Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Modern Day Solutions For Hearing Difficulties

We live in a day and age whereby the world is technology based and very much gadget orientated. For those who have hearing difficulties, it is crucial that they have a product which aids them and is in keeping with the constant updates and demands of modern life. After all, because of the way in which the world is developing, there are now more speaking and listening channels available than ever before – for example, there are video conference calls, the ability to talk to people over the internet via applications such as Skype, and so on and so forth. 

Finding a product which allows you to keep in touch with modern technology is essential, and Phonak Smartlink provides exactly that. Of course, this is just one of many hearing devices, and seeing and audiologist to learn more about your hearing problems is always the way to go.

The Phonak Smartlink is a hearing aid device which is versatile and thus can adapt to the modern life. The product is gadget friendly and boasts an array of useful features. Essentially, what this product offers is a greater scope of hearing possibilities. It allows individuals to best adapt to an array of different environments. This means that it can be useful to those sitting in a huge lecture hall which contains large echoes, yet it can also be of aid to those who are communicating via a mobile phone. 

One of the main features regarding this product which makes it stand out from offers of its kind is the fact that it uses Bluetooth. This gives it that ‘hands-free’ factor and means that it can be utilised with an array of different gadgets because it has the wireless technology that so many of the mainstream technology products boast today. This means that the system is compatible with a wide range of gadgets, including mobile phones and MP3 players. This means that those suffering from hearing problems do not have to miss out on the fun other people are having. Thus, they can listen to their favourite songs whilst taking a walk and talk to their friends over the phone. It is little things like this which can truly make a wealth of difference.

In addition to this, another stand out feature of the Phonak Smartlink is that it boasts Dynamic FM. This is the latest global standard for all FM systems and thus is very important. So, what does this feature do? In a nut shell, it improves the signal to noise ratio in especially challenging situations. All in all, this comes together to provide a hearing system which is much more effective.

Finally, there is an array of other useful features which come together in order to make this product one of the leading options on the health market today. This includes the likes of; the 360 degrees Omni, a hearing instrument remote control and the SoftLanding technology which reduces harsh and sharp noises. 

All in all, if you are looking for a hearing system which is effective and helps you to keep up to date with the demanding technologies of everyday life then the Phonak Smartlink is exactly that.

Are You Suffering From Hearing Loss?

Nobody imagines that they will lose their hearing at a young age. Hearing loss is often thought of as something that affects older people, and that when you are young, it is not a problem that you need to worry about. But that is not true. Hearing loss can affect you at any age, and watching out for the signs may help you to improve your hearing when it starts to grow fainter. 

What Are The Signs Of Hearing Loss?

There are many signs and symptoms that you can look out for in order to identify hearing loss. Many of the signs are quite subtle, and you may not realize that you are experiencing hearing loss, or you may even be in denial about the fact. The changes in your hearing will be very gradual, and you may find that you lose the full range of your hearing over several years meaning that you start missing out on sounds. 

The thing about hearing loss is that if you don’t realize that there should be a sound there, how do you know you are missing anything? There are a few ways to spot whether you are experiencing hearing loss. 

If you find that you have to ask people to repeat themselves because words have sounded quiet or muffled, this is one possible indicator. Another may be that when you are in a crowded public place like a restaurant, you will have trouble focusing on the voice of the person that you are with. All of the other sounds in the room such as people chatting, the noises from the kitchen, or the sound of cutlery on plates may all combine and drown out the sound of the person who you are closest too. Other areas that may show that you are experiencing hearing loss are if you are having problems hearing people when talking on the telephone or you need to have the TV turned up very loud in order to even hear it. 

There are many hidden risks to losing your hearing such as feeling isolated because you are not involved in the conversation. Learn more about the ways that hearing loss can affect you here. 

What Should You Do If You Experience Hearing Loss?

Make an appointment with a hearing specialist or an audiologist. There are tests that they can use to identify if you are experiencing hearing loss, and to what extent. They can use a combination of tests and questions to work out what might be the cause of your hearing loss and from there, they can find a solution to help you regain your hearing. 

