Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vaccine Hysteria in Archdiocese of KCK: Vaccinate or Leave School

It's easy for me to sit here as a Catholic homeschooling mom of five with a husband with a good job and a few side careers of my own. It's easy for me to pick and choose the vaccine cocktail for my kids. Mr. Kerrie handed me that responsibility long ago and I did my best.

We do vaccine but I won't do Gardisil and we don't do chicken pox, among others. We do the regular ones we are all supposed to be frightened of ... Polio, Pertussis, Tetanus. I did the Tetanus shot since my kids like to go barefoot and I keep them up to date on that one, but do we REALLY need the others I give them? I doubt it. I think we are all freaked out. But I do it anyway and I respect my friends who do not.

Yes, people die of chicken pox. Yes, horrible things happen. I have not personally done the research on how many Polio or Whooping Cough cases have been happening but apparently there is about to be an epidemic and Catholics are at fault for refusing the vaccines. I thought maybe my unschooling hippie friends would be at fault for this one but nope, it's us danged Catholics.

So my husband and I were shocked tonight when I heard from a friend what was going down in my hometown and beyond. I posted on Facebook:

I just heard that if your kid goes to Catholic school in the KCK Archdiocese (yes, this affects many of my peeps) and is not vaccinated within 45 days (with the vaccines that use aborted fetal cells) your kid won't be able to attend school. I also heard the Archbishop and Superintendent are not meeting with anyone on this. Thoughts?

So it gets better! It sounds from this letter that you are okay if your kid is, say, allergic to eggs and eggs are used to make a certain vaccine. But if you just don't want to inject vaccines made with aborted fetal cells into your CATHOLIC kid, you have to suck it up and do it anyway. Oh, and this letter comes AFTER school started. They could not even give the courtesy of pulling this crap at the start of summer to give parents time to figure it all out and make other choices. Sounds like a great way to RESPECT LIFE, Archdiocese of KCK. What are you thinking?

AND, they are urging you to write the vaccine manufacturers, LIKE THAT HAS EVER DONE ANY GOOD! Laughable!

Check out this letter below, and sorry for the poor screenshot quality. One is the letter to write to vaccine companies and the other is the letter to parents about the situation. I am not calling out St. James Academy on this one because it is all Catholic schools who are having to deal with this. I actually feel sorry for them.

And I close with this that I posted on Facebook also:
Can I ask the parents at St. James something? And other Catholic high schools? So mandatory drug testing of your kids is okay but this is not? It all starts somewhere, with those little things that they stick their faces into that they should not (they are to educate, not drug test). At what point will you start to say NO?

I just think we need to wake up and that's why I get fired up and post things like this. Nazi Germany was not created in a day, people. It took a long time to gear up and happen and a lot of complicit people ... this is ridiculous and I am wondering what is going to happen in 45 days. The countdown is on.

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