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Gift Ideas To Make Your Man Feel Like A Classy Gentleman

There are many different types of men out there, and many types of aspirations that these men might have. A lot of us have men in our lives who strive to act like the kind of gentleman who might seem rare nowadays: the composed, thoughtful, yet resilient type. The kind who goes the extra mile for others with nothing but class. If you want the man in your life to feel a little classy, himself, then here are a few gifts that help with just that.

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Keeping it classy

Is your mind the kind to care about what kind of impression he makes on others through his appearance? Considerate men tend to consider what messages they’re sending out with how they look and, for that type of man, a grooming kit can actually make for a really great gift. If you’re not entirely sure what he’s missing from his arsenal, then getting a full grooming kit with just about everything he needs from places like Mr. Porter might be able to make it easy for you.

Give him a sensory experience

We all like to be a little indulgent and finding out just what ticks your man’s boxes can really make him feel like he’s living the high life. For a lot of guys, a well-aged scotch might just work fine. For some, it might be a really great bag of imported coffee beans. For others, it might the chance of puff on a really good cigar from places like Cheap Little Cigars. If you’re a particularly good cook, you might even want to shell out for the best ingredients and make a truly sumptuous meal for him, too.

Incorporate what he loves

A lot of men derive a lot of value from what they perceive to be their “taste.” In being particular with the music, art, and cinema they consume, they shape what ideas are important to them. As such, you can choose a gift that has real meaning to him if you look a little deeper into his tastes. For instance, if the man in your life loves a particular musical artist or has a deep connection to a certain song, then you can use that by getting a personalized vinyl record label with the lyrics to that song on it.

Take the time to pamper him

Feel like the man in your life constantly takes the time to pamper you and treat you, whether with big gestures or even regular little moments of generosity, then you might want to return the favor. Plenty of men enjoy the opportunity to rest and relax as much as anyone else, so give him a gift that can really wow him, such as a romantic city-break with a stop in a hotel with a spa and give him the chance to really feel surprised and appreciated.

Every gentleman who gives his all for the people around him deserves to feel classy now and then, and you can very much make it happen. Hopefully, the gifts above give you some ideas of your own.

11 Terrific and Unique Benefits of Homeschooling

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If you’re questioning whether homeschooling is the right choice for your family, check out some of these unique benefits and then see what you think! Of course you’ll have challenging days, but you’ll have a whole lot of fun alongside your kids, too!


1.     Free time. If it seems like your child is coming home with endless hours of homework in addition to being in school 35 hours a week, free time is a big benefit of homeschooling. You can teach what is necessary and once your child “gets it” you can move on to something else. Also, I doubt you are trying to keep 20+ kids under control, which does take a lot of time for a teacher at school!


2.     Great education. You can offer an education comparable to that of a costly private school, even if you don’t have a college degree. When you homeschool, your child won’t be bored while the other kids in her class are learning things she already knows, according to homeschooling dad of one, Tom Kliethermes. Likewise, she won’t be frustrated trying to keep up with something she’s not ready for.


3.     Teaching freedom. Do you want to homeschool lightly year-round? Or would it suit your family better to homeschool several hours a day for seven months, taking off a week or so here and there, as well as taking off the summer? Are you a curriculum-loving person or do you like to create your own lessons? Further, maybe you are an unschooler and just go where your child’s interests take you (check out unit studies if this is you!). You are free to take off a day for a funeral or family function.


4.     Focus on something cool. Remember loving a certain subject in school and really getting into it, but when the bell rang, it was time to move on and get in a new frame of mind for a new subject? Homeschooled kids have time and freedom to pursue their passions, like music, writing, acting, sports and more.


5.     Works great with any schedule. Forget about the vision of a homeschooling mom teaching her kids at the dining room table. Sometimes it’s Dad teaching English when he gets home from work and Mom teaching other basics in the morning, leaving the afternoon/early evening free for other activities. If Dad travels, the whole family can tag along. If Mom and kids are night owls, so be it! You can stay up late talking, reading or watching educational shows.


6.     Socialization across the board. You won’t hear many homeschooled kids saying they can’t play with a kid who is younger or older than they are. Homeschooled kids in urban communities these days have friends who are homeschooled, friends who are unschooled, friends who attend public school and friends who attend private school. “Love the one you’re with” certainly rings true here!


