Thursday, September 6, 2012

Returning to School Uniquely (Guest Post)

Today I'm taking a little break from the production of The Kerrie Show, and we have a guest post by HB Redbird.

More schools are going to uniforms and pre-packaged school supplies. It is difficult for children to feel unique in a public school setting. Parents are left with children who wish they could have a specific color notebook or something to call their own. Of course, children could be unique with backpacks and lunch boxes, but parents can make their children light up with the use of personalized gifts for school supplies. 

Every child needs notebooks for school, and they go through a lot of composition books. You could also surprise your children with journals for the house that have pictures of them in their favorite activities. All of the journals contain 160 pages of lined paper. Children can see themselves as a princess, a rockstar, and even a mermaid. If they are allowed to take them to school, that would be a way for the child to be just a little more themselves. If not, write a note in one every night, and that way when your child wakes up, he or she will be able to start the day off on the right foot.
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Journals can be used in many different facets of your child’s life. A child can leave a note at the end of the day on how their day went. They can also be used to help a child practice making their letters, or practice spelling words. You can have a journal as a workbook to write out math problems, or have them write a short story. Journals are great personalized gifts for children aged six to sixteen.

Water Bottles
Every child has to eat lunch at school, but they do not have to eat school lunch food. When packing your child a lunch, surprise them with personalized gifts. Flatten Me offers water bottles that are personalized for your child with his or her picture on the bottle dressed in several different designs. Your daughter can be a real princess or your son could become a firefighter. Each bottle holds twenty ounces of liquid and is BPA-free. The lid even has a belt clip so you can attach it to the lunch box for safekeeping. There are eight designs to choose from so your child can go to school with just a little something extra.

Your child will no doubt have to bring Valentine’s Day cards to school. While the beginning of the year is early to think about it, personalized cards and thank you notes are a perfect way to allow your child to have something personal and unique after the first of the year. These personalized gifts use your child as the star and then a message you create on the inside. The sets are packs of twelve and arrive in less than two weeks from the order date! This is the perfect personalized gift for a child in preschool or small grade school classes. 

Personalized gifts come in many styles and formats. You could buy lunch bags with their names on them, or you could buy items with your child’s picture. Children love to see themselves as a star and use their imagination to take them far off worlds, where they rule the universe. What a perfect way to nurture your child’s dream, and give them a small piece of uniqueness in the sea of similarity.

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