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And Baby Makes Three: Planning for Your First Child


You have a positive pregnancy test and you are over the moon excited for the arrival of your first baby. Here are three things to remember to plan for while you are pregnant.


Perhaps you or your partner plan to stay home with your baby, then you do not need to worry too much about this first item. However, if you will need any childcare it is important to start your search for infant care Tampa as early as possible. Childcare spots are notoriously difficult to secure and you will want to make sure you thoroughly vet and feel comfortable with whomever will care for your child regularly. Ask your personal networks for leads and look for local social media groups where daycare providers can be found.

Birth Plan

While some mothers prefer to just allow everything to unfold in terms of their labor and delivery, many mothers have specific visions and plans for how they want their labor and delivery to go. Make sure to sit down with your partner or birth support person and write down specific details on what you want for your labor and delivery. There are many ideas online to help you get started if you are not sure where to start. Many women consider a doula to help them make and carry out their birth plan.

Pediatrician Interviews

One thing many parents-to-be forget to do is interview and find a pediatrician or family medicine doctor for their new baby. There are usually many different options for you to explore but make sure to ask your health insurance customer service for lists of who you can interview as a potential pediatrician or doctor. If you have certain medical views or questions, this is a great time to ask.

Having a baby is full of fun and exciting memories. But by planning for some of the important but slightly less exciting details you will ensure when baby arrives you truly have all your ducks in a row and it will make the transition to parenthood less stressful.

4 Types of Gun Holsters


Part of properly carrying a gun either open or concealed is figuring out how to carry it safely and comfortably. Gun holsters are designed to make carrying a firearm more comfortable and convenient for long periods of time. A holster should ideally allow the wearer to move freely during their daily activities while also being able to access their weapon quickly and easily if needed.

1. Hip

Hip holsters are popular because many people find them easy to wear and believe that they provide good access in the event of an emergency. They are usually easy to take on and off and companies like DeSantis holsters produce a variety of designs. Some are designed to sit higher or lower than others, which can affect how easy it is to conceal the gun during use.

2. Shoulder

A shoulder holster has one or more straps that fit on the shoulders and suspend the gun near the ribs. There are different types of shoulder holsters that are made from different materials and can carry the gun either in a horizontal or vertical position. Make sure that the type of holster will work with the type of gun being carried, as that can affect the comfort level. Wearing loose-fitting clothes or layering clothing over the holster is usually a good idea, as the fabric can break up the outline of the gun to aid concealment. Padding the area between the gun and the body can also help prevent chafing.

3. Pocket

While it may seem that carrying a gun around in a pocket does not require the use of a holster, it is still important to wear one. A good holster will protect the trigger to prevent the gun from discharging accidentally. A holster will also be designed to obscure the shape of the firearm so that it is not easily detectable by others.

4. Ankle

Ankle holsters are great for carrying a concealed firearm because they are usually tucked underneath a pair of pants. Because of the size and location, ankle holsters are mostly used for smaller pistols.

Be aware when selecting a gun holster that everyone’s body is different. What works well for one person may not always work for others. Personal style also plays a role, as someone who prefers to wear tight clothing and also wishes to carry a concealed weapon may need to make some adjustments to their carry style, and perhaps also alter what they wear while carrying a gun. Try to test out holsters in person to find one that is the right fit before making a purchase.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

What Do You Want From Your Relationship This Year?!

 Life might have got you thinking lately, and one of the things you might have thought about is your relationship. If you spent a considerable amount of time during a lockdown with your partner, you might have realized a thing or two that you didn't before. Being kept in close quarters with someone definitely does help to reveal true colors. For some couples this will have been great, those that didn't live together might now be living together. For others it might have caused a pressure on the relationship. A lot of the time there's not enough communication, so we're going to give you some ideas of things you might want from your partner this year so you can build a stronger relationship. 

More Of A Spark

Sometimes you just need to put a spark back in your relationship. As we get older and we become more settled in our ways it's so to forget that romance can die if the relationship becomes stale. The importance of date nights and doing things as a couple is more important as the relationship ages as it was when you were first getting together. Think about dressing up and going for fancy meals, or drinks out, or exploring different cities. If you have children you will no doubt be able to get child care for one night, if not then perhaps just the day. Getting out and doing things together gives you new things to talk about rather than just the same conversation about your days. It's so common for a relationship that's a few years in to lose a spark, but it's so easy to put it back if you focus on the relationship. It's good if you have another couple that you can go on double dates with, or even a big group of you. 

