Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8 Kendi Lane in Belton, MO: I Am in Love with a House

This is my dream house. It sits on 10 acres of wooded beautifulness. It is in the middle of a neighborhood so you can be social and your kids can make friends but the neighbors can't see you. There is a park behind it. It's not far from the highway. You can keep horses there. My mom lives close. There is a pond.

It has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms (who needs that many bathrooms?!). It has a 900-square-foot outbuilding with bath and finished office space.

It has a finished basement with possible 5th bedroom. Did I mention the pond is stocked with fish? It has a front porch with a hammock. I have a lovely sales sheet with many more photos of this place on it and since I've gotten it in my hands I am so in love I am even eating less. Go figure!

My stepdad was out and about scouting houses for his parents and found this one. He grabbed a flier and brought it to me on Sunday. We all fell in love with it.

It is $400,000. Pretty far out of our price range and Mr. Kerrie won't budge because he is fiscally smart and doesn't want to be paying on it until we are 90 years old. Thank God for him because I am impetuous and say things like, "We can make more money! I will keep writing and we will pay it off sooner!"

But I know he is right. And that I don't win arguments like this one. Which is why we are not in debt.


UPDATE: We found our dream house in Peculiar, MO and moved in end of October 2017 and have been happy ever since!

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