Wednesday, August 26, 2020

4 Ways CBD Can Help Your Dog


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Dog's are a man's best friend. They're always there and show you they care with the simplest smooches, constant cuddles and loving looks. Shouldn't you show them you care and find ways to ensure they're living their best lives, too? CBD is an up-and-coming therapeutic and medicinal treatment humans are finding ways to use, but trying CBD for pets may also have lasting benefits for your furry friend. 

1. Minimizes Anxiety

If your dog gets nervous during thunderstorms, fireworks or simply when you have to leave them, buying CBD-infused food or oils for your dog may be just what they need to calm down. Studies show CBD calms PTSD and panic disorders in humans, so it may be able to lessen some of your pet's built up stress. 

2. Lessens Risk of Cancer

Saying goodbye to pets when they pass away is hard enough, but having a dog get diagnosed with cancer is that much worse. CBD is shown to minimize cancer-growing cells and increase tumor-cell death. CBD's properties help strengthen cells that kill cancer by inhibiting the cancerous cells ability to make energy. If your dog does end up with a cancer diagnosis, adding CBD to the treatment may also strengthen the chances of beating the disease.

3. Helps With Seizures and Epilepsy

5% of dogs suffer from seizures and require medication to calm the effects. However, not all prescribed medicine is successful in helping dogs with the diagnosis. If the drugs given do help, dogs can still suffer additional issues to their livers and vital organs. CBD is a natural way to combat seizures and has been proven, in human trials, to help drug-resistant epilepsy. 

4. Reduces Pain

Just like humans, when dogs age their bodies start getting weaker, leading to added pain. This pain can make walks harder or hinder playful characteristics your best friend has always had. Adding CBD to your dog's diet has been shown to reduce inflammation that intensifies aging and address neurological and nerve-related pain.

Many people think CBD will get their pets high, but in fact CBD is derived from hemp, not marijuana. THC is what leads to "getting high." Marijuana has both CBD and THC while CBD lacks THC, the component that leads to a high. CBD only has the relaxing characteristics that don't trigger a drug-induced intoxication. 

Finding ways to take care of man's best friend will not only lead to increased happiness for your dog but increased happiness for you too, knowing your dog is basking in its best life possible. 



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