A Show Of Romance

A display of romance is a perfect way to end this year. A nice gift always makes a person feel good, and with the festive season actually not too far away a flashy gift with it. These Blue Nile Reviews will give you some idea of a diamond jeweler that you might want to use. Diamonds are a girls best friend as the saying go, and perhaps an engagement ring might be what you're hinting for. There seems to be a big boom of people getting engaged at the minute! Or it might just be a nice necklace to wear with a fancy dress. 

A Sense Of Adventure 

If you feel like your relationship has gone a little bit stale because you never seem to be going anywhere, then get a sense of adventure put back into your relationship. Go to different cities even if just for the day and explore like you used to when you were younger. It can be so easy to fall into the same routine of working to go home and pay the bills and not really do anything. The more you're out the more fun you're going to have and the easier it'll be to keep the relationship alive. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Breathe Easy: Top Tips For Asthma Sufferers

 Suffering from asthma can have a negative effect on your quality of life, reducing your ability to breathe properly and even causing asthma attacks in which breathing seems impossible. Searching for ways to reduce your symptoms and better handle the illness can make your experience much more bearable, and managing your condition can lead to positive changes in the long term too. Finding ways to battle your condition needn’t be as difficult as you might think, as there are many different top tips and tricks that you can utilize to start feeling a difference in no time at all! So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best ideas and concepts that can provide relief for asthma sufferers around the world.

Image Source - Pexels 

Learn Your Triggers 

For many people, there are certain occurrences which can trigger their asthma, worsening their symptoms or causing an attack. Learning your triggers will allow you to make more of a conscious effort to avoid them, meaning your symptoms will see a reduction over time. Common asthma triggers include allergies such as pollen and dust, animal hair, air pollution, smoke and chemicals such as paint and varnish. Keeping your home well ventilated can help to keep these triggers to a minimum! It can be difficult to completely avoid your triggers as they may be a common feature of modern life, but the more effort you put into steering clear of them the less likely your asthma is to trigger. 

Maintain Good Fitness 

Ensuring that you take the time to exercise regularly can be of real benefit for asthma sufferers, as proper fitness can help to strengthen your breathing related muscles. It’s vital that your asthma is completely under control before you begin an exercise session, as working out after an attack will likely encourage the same situation to occur again. There are many things asthma sufferers can do to stay safe whilst exercising, including drinking lots of water and taking regular short breaks. Start off with low impact sports such as yoga and swimming, as these will put less pressure on your lungs compared with cardio like running. 

Find The Right Treatment 

Finding the right treatment for your condition is a big aspect of symptom control, as asthma reacts differently with each person meaning you will require your own unique medicine plan. Experimenting with various inhaler and medicinal treatments will help you to identify which solution works best for you, but you must always stay in contact with your healthcare professional throughout. Certain tablets can be successful in reducing severe asthma, whilst new products like a Kaya Hemp Co. CBD inhaler might be the perfect alternative solution for those searching for a more natural treatment plan. 

With any luck, these top tips will help you to keep control of your asthma and reduce your symptoms to live life to the fullest each and every day! Always remember to consult your doctor before making medicinal changes. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

10 Signs You Need To See A Doctor

 If there is one thing that most adults have in common, it’s that we ignore our body when it's telling us to get some help. We push our exhaustion out of the way and stay up as late as possible. We keep working despite needing to pee or take a drink of water - because we are busy and we need to keep going. It’s a bad thing that we do here, as we also know that when there is a serious issue, it can be helped if caught! We’re not very smart when it comes to our health.

It doesn't matter what the situation is, if we’re not paying any attention to the signs our bodies are giving us, we will take a lot longer to heal when we finally do get help. If you couldn't see, you would get your glasses sorted by the optician. If you were struggling to hear and your hearing aids were busted, you would do what you can to fix your hearing aids. So, why doesn't your body matter as much? Why would you let yourself get so hungry you’d have a headache? Sometimes, you need a nudge, and we’ve got ten clear signs that you should get to the doctor and not ignore what you’re feeling.

Blue and Silver Stetoscope

Image Source: Pexels

  1. You’re Dealing With Fever. You may get a fever from time to time, but if the fever is lasting for days on end, you need to get some help. Fevers indicate the boy is trying to fight something, and persistence in that fever means that you are dealing with something bigger.

