Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Toys R Us Black Friday Ad 2013

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I subscribe to the terrific email updates from Money Saving Mom and her email this week led me over here to Passion for Savings, who has the Toys R Us Black Friday ad! So click here to check it out now, and thanks for posting it, Passion for Savings! And like most years, if you spend $75 you get a $10 gift card!

I usually can't save up that much money before that day so I don't  usually take advantage of it, but one year I did and it was nice to have! Also this year I'm shopping for my dad just to help them out a little bit so that takes care of that $75 no problem! That just makes their dollar go further, too!

Here are a coupla posts about how and why I shop so early these days for Christmas gifts.

Here's the think, though: I pretty much NEVER, EVER shop on Black Friday. I kinda boycott it. So I need to check out when these deals expire and when the great coupon for the gift card expires and all that because if I can avoid going out that day, I will. I hate crowds. I have crowd-o-phobia.

So how do you feel about Black Friday?
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