Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to my Eva!

I'm cheating a little bit today because I'm going to be super busy. Aron is having to work a lot of long hours this week and today is his day off, but he's gotta work most of it. He'll take off to come ice skating with us, though, and after all these years of birthdays and kids I think I can handle the rest of it and the party prep and the making today special for Eva.

So happy birthday, Eva! Here's the cheat: a post I wrote on another site today. Check it out! It even leads back HERE to a post of her FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Here are some pics of this ornery little light of our lives:

At the park in Grandview on a sunny day.

At the apple orchard. This girl has fun wherever she goes.

Resting in the van after a long day of being sunshiney and naughty

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