  2. The Cold Just Won’t Go. Coronavirus has made everyone paranoid about every sneeze lately, but if you are noticing that you have a cough that is lasting for weeks, or a cold that won’t go, you need to ask why it’s happening. You could have the flu, you could have pneumonia. You could even have coronavirus! You need a doctor and if you can’t keep down fluids, you need to get an IV to keep you hydrated.

  3. The Weight’s Falling Off. Mostly, this is a good thing if it’s intentional. However, if you have noticed that you are losing significant weight and you’re not trying to, then that’s a problem. You shouldn't be dropping weight too quickly and if you are dropping kilos too fast, you need to check whether there’s an underlying reason.

  4. You Can’t Catch A Breath. If you’re exerting yourself and your breath is short, then that’s normal. If you’re trying to stand up and you can’t catch a breath, you need to get some help. They can be symptomatic of asthma, bronchitis and even anemia.

  5. Chest Pain, Anyone? You should never have to handle abnormal chest pain, and it’s usually the first thing that a doctor will send you to hospital for as it can mean a heart attack. Of course, chest pain can be muscular, but that doesn't mean that yours is!

  6. There’s Blood In Your Pee (Or Poop). Bloody or black stools, blood in your wee and changes to your movements need investigation. Bowel cancers and urinary tract infections are common enough that you should be aware of the symptoms. Any blood should be checked out right away, and consultation with your doctor is a must.

  7. You See Flashing Lights. You should know that any flashing lights in front of your eyes are going to interrupt your vision, so you need to know that they are an indicator of migraines or other issues in the brain. If you’re seeing lights but you don't have pain, get some help from the doctor!

  8. You’re Dizzy - A Lot. Your hearing aids may be a fixture because you are having balance issues or issues with tinnitus, but any prolonged dizziness needs to be looked into by a professional. Everything from vertigo to brain tumors are behind dizziness, or it could be as simple as anemia! Either way, you can’t just guess. Ask your doctor for help and they can advise you.

  9. You’ve Banged Your Head. Bumping your head as an adult is not as common as when you’re a child, and you should monitor whether you have a concussion if you bang it. Headaches, difficulty concentrating, mood and sleep changes can all indicate a concussion.

  10. Side Effects. If you are taking any medication, keeping an eye out for side effects is important. Monitoring for these is going to be a big part of knowing why you are dealing with unexplained symptoms.

Suggestions For Home Improvements


Pixabay - Free for commercial use

If you are looking to improve your home in 2020, there are many different ways that you can go about this. No doubt you will want to make thoughtful improvements that can boost the value of your property. Here are some great suggestions: 

Boost The Security Of Your Property

The final step is to enhance the security of your property. It is unfortunate that we need to spend huge sums of money on protecting what is rightfully ours, yet this is, sadly, the world that we live in today. 

There are a number of different ways that you can go about increasing the security of your property. This includes CCTV, alarm systems, and much more. Start with the basics, like contacting a locksmith to check out and possibly change your locks on your windows and doors. Once this is done, you can then move into more complex security systems, which security businesses can advise on.

Smart security systems are highly popular today. With these systems, you can have eyes and ears on your home irrespective of where you are. This means you can see when someone rings the alarm or tries to breach access to your property. All you need to do is download an app on your phone.

Purchase A New Water Heater

Some of the best home improvements aren’t based on design or what you can see with your eyes. Instead, they are based on how comfortable your property is and where more value can be added to your home. This is what investing in a brand new water heater is all about.

There are lots of different water heaters on the market today, including tankless water heaters. The best thing to do is to get in touch with an expert and they will be able to make recommendations regarding the most efficient choices for your home. While this is the sort of investment that is going to cost you money upfront, it will save you funds at the end of the day.  

Invest In Durable, Resilient Worktops

Stainless steel kitchen worktops are definitely worth considering if you are interested in new worktops for your kitchen. When you buy worktops, you expect them to last you for many, many years to come. You certainly don’t want to be replacing your worktops a couple of years down the line, and this is the main reason why stainless steel is such a popular choice.