7.     Healthy kids. We’ve all heard about how schools are cutting recess time, and Tom K. says one benefit of homeschooling is that your child won’t be sitting at a desk 6 hours a day. As a result, your kids may be healthier because they are likely getting more regular exercise, more fresh air, more sleep, etc.


8.     You learn, too! This one might be a little selfish, but one unique benefit to homeschooling is that you learn as much as your kids do! In teaching things to your own kids, it might seem like you’ve lost 90% of what you learned in school. Now that you don’t have that pressure to memorize and perform on a test, you’ll soak up what you pre-read and read to your own kids and can really teach it to them in a relatable manner.


9.     Do what you want, when you want. Another selfish benefit is that you can go on vacation anytime you want and get a cheaper, off-season rate. “We can take breaks/vacation whenever we want to,” says Jennifer Bentley of Jonesboro, Arkansas. Field trips are by far not as crazy on a weekday as they would be on a Saturday. Parks and other fun kid venues are less populated.


10.  Trickle-down learning. Think about how much easier your younger children will be to teach since they are learning already from what you are teaching their older sibling(s). Learning truly does filter down in a homeschooling household!


11.  “Quality family time” is a big homeschooling benefit given by Jill Connors, mom of five. “It’s easier to be my child’s moral guide” was a reason given by Tom K. Those random conversations and life questions can happen any time of day when you’re together for most of it.


Kerrie McLoughlin, homeschooling writer mom of 5, can be found at and would love to connect with you!

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3 Things To Know About Pool Care

Owning a pool can be a rewarding experience. The thought of splashing around with friends during a pool party, or floating serenely on the clear, calm water is very enticing. Like many other parts of the yard and house, pools need regular maintenance to function properly.

1. Water Quality

An important part of maintaining a pool is keeping a close eye on the water quality. If the chemicals in the pool become unbalanced or are not added in a timely manner, then the pool water can become unsafe to swim in. Even if the water looks clear, things may not be perfectly in balance. If a water quality issue is suspected, then a sample can be taken for water testing Pittsburgh. Professionals can diagnose any problems and recommend solutions.

2. Sanitation System

There are different sanitation systems available and each one has its pros and cons. Chlorine systems are a popular choice and can be used for any type of pool. Saltwater and bromine systems are less harsh on skin than traditional chlorine systems but can be more costly. Mineral systems are also becoming more widespread, as they are generally easy to maintain. It is important to note that both saltwater and mineral systems do still utilize chlorine in different amounts.

3. Liner

Any pool with a liner should be monitored. They will last about 5-10 years before needing to be replaced. Replacing the liner is best done by professionals, as it is a tricky task. Done incorrectly, it can lead to an uneven liner with air bubbles or leaks. To replace the liner, the pool will need to be drained. If the pool is old, the walls may not be able to stand up without the support of the water.

Having a pool can be fun for everyone, whether it is a whole family or a single person who wants to enjoy calm afternoons doing laps. Take care of the system and it should last for a long time.

5 Easy Party Foods Your Guests Will Love

Most parties tend to center around the food. The food options will make or break the party, so choose wisely if you want to create an unforgettable event. Here are five easy party foods that your guests will love. 

1. Cookies

Cookies are the perfect sweet treat that everyone loves. You can offer a variety of choices to satisfy the pallet of everyone there. Cookies Schaumburg are an easy finger food that you can whip up a batch yourself or for even more ease go to your local bakery. 

2. Protein

When you think of party foods you might think of little smokies, chicken wings or meatballs. The classics are classic for a reason. Everyone will enjoy a good protein to nibble on. You can mix up the flavors and find a new recipe that tries something new instead of the normal bbq sauce. Your guests will be talking about the new flavors all night.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Anything

Bacon makes anything better. You can wrap other meat in bacon or add it to some bread pull-aparts or to chicken and veggie skewers. To make anything you are serving go to the next level just add some bacon

4. Fresh Fruits and Veggies

There is something about the perfect bite of watermelon that just gets people excited. Serving some healthier options will help add variety to all the savory and sweet treats. 

