Monday, August 31, 2020

4 Types of Gun Holsters


Part of properly carrying a gun either open or concealed is figuring out how to carry it safely and comfortably. Gun holsters are designed to make carrying a firearm more comfortable and convenient for long periods of time. A holster should ideally allow the wearer to move freely during their daily activities while also being able to access their weapon quickly and easily if needed.

1. Hip

Hip holsters are popular because many people find them easy to wear and believe that they provide good access in the event of an emergency. They are usually easy to take on and off and companies like DeSantis holsters produce a variety of designs. Some are designed to sit higher or lower than others, which can affect how easy it is to conceal the gun during use.

2. Shoulder

A shoulder holster has one or more straps that fit on the shoulders and suspend the gun near the ribs. There are different types of shoulder holsters that are made from different materials and can carry the gun either in a horizontal or vertical position. Make sure that the type of holster will work with the type of gun being carried, as that can affect the comfort level. Wearing loose-fitting clothes or layering clothing over the holster is usually a good idea, as the fabric can break up the outline of the gun to aid concealment. Padding the area between the gun and the body can also help prevent chafing.

3. Pocket

While it may seem that carrying a gun around in a pocket does not require the use of a holster, it is still important to wear one. A good holster will protect the trigger to prevent the gun from discharging accidentally. A holster will also be designed to obscure the shape of the firearm so that it is not easily detectable by others.

4. Ankle

Ankle holsters are great for carrying a concealed firearm because they are usually tucked underneath a pair of pants. Because of the size and location, ankle holsters are mostly used for smaller pistols.

Be aware when selecting a gun holster that everyone’s body is different. What works well for one person may not always work for others. Personal style also plays a role, as someone who prefers to wear tight clothing and also wishes to carry a concealed weapon may need to make some adjustments to their carry style, and perhaps also alter what they wear while carrying a gun. Try to test out holsters in person to find one that is the right fit before making a purchase.

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