Stainless steel is a material that is resilient and durable to virtually anything. If you go for this type of kitchen worktop, you are benefitting from something that is resistant to stains, heat, and water. If that was not enough, this is a material that has a non-porous surface, meaning that it is pretty much stain-free, as no substance or liquid is going to be able to penetrate into the material. This makes it much easier for you to look at your worktops. 

Moreover, it makes stainless steel one of the more hygienic solutions, as mold, bacteria, and other common household germs are not going to stand a chance with this material. In addition to this, a lot of people love the style because of the modern and elegant look it boosts. You have many different styles to choose from as well. Nevertheless, because the metal is neutral in color, you benefit from versatile worktops that can be used in any kitchen. Finally, stainless steel can also make your kitchen appear bigger because the light reflects off it.

Add Natural Light To Your Home

Natural light can make a massive difference to a property. It brightens up the rooms, making them look a lot bigger and more welcoming. There are numerous ways that you can go about this. For example, you could make your windows bigger or you could have a skylight installed.

Skylights are stunning and they bring lots of natural light flooding into your property. They also have the added benefit of enabling you to look at the stars during the evening, which can bring your property to a whole new level of luxury. 

There are also more cost-efficient ways to make your property brighter as well. This includes adding reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, into the room. This will ensure the sunlight reflects off the surface and brightens up the area. 

To conclude, there are a number of different ways that you can improve your property and boost the value of it in the process. No matter the decision you make, we are sure your home will look outstanding and be a pleasure to be in. 

Financial Hurdles we Can Face and How to Overcome Them

 It happens, we can all find ourselves in situations that feel quite life changing. They may happen when we least expect it, it might be that we plan for something and something else happens. We will all be in some sort of situation like this at some stage in our lives and it can be very overwhelming. Mostly because that often these events can really impact us financially. While money doesn't make you happy, having enough to live the life you want or are happy with indeed makes you happy, doesn't it not? With that in mind, here are some of the financial hurdles we can all face. 

Image source - pixabay - CC0 License 

How to Teach Teens About Smart Money Moves

 100 US dollar banknotes

The first time your kids earn their very own money, their first instinct is to rush out and spend it on fast food, candy, the latest video game, or maybe a new pair of shoes that they need before school starts. However, while it’s fine for them to treat themselves, this isn’t a habit they should get into, so it’s vital to teach your teenagers how to make smart money moves. 

Give Them a Budget 

Budgets may not be fun, but they are something that everyone should get used to if they want to manage their money effectively. It can be challenging to set a budget later in life, so it’s useful to teach your kids how to budget while they are first starting their learning journey. Have them outline what they can earn and what they need to pay each month to determine how much fun money they have, which will aid them once they start paying for things like rent, utilities, and weekly grocery shopping. 

Help Them Develop Savings

Similarly, it’s important to teach them how to save money. This is arguably the most difficult part of learning to manage money, and kids will see the nice big number in their account and feel a sting of disappointment when they transfer it to a savings account. However, these savings are vital for offering some stability and security. They can help pay for emergencies, or your kids can use them to treat themselves after several months of sensible saving. Rather than deposit the money manually, encourage them to use automatic transfers, so they won’t even need to see the money leave their account. 

Warn Them About Credit Cards 

Credit cards can be useful, and there is nothing wrong with having one. However, many kids fall victim to the shadow of credit card debt, especially as they often do not get the education required to prevent reckless spending and a total misunderstanding of why it is so important to pay the balance off. Furthermore, the banks can be predatory for this type of spending, and DTSS shines the light on banker’s scam agenda, which can severely impact your child’s life before it gets started. While it’s okay for your kids to have a credit card, make sure to warn them about the potential hazards, such as interest and defaulting on payments.

Be a Good Example

Your kids will look to you for inspiration on how to manage their money, and one of the best ways you can teach them how to be smart with their finances is to be a positive role model. If you are frivolous with your spending, they will think this is normal behavior. So, while you may want to treat yourself often, you must practice what you preach and show discipline. 

Get Them Ready 

Being good with money is not something that comes naturally. It takes training and discipline. Because of this, you can’t expect your kids to be good with money immediately, and they will need to learn a few lessons about how to manage their money. They shouldn’t have to do this alone, though, and you can support them along the way to ensure they can handle their finances with confidence. 

