for some extras like food and drink, this is still a rockin' deal. If all we did was the 3 water parks, SkyZone, Wonderscope, PrairieFire, zoo and Science City, things we actually did have planned for 2019, it would have cost the 6 of us $470 versus the POGO passes at $209.70. But the climbing gym ... the boys love that stuff and it's $15 for a day pass even though, yes, you have to pay to rent the gear.

Honestly, I'm not sure how many of these we would have been able to do anyway since our budget eats so much money and we don't have a lot left over to do costly things like this. Thanks to my mom, the kids are getting these for Christmas! I'm definitely buying my own as well, then saving up for one for my husband.

*You are probably wondering at this point why I don't just get a pass for my husband, and I think I actually will!

If this is something your family would enjoy, please use my POGO pass promo referral code when you sign up!

Also check out 33 Things to do Indoors with Kids in Kansas City!

Here's what our family has done just so far. 
My mom got them 5 POGO passes totaling $175.

Skyzone (4) $52 (estimating $13 per kid but I can't find a 60-minute jump price on their website now)
Wonderscope (5) $45
Kansas City Zoo (5) $74
Adventure Oasis (5) $39
Blackbob Bay (5) $35
Paradise Park miniature golf (5) $45

Need to do by mid-December
Science City (5) $
Coco Key (5) $
Skyzone again (5) $
Jump City (X) $

If we had done these things without a POGO pass, we would have spent $290
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How To Help Your Parents Make The Most Out Of Their Retirement

 When your parents retire, they might have all kinds of plans that will help them really make the most of their time now they’re no longer working – they have spent decades getting things ready, which includes understanding they needed to save for retirement and they have a list of what they want to do. Some of those plans may involve your help, and since your parents have taken care of you your whole life, it’s great to be able to give back. So, if you need to give your parents a helping hand to ensure they enjoy their retirement as much as they can, here are some ideas of what you – and they – can do. 


Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels



Retirement is the ideal time to downsize your property. When you retire, you will have less money coming in, so the bills that were once easy to pay may start to become an issue. If your parents own their home and they feel it’s time to move, you can help them with the search for something new. 

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How To Help Your Child When They’re Struggling With School


Many parents want their children to get a good education. While these key building blocks can help set your child up for success, there are times where this won’t go as planned. School struggles are common among children; however, it can be a difficult experience for many parents to navigate. If your child is struggling with school, here are a few ways that you can help.

Hire a Tutor

The classroom setting can be a difficult one for many children to manage. If they are struggling with the material, classrooms can feel even more stressful and overwhelming. To help your child gain back some control and confidence over their schooling, consider enlisting the help of homework tutoring Harvey LA for more focused attention and care.

The Importance of Outdoor Play


Samuel making a pine cone bird feeder

Outdoor play at school is widely seen as a purely recreational activity—a chance for kids to take a break from their studies. This time is typically short (20 minutes, on average), and is often dependent on favorable weather conditions. But there is a case to be made for children to spend more time outside during the school day as they develop a multitude of valuable skills from being in nature.


Give children access to fallen tree branches and watch as they construct a lean-to shelter with sheer determination. They exercise teamwork and problem-solving as they experiment with various arrangements to ensure the structure is stable. When setbacks occur, children rise to the challenge, excited to see their project to completion instead of being overcome by frustration.


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