Friday, August 21, 2020

Buy Local (Strategically)


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Many people talk a big game about buying local, but when the rubber hits the road, it may be better for the community and the environment but sometimes just isn't the most affordable or convenient option. So instead of just saying "you should always buy local" or even "you should buy local when possible," it's time to talk about buying local strategically. Where can your locally spend dollars do the most good, both for you and your community?


Fresh produce, even when not perfectly unblemished and shiny, is generally better tasting than that which you find in the supermarket. Finding a fresh produce supplier Medley FL or your area can instantly improve the quality of your cooking. You can't buy everything local, most likely, but you can't deny that local tomatoes grown in-season are going to be better than what you find at the grocery store. The grocery store will always be there later. 


Books are another thing that you should absolutely buy local, for two reasons. First of all: when you buy from a local bookstore, the author gets paid more than if you buy from a big conglomerate. If you want to support your favorite author, buy their book from your local independent bookstore


Also, bookstores are often important community spaces not just for writers and readers but for artists of all kinds. Think of the spaces that you value in your local area, like small restaurants, hair salons and coffee shops. They all need your support to stay in business. 

Don't beat yourself up for buying from a chain. There's a reason that chains exist and a reason that they're so popular. However, it's worth investing in your local economy in ways that are meaningful to you and can do the most good, so be strategic with your money and your purchases.

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