4 Ways CBD Can Help Your Dog


Photo 88410727 © Alexey Maximenko -

Dog's are a man's best friend. They're always there and show you they care with the simplest smooches, constant cuddles and loving looks. Shouldn't you show them you care and find ways to ensure they're living their best lives, too? CBD is an up-and-coming therapeutic and medicinal treatment humans are finding ways to use, but trying CBD for pets may also have lasting benefits for your furry friend. 

1. Minimizes Anxiety

If your dog gets nervous during thunderstorms, fireworks or simply when you have to leave them, buying CBD-infused food or oils for your dog may be just what they need to calm down. Studies show CBD calms PTSD and panic disorders in humans, so it may be able to lessen some of your pet's built up stress. 

2. Lessens Risk of Cancer

Saying goodbye to pets when they pass away is hard enough, but having a dog get diagnosed with cancer is that much worse. CBD is shown to minimize cancer-growing cells and increase tumor-cell death. CBD's properties help strengthen cells that kill cancer by inhibiting the cancerous cells ability to make energy. If your dog does end up with a cancer diagnosis, adding CBD to the treatment may also strengthen the chances of beating the disease.

3. Helps With Seizures and Epilepsy

5% of dogs suffer from seizures and require medication to calm the effects. However, not all prescribed medicine is successful in helping dogs with the diagnosis. If the drugs given do help, dogs can still suffer additional issues to their livers and vital organs. CBD is a natural way to combat seizures and has been proven, in human trials, to help drug-resistant epilepsy. 

4. Reduces Pain

Just like humans, when dogs age their bodies start getting weaker, leading to added pain. This pain can make walks harder or hinder playful characteristics your best friend has always had. Adding CBD to your dog's diet has been shown to reduce inflammation that intensifies aging and address neurological and nerve-related pain.

Many people think CBD will get their pets high, but in fact CBD is derived from hemp, not marijuana. THC is what leads to "getting high." Marijuana has both CBD and THC while CBD lacks THC, the component that leads to a high. CBD only has the relaxing characteristics that don't trigger a drug-induced intoxication. 

Finding ways to take care of man's best friend will not only lead to increased happiness for your dog but increased happiness for you too, knowing your dog is basking in its best life possible. 



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4 Awesome Pieces Of Tech To Add To Your Family Home

 Are you thinking about improving your family home this year? If so, then one possibility that you could consider would be investing in new tech. Tech is a smart and fairly budget-friendly way to boost the look and feel of your home. Indeed, with the right tech, you can make the property a more enjoyable place to live with all the features that you could possibly want. Let’s explore some of the best tech options, each of which could fit a different room in your house. 

Pexels Source CCO License

Smart Fridge

Do you have an extra thousand or so to spare? If so, then you might want to consider investing in a smart fridge. The right smart fridge can look incredible as part of your home and provide you with an awesome way to take the stress out of the food shop. The big benefit of a smart fridge is that it will tell you exactly how much food you have in at any given point. So, you won’t have to worry about having issues here. Smart fridges also often come with lots of cool, unique features. For instance, you can purchase one with an ice machine built-in. This is going to perfect for preparing delicious drinks for warm, summer evenings. 

Cool Speakers

You might also want to think about investing in a speaker system for your home. If you’re smart, you’ll opt for a portable speaker option. Portable speakers are fantastic because you will be able to use them in any room of your home. Sites like can provide you with more information on this possibility and guarantee that you have speakers that you love. You’ll find that their lots of different options available on the market, so you’re sure to find one to suit your preference and your budget. 

You can even get some speaker systems for your children’s rooms. These will be perfect for allowing them to listen to music or they can be connected to other devices such as games consoles and TVs or even computer systems. 

A Great TV

Alternatively, you might want to consider investing in a new TV for your home. TVs improve every year and 2020 is the year of 8K. If you haven’t seen an 8K display in a shop, it’s really rather spectacular. 8K TVs make it look as though you are staring through a window. The quality is absolutely crystal clear and provides you with a breathtaking image that is certain to amaze everyone in your family. The only issue is the price. These TVs are quite expensive, but you need to look at them as an investment in the future entertainment for your family. With cinemas a questionable option right now, to say the least, it’s fair to say that a lot more families are going to be staying at home to enjoy a film. You need to make sure that you have the right tech set up to do this. 

Something to consider is whether you would rather have a projector system. One of the benefits of a projector system is that it can provide you with an absolutely massive display to use. However, if you want a professional set up, then this is going to be even more expensive than a TV. 

