Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Pose for Photos ... by Mr. and Mrs. Kerrie

These photos were taken in August and I'm finally getting them off DropBox and onto our external hard drive (better not lose that!) because Mr. Kerrie is freaked about our stuff being on DropBox. Duly noted. Anyway, I had him take a picture of me in our newly wood-floored living room and I stood like a normal person, as shown below:

Then I did this POP thing that I learned from our sitter, Jordan. You put one hand on your hip and then POP out the opposite knee. TRY IT! (yeah, I know I look dorky trying this out but I don't really care)

Somehow when I tried the photo shoot with Mr. Kerrie he was not amenable. Poor dude tolerates me; you know that, don't you?

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