5. Chex Mix

Chex cereal mixes are such a versatile party food you can serve anytime. Make it sweet with chocolate and peanut butter to make Muddie Buddies or mix it with pretzels and nuts for a tasty salty treat.

If you want to host the perfect party that your guests will remember, serve great food. Don't stress as much about napkins that match the cups, but serve a variety of foods and add in a little surprise by trying new recipes of your favorite dishes. 


Preparing to Move into an Apartment

Moving into a new apartment may serve as a refreshing start for first-time tenants. However, there are several unexpected expenses to consider before filing an application and you shouldn't shy away from sharing your thoughts and expectations with family and friends. It's important to know how to save your budget and take the right steps early in the process.

Review the Rental Lease

Landlords often require renters to pay a security deposit, a fixed sum that is collected to ensure consistent monthly payments. The deposit is part of the lease agreement tenants must sign. The contract establishes an enforceable agreement and assigns legal rights to both parties. It's important to review the lease before signing and look out for breach consequences, pet allowances and contract duration.

Contact Mover Services

You should take your current furniture to your new apartment. Consider contacting apartment movers Hopkins MN able to help customers with both local and long distance moving. Trained professionals will help pack and unpack your furniture. Moving services also provide warehouse storage and can secure expensive valuables from careless damage.

Watch Out for Hidden Fees

Unfortunately, hidden fees are a reality for many tenants. Utility costs and internet services are often not covered by the lease. Landlords may consider waiving fees if they believe you have good credit, although this is not a guarantee. The monthly rent may also increase annually due to inflation. It's tempting to disagree with the landlord's adjustment, but refusal to pay will threaten your livelihood. 

Kick Back and Celebrate

Don't be afraid to celebrate the moment you secure your lease. Supportive family and friends may want to throw a dinner party or settle for a movie marathon. If you have friends who are also tenants, they can explain how they feel about apartment living and tell you what you should expect moving forward.

Moving into an apartment can feel intimidating if you don't take the right steps. Securing a lease is often nonnegotiable and you should expect to pay for sudden, unexpected fees. You shouldn't forget to contact mover services to help move your personal valuables. You'll definitely want to share this moment in life with your loved ones.

4 Things You Need to Open a Restaurant

Image by <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=690975">Free-Photos</a> from <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=690975">Pixabay</a>
Opening a restaurant is an exciting adventure. There are also so many things that you need to do before you can turn your dream concept into reality. Here are a few things you’ll need to get started.


One of the most important things you’ll need to get your restaurant up and running is money. You need funds to pay for a location, equipment, d├ęcor, ingredients, staff, and more. While it’s not cheap to open a restaurant, there are options available for financial assistance such as working capital loans, lines of credit, and more.

A Business Plan

The idea to open a restaurant is all well and good, but you need a plan to take your dream and turn it into something tangible. A business plan acts as your road map. It details your restaurant concept, your goals, financial analyses, and your operations plan. It’s also an essential document for helping you obtain funding. Even after opening your restaurant, don’t forget to go back and revisit and revise your plan periodically so that you can continue on the path of success.

Licenses and Permits

You’ll need to get several different types of licenses and permits to open your restaurant. Along with your employee identification number, you’ll also need a certificate of occupancy, a sign permit, and a food service license. If you plan to serve alcohol, you’ll also need a liquor license. There are several types of liquor licenses, and laws vary by state. A liquor law consultant Houston can help you to navigate the process.  

A Marketing Plan

Opening a restaurant is great, but even those with the best concept can fail if they don’t market effectively. A strong marketing plan is essential for attracting attention and customers. There’s no “one size fits all” strategy, though. With so many strategies available, you’re sure to find what works best for you.

There are many things that you need to do before you open a restaurant. Careful planning and preparation can help to set you on the path for success.

4 Incredible Psychological Benefits Of A Fitness Routine

It’s only natural to think of the physiological benefit of a fitness routine. I mean, obviously, getting fit is going to improve your cardiovascular health, help you lose weight, and provide a range of other physical benefits. Following a fitness routine will always improve your health and wellbeing, but that’s not where the advantages end!