How is Hearing Loss Treated?

Hearing loss can be treated in several ways, but the method that suits you will depend on what the cause is. You may just need to have ear wax cleared from your ears, or you may have an infection that needs treatment. In some cases, where the hearing loss is permanent, you can get a hearing aid to bring back your ability to hear. 

Eight Tips To Protect Your Children's Hearing

Children can have very delicate ears, but they are often exposed to loud noises that could cause permanent damage to their hearing. Noise-related hearing loss is irreversible, so it’s essential to take steps to protect them from loud noises and preserve their hearing. Prolonged exposure to sounds over 80 decibels, which is about as loud as someone shouting, is enough to cause hearing loss. 

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Looking after your own hearing is important, but children can be even more sensitive to noise. Learn more about how to protect their hearing with these tips. 

  1. Buy a set of ear defenders. These are usually a set of headphones that are comfortable for your child to wear. The ear defenders should be worn at any loud event, such as sports matches, concerts or firework displays. They’ll still be able to hear and enjoy what’s going on, but they won’t be getting the full decibel level
  2. Watch the volume on their music devices. If your child likes to listen to music on headphones, double check the volume that they’re listening at. They should be able to still hear external sounds even while listening on headphones. If they can’t, it’s too loud. 
  3. Turn music off in the car. Listening to music in the car for extended periods can cause hearing damage. Listening to music together while driving is fine, but on long journeys, turn it off occasionally and talk or play car games instead. Car games can be a great way to pass the time on long car trips, and have the bonus of not damaging the ears. 
  4. Turn the TV down. If you have to raise your voice to be heard over the sound of the television, then it is too loud. Turn the volume down so you can be heard clearly and to reduce the risk of hearing loss.
  5. Buy earplugs. Earplugs can be very useful for protecting children’s hearing. They can be worn when listening to music to protect their ears but are also useful for kids who are budding musicians themselves. If they play a loud instrument like drums or guitar, then you can give them earplugs to wear while they practice to avoid hearing loss. 
  6. Take headphones breaks. If they use headphones a lot, whether to listen to music or to play video games, then set regular headphones breaks. Headphones can cause hearing loss as they release the sound much closer to the delicate ear drum. Ten minutes with the headphones off can be enough to rest their ears. 
  7. Avoid noisy environments. The easiest way to protect your child from hearing loss is to avoid keeping them somewhere that is very loud, especially if you don’t have protection like earplugs or ear defenders with you. 
  8. Test your child’s hearing. Children should have regular hearing tests as they grow up, but if you notice any signs of hearing loss between these tests, ask your audiologist for advice. 

Hearing is very important, so help your children to protect theirs with these easy tips. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Alternative Easter Gifts

Now that Christmas is out of the way, Easter is fast approaching. All of these holidays seem to get closer together, spilling into each other as shops start stocking easter supplies before the Christmas sales have even finished and as a parent, it can all be a little stressful. 

If you haven’t finished the festive treats yet, or you know that your children will receive chocolate from other relatives, you might be keen to gift something a little different. You may even know people that don’t like or can’t eat chocolate but don’t want to miss out on the fun. Or adults that want to get into the Easter spirit without regaining all that Christmas weight that they’ve struggled to lose. 

Fortunately, chocolate isn’t the only thing to gift at Easter. There are plenty of alternative options, whether you are looking to cut down on chocolate or to find something to keep the kids busy over the school holidays. Here’s a look at some cool alternatives. 

An Easter Basket

If you still want to buy chocolate eggs, but you’d like to include other gifts and treats, an Easter basket from Amish Baskets can be a great idea. You could buy a ready-made basket or purchase an empty basket and create your own gift, including small eggs, as well as toys, clothes, and other gifts. Or, you can just fill it with chocolate, but at least they’ll have the basket as a keepsake afterward. 

Homemade Cookies

Homemade gifts are always thoughtful, and cookies are easy, cheap, and versatile. You could stick to chocolate, try shortbread, add fruit or go for classic oatmeal and raisin for something different this Easter. You could even decorate the cookies in easter patterns or shape them like eggs. 