360 Degree Fireplace

Or, you could think about investing in a new fireplace for your home. There are numerous different types of fireplaces to choose from. But a modern trend is to invest in a 360-degree model. The benefit of one like this is that it does have an eco-friendly design. It will also look fantastic and heat up every area of the room equally. As such, you don’t have to worry about parts of your room being cold through the later months of the year. You can learn more about these systems on this

The installation of systems like this can be a tad tricky. However, you can always speak to a contractor to make sure that it’s a suitable choice for your home. Usually, you just need to make sure that there is a place for an open airflow system. If there is an option like this, then you might want to consider building a fireplace into your wall. This can still look incredible and, in that place, it can be used for two separate rooms. 

We hope you love these ideas and look forward to improving your home in these exciting ways. Don’t forget that you should always set a budget for home improvements like this. It’s important that the cost doesn’t start to balloon, leaving you in the red.

Pexels Source CCO License

Friday, August 21, 2020

Buy Local (Strategically)


photo courtesy of Dreamstime

Many people talk a big game about buying local, but when the rubber hits the road, it may be better for the community and the environment but sometimes just isn't the most affordable or convenient option. So instead of just saying "you should always buy local" or even "you should buy local when possible," it's time to talk about buying local strategically. Where can your locally spend dollars do the most good, both for you and your community?


Fresh produce, even when not perfectly unblemished and shiny, is generally better tasting than that which you find in the supermarket. Finding a fresh produce supplier Medley FL or your area can instantly improve the quality of your cooking. You can't buy everything local, most likely, but you can't deny that local tomatoes grown in-season are going to be better than what you find at the grocery store. The grocery store will always be there later. 


Books are another thing that you should absolutely buy local, for two reasons. First of all: when you buy from a local bookstore, the author gets paid more than if you buy from a big conglomerate. If you want to support your favorite author, buy their book from your local independent bookstore


Also, bookstores are often important community spaces not just for writers and readers but for artists of all kinds. Think of the spaces that you value in your local area, like small restaurants, hair salons and coffee shops. They all need your support to stay in business. 

Don't beat yourself up for buying from a chain. There's a reason that chains exist and a reason that they're so popular. However, it's worth investing in your local economy in ways that are meaningful to you and can do the most good, so be strategic with your money and your purchases.

4 Tips For Choosing A Home Renovation Company


Image credit.

There is plenty of information out there about how to renovate your home yourself. DIY is all the rage nowadays! This being said, home renovations in a DIY setting are not always achievable, particularly if the project is a large one which requires professional help. 

Let’s say you’ve decided to hire a professional contractor or renovation company to revitalize your home. How do you know who to hire? With so many companies all competing for your custom, it’s pretty tricky to pick out the best one for you. Here are four tips for choosing your home renovation company!

  1. Personal Recommendations.

If you know others in your local area who have had their homes renovated in the past, you should contact them about the company they used - that is, if they had a good experience. Being able to look around their home and see the great work that was done should fill you with confidence. It’s always ideal to hire a company based on personal recommendations - you can count on your friends, and therefore you can count on their chosen company!

  1. Online Reviews

Make no mistake, online reviews can make or break a company’s reputation. A reputable contractor will include customer reviews on their website which showcase their best feedback to potential customers like yourself. Home services companies such as NVE will even include an entire sidebar option dedicated to their great reviews! These are super important to read before you hire a company; a business without any positive feedback online is one you should avoid.

  1. Meeting The Team

If you’ve found a contractor you want to hire, ensure you meet them before you sign your name. Now that every business has a site, some business can be a little faceless and misleading. Make sure to organize a meeting, even briefly, with your contractor so that you can talk to them face to face and see what they are like. Your instincts are a good indicator on whether you should trust someone with your home.

  1. Pricing Is Important

In the world of professional home services, the range in pricing will startle you. Two companies who seem on the face of it to be pretty similar could be offering wildly different prices for the same service. Why? Well, it isn’t as simple as high price equals quality, low price equals disaster. To gauge whether the pricing is fair, enquire a breakdown of their material and labor costs. It may be that a pricier company hires better qualified workers or uses specialist equipment which justifies the price - or it may be that they’re hiking the prices just for the hell of it!


