Friday, August 21, 2020

4 Tips For Choosing A Home Renovation Company


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There is plenty of information out there about how to renovate your home yourself. DIY is all the rage nowadays! This being said, home renovations in a DIY setting are not always achievable, particularly if the project is a large one which requires professional help. 

Let’s say you’ve decided to hire a professional contractor or renovation company to revitalize your home. How do you know who to hire? With so many companies all competing for your custom, it’s pretty tricky to pick out the best one for you. Here are four tips for choosing your home renovation company!

  1. Personal Recommendations.

If you know others in your local area who have had their homes renovated in the past, you should contact them about the company they used - that is, if they had a good experience. Being able to look around their home and see the great work that was done should fill you with confidence. It’s always ideal to hire a company based on personal recommendations - you can count on your friends, and therefore you can count on their chosen company!

  1. Online Reviews

Make no mistake, online reviews can make or break a company’s reputation. A reputable contractor will include customer reviews on their website which showcase their best feedback to potential customers like yourself. Home services companies such as NVE will even include an entire sidebar option dedicated to their great reviews! These are super important to read before you hire a company; a business without any positive feedback online is one you should avoid.

  1. Meeting The Team

If you’ve found a contractor you want to hire, ensure you meet them before you sign your name. Now that every business has a site, some business can be a little faceless and misleading. Make sure to organize a meeting, even briefly, with your contractor so that you can talk to them face to face and see what they are like. Your instincts are a good indicator on whether you should trust someone with your home.

  1. Pricing Is Important

In the world of professional home services, the range in pricing will startle you. Two companies who seem on the face of it to be pretty similar could be offering wildly different prices for the same service. Why? Well, it isn’t as simple as high price equals quality, low price equals disaster. To gauge whether the pricing is fair, enquire a breakdown of their material and labor costs. It may be that a pricier company hires better qualified workers or uses specialist equipment which justifies the price - or it may be that they’re hiking the prices just for the hell of it!


Larger home renovation projects which might include knocking through walls, plumbing or electrical work, roofing or guttering or any other professional task, should not be undertaken by yourself. Not only can they be dangerous, but if you don’t do the job correctly it can lead to big problems down the line. Ensure you hire a reputable company so you can enjoy your freshly renovated home for years to come!

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