Planters and Gardening Sets

Whether you are religious or not, a key part of Easter is the celebration of Springtime and new life. Gardening sets and fun planters are a great way to explore this theme. Buying your kids their own gardening sets gives them a way to create their own spring garden, and it will keep them busy for a while during the holidays. 


If you are looking for an Easter gift for an adult, or even yourself, continue this theme with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Tulips and daffodils are always popular in spring. 

Craft Supplies

If you are looking for a gift that will keep the kids busy over the Easter holidays but still ties into the themes of Easter, some craft supplies could be the answer. By easter bonnets and the things that you need to decorate them, or some paints to make your own Easter eggs. 

Board Games

Most parents are keen to find ways to get their kids off screens and increase the time spent together as a family. Board games are a great way to achieve this. Look for some games that the whole family will enjoy and schedule some family time to play. 


Books are always a great gift. Find some about Easter, spring, or for younger children, the Easter bunny to stick with the themes of the season. 

Moving Home Without The Headache: What’s The Secret?

In an ideal world, moving from one property to another would be a seamless, frustration-free experience. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world, and moving home is often a stressful time for most people involved. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any ways of moving home without limiting the amount of stress involved in the exercise.

The truth about moving home without the headache is that there aren’t any secrets as such. Instead, there are a few common-sense approaches to take on board before, during, and after the event. Take a look at the following information to learn more about what you need to do:

Get your new home professionally cleaned

Before you physically move into your new abode, it makes sense first to get the property cleaned by professionals. Sure, you could go there and do the work yourself, saving money in the process. But you can’t be in two places at once! You’ll need to be at your existing home, sorting out everything to get packed away, and disposing of items you no longer need.

Believe it or not, hiring a company to clean your new home professionally isn’t as expensive or time-consuming as you might think. That’s because such service providers have teams of people dedicated to the task, making light work of what would otherwise be a mammoth task for your fair hands!

By hiring a cleaning company for your new home, you can rest assured knowing that it’s ready to move into without needing to clean any surfaces or carpets.

Hire a removal company to pack and transport your stuff

The actual process of packing and moving your worldly goods to another property is, quite frankly, a nightmare on many occasions. The good news is that you can leave that side of things up to a removal firm. As professional movers, their job is to carefully pack your items and ensure they reach their destination intact and in the right rooms.

Make sure that you shortlist only top rated movers in your area. To do that, make a note of online reviews. Of course, don’t forget to ask your family and friends for recommendations on companies they have personally used in the past.

Book at least a week off from work

Some people are crazy enough to move home one day and go to work the next! As you can imagine, you need to spend some time unpacking all your possessions and putting them in the right rooms and storage areas within those rooms.

Be sure to book some time off from work before, during, and after the moving date. That way, you can devote your time to moving home and making sure that nothing goes wrong in the process.

If you need to give your boss plenty of notice before you book any vacation leave, make sure you do that. After all, the last thing you want is to potentially lose your job because you forgot to book some time off from work!

A week should allow you enough time to move home and iron out any possible issues and to get your old home ready for sale or handed back to your landlord.

Coincide your moving day with school holidays

If you’ve got one or more children, it can feel very stressful trying to move to a new home and remembering to take them and pick them up from school during the day! That’s why it makes more sense to coincide your moving day with any school breaks.

Whether you involve your children with the moving process is up to you. However, you are more likely to get things done quicker if your kids were getting looked after by close family members or friends. Still, if you are hiring a removal company to pack up and move your belongings, having your kids around shouldn’t be too stressful an experience (for you or them).

Keep some food and drink accessible on the day

Last, but not least, you should ensure that you’ve got a supply of food and drink for both you and your family during the big day. You could, of course, opt to buy some takeaway food and drinks. But, as you can appreciate, it’s not a healthy way to eat, and especially for an entire day and evening.

The evening before you are due to move, keep a supply of food and drinks in an easily accessible box or bag.

Thank you for reading this blog post, and good luck with your move!


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