Wednesday, December 25, 2013

9109 High Grove Road, I Love You & Merry Christmas!

Yes, I am aware that I keep posting photos of houses I fall in love with. I have a category of posts called Country Living. I should make one called House Hunting. The thing is, the other two I have posted pictures of on here I did not post the address and they were both $400,000, WAY out of our price range.

Today I'm posting the address and I'm not sure why. I just love it and have not seen it in person. My mom and Dave drove by it today on their way home from our place and thought it was super awesome and that there were deer tracks all over the snow. I should not post online how much I think I love this house. That would mess with negotiations, but Mr. Kerrie says he is not ready to move yet. Still, I have talked him into LOOKING at it from the outside maybe Friday. I hinted that maybe the agent could MEET us there ... why not? What could it hurt to see the INSIDE? I did see the layout of the place after some heavy duty internet stalking of the place.

Here's the link for family and friends and anyone else who just loves houses! Don't freak out on photo #5 because that is my favorite part: PINKSPLOSION (kinda like the pinksplosion we created at our own place recently)! The house was built in 1940 but someone in the 1960s took some acid and decorated this room. Oh, and the SUN PORCH is kind of a hit in my world. So Merry Christmas and enjoy my house love affair #3 (only more affordable).
Don't judge my ugly room. I love it. It has more character than anything in Overland Park any day of the week!
Okay, so it didn't speak to us. Here is a post on Bubblews that talks about that and leads to more about why it was not perfect for us. And in the comments section someone named Tim says he and his wife bought it, which is AWESOME! I hope they are very happy there and have 8 babies just like the previous owners had.

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