Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Involved in Activist Organizations


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The urge to get involved in something greater than yourself is understandable. There are several causes that you believe in, but you have not been directly involved with them for a variety of reasons. Entering these movements for the first time can be intimidating, but with some guidance, it is not impossible. Learn more about how you can get involved with these simple steps. 

1. Conduct Research

Before you commit to anything, you will need to determine which groups uphold your values, how they do so and how accessible they are. Depending on your beliefs, you might be interested in general and broad charities or more intersectional and specific places like an ecofeminism organization. See if they have websites and social media accounts to learn more about them. Find out if they have physical locations near you or if you can participate remotely. 

2. Donate Time and Resources

Now that you have joined a cause-driven organization, you can start collaborating with it. Attend the meetings and volunteer at activities when possible. These include educating others about your cause, volunteering for charitable acts and fundraising. If you do not have the time to participate, there are other ways to contribute. Nonprofit organizations need monetary donations to fulfill their roles. You can also donate other resources like food, water, clothes and useful supplies. 

3. Spread the Word

Activism relies on many people to accomplish tasks, recruit others and show support. You can help on his aspect by spreading the word to others. A direct conversation with friends and loved ones is always a good start. Put up flyers and other materials in public areas like community boards and libraries. Use social media to promote your cause and the organization's latest projects, fundraisers and other materials. 

Getting involved with groups driven by activism and altruism can be intimidating, even if they share your beliefs. These steps will ensure your success as you participate in a worthy cause. 

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