Fitness also provides lots of psychological benefits that can change your life. You don’t even realize they’re happening until you take a moment to acknowledge them! If you’re keen to learn more, here are some of the amazing psychological changes you’ll see when getting fit:

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An improved mood

Working out and exercising are proven to help improve your mood. It releases endorphins in your body that trigger feelings of happiness and joy! Put simply, you will be a happy person if you follow a fitness routine. A 30-minute workout can give you a big mood boost on those days where you’re feeling down. 

Increased confidence

Similarly, working out will help you feel a lot more confident. Part of this stems from the physical benefits you see. If you start losing weight or you can see muscles appearing, it makes you feel more confident. Even if the results aren’t clear, you will still feel an increase in self-confidence. It takes a lot of guts to go to a gym and exercise - you feel good about yourself for doing it and sticking to it. The effects you see in the gym will translate to other areas of your life as you feel like a new person. 

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Take your mind off other things

An underrated benefit of exercise is that it takes your mind off things that might be causing distress. In fact, there’s an article titled Quitting Drinking Without AA that shows many addicts use exercise to help them recover. A strict fitness routine gives them something to focus on, so they no longer think about alcohol. The same applies to any other things in your life that are causing stress. If you have a big exam coming up and you really can’t stop thinking about it, go to the gym. Go for a run and take your mind off this exam for a short period. It can work wonders for your mental health. 

Improve your memory

Physical exercise also provides your brain with some added stimulation. In essence, it trains your brain as well as your muscles! You have to constantly think about what exercises you’re doing and remember how to do them. Over time, this can help improve your memory and prevent memory loss. I find this to be the most amazing benefit out of them all. You can kind of see how exercising will improve your mood, boost self-confidence, and take your mind off things. But, you probably never thought it could also improve your memory, crazy!

The purpose of this post is to show that the benefits of fitness go beyond the obvious physical improvements. Following a fitness routine can help you improve your mental health and wellbeing as well. 

Also check out this post: How to Improve Memory: 18+ Proven Ways to Remember More

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How to Get a Broad Educational Experience in the Time of COVID-19

The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in almost every area of our lives, grinding the economy to a halt and putting a stop to our educational system. Of course, as homeschoolers, everyone else's new normal — being thrust into the role of at-home educators — is the old normal, at least when it comes to being our kids' teachers. That's why we're in a unique position to offer a few tips on helping your children make the most of these extraordinary circumstances. Here are a few of the most helpful.


Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels


1. Create a Structure


Experts say implementing a daily routine helps kids (and adults, for that matter) deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that times like these can foster. You'll want to set a time to wake up, a time to eat and a time to start lessons and you'll want to stick to it. Many parents find it useful to have a physical schedule, whether it's on a whiteboard, a printed piece of paper or the family's virtual calendar. Others choose to use a timer to keep the day from getting off track. Here are some more detailed pointers on creating an effective homeschool schedule.


2. But Stay Flexible


A little bit of routine helps us accomplish goals and stay on task. Too much routine is jail. There's no perfect answer to striking a balance between the two. Some parents might find it helpful to schedule plenty of play and free time without organizing or directing it. At first, taking those reins off might lead to some bored, or even destructive, moments. In time, though, this freedom can help rekindle a passion and reignite imagination.


3. Encourage Passion Projects


Now's the perfect chance to funnel all that extra downtime into something your child's passionate about. Maybe they want to hone their muffin baking skills or shred on the guitar. Maybe it's building a roller coaster in Minecraft or perhaps it's writing the great American novel. Passion projects work on so many levels: they bring joy, they kill boredom, they connect kids to the broader world around them, they invite new friendships and they help kids see that learning doesn't have to be a chore. And, if they love doing it, you won't have to push them into it.


4. Allow Time for Processing


We don't yet know the long-term effects of Coronavirus school closures on students but one thing is certain: our kids are constantly processing and internalizing this experience. Finding healthy ways to do this is an educational experience that's just as important as any textbook subject. This might mean encouraging them to keep a video diary or their experience, helping them express their feelings through art or having family sit-downs where you discuss the emotions — negative and positive — that you're all going through.


5. Make Use of Resources


There's no shortage of homeschool resources out there, and that's more true now that we're all in the same boat. These resources include lesson plans you can implement at home, web-based courses from major schools, ideas for creative playtime, free virtual concerts and plays, online museum walkthroughs and games that inspire learning. There is so much out there, in fact, that it can get overwhelming. To not get bogged down, try to stick with what's working for you or what makes your child's eyes light up.


