Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Would You Live by a Cemetery? Check out my Potential Kerrie Dreamhouse! #househunting

So back here in August I talked about and posted a photo of the house my family had fallen in love with. The problem was that it cost $400,000, a wee bit over our budget. It's still AMAZING, of course, but no house is perfect. For instance, we love our current house but with all the Little Kerries running around we're growing out of it, plus we're on that busy street corner where nobody stops for little kids. The house we fell in love with in August was a little far from Mr. Kerrie's work, in another state, and the pond right out front always freaked me out. I am always going to be freaked out about something, mind you, but drowning is a special freak-out that is dear to my heart.

Yesterday Mr. Kerrie was off work. We FINALLY set out around 3 to go to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our our tree for the first time. I had looked on the internet and found a place and wrote down directions. Welllllll ... the info was out of date and I did something I never do: I didn't do my research. I did not call the place first to make sure we could just go on their property and cut down a tree like the Christmas tree website said I could.

Thankfully the people who lived there were home and, after a wild goose chase to find it, Mr. Kerrie asked and NOPE, they are not doing trees anymore. I felt so HORRIBLE! It was the 16th of December and we still needed a tree and drove half an hour to get there. As we left we saw a NO OUTLET sign, which always turns me on. I mean, the thought of a dead end street and my kids being safe is pretty cool. Alas, there was also a FOR SALE sign pointing down the road. Hmmmm, let's go check it out. After some exploring we came up this stately thing, which instead of calling it South Fork I would call it something goofy like Spoon Fork:

ACROSS FROM A CEMETERY yet at the end of a road! Can't have everything on your home checklist, I suppose. Did I mention I watched too many scary movies as a kid so moving to the country AND being by a cemetery is EXTRA FREAKY?! You can't shoot a ghost, people!

Okay, lemme calm down here before I tell the rest of the story.

Whew. Of course we pull up in the driveway, mesmerized. I mean, look at that beast! Room for kids to run around and LAND, glorious LAND! And trees! So I whip out my handy dandy cell phone and call the realtor.

Well, it's 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on 40 acres of land. Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's another $400,000 beauty we have found ourselves with. Now, if you are living on one of the coasts of American and reading this, you are wanting to smack me because that is cheap in your world. In my world, I live in a house that we paid about 1/4 of that for. That's a lot of moola. Like I said back in August, I'd better keep writing and hope for that bestseller to take off soon. (buy my ebooks; shameless plug)

Of course we came home and I internet stalked the house. I found out one of the owners died in 2009, was a Gemini like me and her name is the same as Aron's grandma, the name we would name our next kid if it ended up being a girl. Interesting turn of events indeed.

I'll keep ya posted. And if you can't get enough of this topic, I write more about it here.