Larger home renovation projects which might include knocking through walls, plumbing or electrical work, roofing or guttering or any other professional task, should not be undertaken by yourself. Not only can they be dangerous, but if you don’t do the job correctly it can lead to big problems down the line. Ensure you hire a reputable company so you can enjoy your freshly renovated home for years to come!

4 Ways of Unlocking Money in Your Life

 According to a survey from the online job portal Indeed, run in 2018, less than 20% of Americans believe they earn enough money in their jobs. A whopping 60% of participants admit they would need a raise of at least $6,000. The coronavirus pandemic has likely increased money dissatisfaction. The health crisis has increased unemployment rates dramatically, forcing people to stay at home for their safety. Freelancers, non-essentials workers, and professionals who can’t work remotely have been left with the challenge of unlocking money when there’s no job available. Ranging from the most likely to the least unlikely event, here are ideas to get you started on your money-making journey from home. 

Unsplash - CC0 License 

Understand your finance management

Typically, most people don’t know how much they have. That’s precisely why working with a certified tax advisor can make a huge difference. Avoiding costly mistakes, for instance, can help you save a lot on tax payments. Most Americans don’t realize how much is deductible in their tax returns or fail to take essential tax breaks into account. Mortgage interest deductions can provide some breathing room and make homeownership more affordable. You can also deduct qualified medical expenses that are more than 7.5% of your gross income, as long as they are unreimbursed. The list is long, and you can make sure you pay no more than you owe with the help of a professional. 

Master the art of decluttering for profit

Spending more time at home has made everyone painfully aware of their cluttering habit. We accumulate a lot of things, and most of it takes space that could be otherwise repurposed to better use at home. You may not be able to build a second source of income through decluttering, but selling items you don’t need on eBay or Craigslist can give you some breathing room. Online markets are crowded with unwanted items, so you need to establish a decluttering approach that works for you. The sweet spot is to sell a handful of items simultaneously, so you can give your online “shop” more consistency. 

Start a side hustle

More and more people who have been staying at home during the pandemic have looked into starting a home-based venture. A side hustle is an excellent way of creating an independent business that can make ends meet for your household budget. However, many newcomers to the business world embrace the idea of a side hustle with optimism. It’s important to remember that, while side hustles can be profitable, they are not an overnight solution to income generation. It takes a lot of time and effort to establish a reputable business presence. 

Ask the universe

If you are not familiar with the law of Attraction, it is a direct line to the universe. The Law of Attraction is typically mentioned as a way to manifest the things you want in your life. Truth be told, it is unlikely to get you the money to pay bills out of the blue. However, believing in your luck and facing the situation with an optimistic mindset can help you focus on the best method to get what you need. 

Can you unlock the money you need when you’re facing the financial aftermath of the pandemic? Keeping your mind alert to possibilities can provide multiple strategies to generate new sources of income. When jobs are limited, and many businesses find it hard to plan in the long-term, financial creativity can avoid many problems!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Involved in Activist Organizations


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The urge to get involved in something greater than yourself is understandable. There are several causes that you believe in, but you have not been directly involved with them for a variety of reasons. Entering these movements for the first time can be intimidating, but with some guidance, it is not impossible. Learn more about how you can get involved with these simple steps. 

1. Conduct Research

Before you commit to anything, you will need to determine which groups uphold your values, how they do so and how accessible they are. Depending on your beliefs, you might be interested in general and broad charities or more intersectional and specific places like an ecofeminism organization. See if they have websites and social media accounts to learn more about them. Find out if they have physical locations near you or if you can participate remotely. 

2. Donate Time and Resources

Now that you have joined a cause-driven organization, you can start collaborating with it. Attend the meetings and volunteer at activities when possible. These include educating others about your cause, volunteering for charitable acts and fundraising. If you do not have the time to participate, there are other ways to contribute. Nonprofit organizations need monetary donations to fulfill their roles. You can also donate other resources like food, water, clothes and useful supplies. 

3. Spread the Word

Activism relies on many people to accomplish tasks, recruit others and show support. You can help on his aspect by spreading the word to others. A direct conversation with friends and loved ones is always a good start. Put up flyers and other materials in public areas like community boards and libraries. Use social media to promote your cause and the organization's latest projects, fundraisers and other materials. 

Getting involved with groups driven by activism and altruism can be intimidating, even if they share your beliefs. These steps will ensure your success as you participate in a worthy cause. 


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