The beautiful thing about times like these is they inspire resilience and show us what we're made of. Yes, they're tough, but they also create beautiful moments of togetherness, love and creativity. Take a deep breath. Throw out the idea of perfection and focus on those moments.

4 Home Projects for You and Your Family

Thinking about jazzing up your humble abode? Now is the perfect time to get household projects done, whether it be inside or outside. Most of us already have a list of tasks that need to be done around the house, but maybe haven’t had the motivation to do it alone or the money to hire a professional. How about instead of going solo this time, you invite your spouse and kids along for the ride? 

There are plenty of home projects that are family-friendly and won’t require a ton of expertise or expensive equipment. The more hands you have helping out, the faster projects will be completed. Plus, completing home projects together is a great way for families to spend quality time together. 

Here are four project ideas that won’t break the bank or add more debt to the ol’ mortgage estimator, but will add value to your property and provide the whole family with a bonding experience no one is likely to forget. 

Paint the walls 

Here’s a project that everyone can participate in, regardless of experience or skill. A fresh coat of paint can completely change any room. Roll up the carpet, move the furniture, and throw down a plastic sheet. Just like that, you won’t have to worry about anybody making a mess or spilling paint. No harm, no foul. And because painting is so easy, it doesn’t feel like work. If anything, it feels like making art, and everyone loves doing that. 

Best of all, when the job is done, the results are striking and unmissable, giving everyone involved a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you’ll choose to freshen up a room that hasn’t been repainted in a while with a new coat of a similar color or decide to go with a totally different shade and change your style. 

Build a playhouse 

Looking for a project that’s a little more involved? Here’s one your kids will get especially excited about: building a playhouse. This project might take more time and effort to finish, but it will be more than worth it. Whether in a tree or on the ground, if you enjoy taking on DIY home improvement projects, then building a playhouse is a great way of sharing that passion with your young ones, and maybe even instilling a similar passion in them. 

The simplicity of this project can help teach kids important construction fundamentals, and the end result is something they’ll have a lot of fun using over the years. Even when your kids are older, the playhouse can stand as a reminder of the fun you had together to build it. At some point, there may even be a new generation of kids who will love your homemade playhouse. 

Clean out clutter 

Sometimes the most necessary projects aren’t about adding more stuff to your home, but getting rid of old stuff you don’t need. We all have junk around the house, even if we try to hide it, but it’s only taking up valuable space. This can be boring and overwhelming when done alone. But with the family by your side, it becomes a lot easier. Suddenly all the clutter takes on a new life, becoming artifacts of the past that each holds cherished memories and interesting stories. 

Thankfully, if you start feeling too nostalgic, you’ll have someone right there to give you the honest truth about whether you should keep an item or chuck it. A lot of the clutter in your home is likely to belong to other family members, so it shouldn’t be up to just one person to get rid of everything. Have your family set up three different piles as you work your way through the clutter, one pile for things to keep, one for things to donate, and one for items that need to be tossed. 

Plant a garden 

On a nice day, the last place you want you to be is cooped up indoors. Planting a garden is a perfect project for spring and summer, allowing you to add some major improvements to your property while enjoying bright sunshine and blue skies. It’s also one of those projects where the end results are so gratifying to see, that it never feels like a chore. You can plant flowers, shrubs, or fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing better than eating a tasty treat made with your own homegrown berries. If you love fresh, organic produce, a garden can give you this right in your own backyard. 

Starting your garden can be a lot of fun and a great learning experience, but you’ll be able to keep enjoying this project all season long. Whether you’re buying plants to put in your garden or you’re growing everything from seed yourself, growing a garden is incredibly rewarding.

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Tips for Creative Crawfish Consumption

Summer brings to mind food festivals and backyard barbecues, lively events ripe with rich flavors and scents. Crawfish boils are one of the more fascinating gatherings, where recipes that have been handed down are used to spice up food pots before serving. Louisiana-style Cajun boils are perhaps the more traditional offerings. Follow these guidelines to make the most of a boil, and leave feeling satiated and satisfied.

