Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Well Woman Check! Details Here.

So I just wanted to update ya'll and let you know I made it through my well woman check with flying colors.

Well, not really. It seems my cervix is still a little red and angry-looking. Yes, a gyno actually said that to me once when I was in my twenties (before I met Mr. Kerrie and when I was not, ahem, so kind to my body). So we'll see how all that shakes out. I'm not freaking out or running for the HPV vaccine or anything (do not get me started on that rant).

And since I'm all 42 and losing my hair (no bald spots so don't freak out, Mom, Dad and Aunt Cathy) and had gestational diabetes with Joel (borderline, people, but I jumped through the hoops because it was my first pregnancy), I get to GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR for blood tests for my thyroid and sugar and cholesterol and probably some other stuff.

That means more time out by myself, which I am oddly craving since the hardwood floors arrived and made my world all LOUD and echo-y.

By the way, how much do you love trying to make conversation with your doc and the lady that has to supervise him while he has his hand inside you and then has to do the breast exam?! We for real talked about how I'm proofreading AND writing now and my doc of 16 years said I'm the only person he knows who proofreads! Shoulda given him my card but my gown had no pockets.

Let this be a reminder for you to schedule your well woman exam. They are usually free if you have insurance and maybe Obamacare will also make them free?!

Sorry there are no pictures to accompany this post. Next time.

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