Dress the Part

In a summer where festivals and other gatherings have been limited, if you want to experience a crawfish boil you can visit restaurants that specialize in Cajun seafood cooking, such as seafood restaurant Plano. Dress down; wear jeans and a dark shirt, to both fit the ambiance and hide potential stains. Consider bringing a bib, if you would prefer.

Choose Your Heat

Some places provide a range of spice levels, from mild to searing. If you are at a festival, go from booth to booth to inquire about what each offers. At a restaurant ask the waiter to clarify. In either case, be cautious about how much heat you can handle; typically, a novice to Cajun cooking should err on the side of caution.

Choose Your Accompaniment

You will waste your money ordering a light chardonnay to go with this spicy dish. A light- or medium-bodied beer will blend best with a plate of hot crustaceans. Order the traditional mix-ins: corn, potato and onion.

Eat Like a Pro

Eating a crawfish seems tricky, but that is not so. Grasp the tail with one hand, and snap the head with the other. Squeezing the body, sip as much of the fatty contents as you can in one pass, then discard the shell into an empty bowl.

Any kid who has ever tried to cup a hand over a backward streaming crawfish has probably wondered if it might taste good. A delightfully messy crawfish boil provides a definitive answer to that musing: The most delicious dishes can come from the most unlikely sources.

Be Prepared And Eco Friendly On Your Next Trip

When going on holiday this year, think about ways you can help the environment. It doesn't take a lot of effort. Just a little preparation and eco-friendly choices as well as being prepared for every eventuality. If you’re planning on going off the beaten track, be sure that you have a survival kit and the right tools to get by. With Prepared Bee, you can learn the best skills to get you through life. 

It’s good to always be prepared and if you are taking a trip with the kids to a campsite, then bringing nutritious food is important as well as a first aid kit. The way that we eat contributes to the planet and so if we eat wholesome organic food, then it really does help the planet. Making things beforehand is also good so we can recycle responsibly whilst we are on the road and re-use tubs and plates.

Photo: Unsplash

1. Consider Staying Close To Home

All transport requires energy and fuel and contributes to climate change. Consider staying closer to home and take the bus or train rather than flying. Avoid short haul flights wherever possible. That is more important now than ever with COVID, staying closer to home could be the best chance to ensure your holiday isn’t cancelled but if you are going abroad, be sure that you have your skills and everything else at the ready. Staying closer to home and not using airplanes is also great for the planet. 

2. Choose Your Destination

When selecting a destination, factor the environment into the decision-making process. Look for providers who offer eco-friendly holidays. Many companies take steps to reduce their carbon emissions and create initiatives to help the environment. You may want to go further afield but you should be sure to check the country’s government website for travel restrictions. 

3. Choose A Holiday Where You Can Help The Environment 

Rather than lying on a beach for a fortnight, look for a holiday where you can make positive change. There are lots of social and environmental initiatives to choose from. For example, whale watching in the Azores. These types of holidays allow you to take an active role in researching and protecting wildlife. If you go to a caravan park of some kind, let’s say in Georgia, then you can be sure that you will be contributing to the planet by not using up energy in hotels etc. 

5. Be A Responsible Tourist

Whether travelling alone or with friends, be responsible. When you're away on holiday, treat the environment as you would your own home. Don't drop litter or do anything that impacts the local environment. If you're spending the day at the beach, take your rubbish away with you. Most hotels have a policy where you can leave towels on the floor to be replaced. Don't request new towels each day if it isn't necessary. This will reduce the energy used for washing and the use of detergent. It’s good to get away, but it’s also just as important to help the planet and each other. 

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5 Ways To Keep Your Young Children Entertained While Social Distancing

My teen boys working together to put the finishing touches on Joel's 19th birthday creme brulee :-)

Many children around the world are showing signs of rebellion or depression because of the long-term isolation they are going through due to the pandemic. The good news is there are ways you can help your young children through their life experiences as you teach them how to deal with new tensions and frustrations.


Although technology should not be used as a long-term solution to a child’s boredom or entertainment, there are beneficial apps that children can enjoy. Select sites that have music and encourage movement, logic, or creativity, and then monitor the child’s use of the app carefully.


One of the best ways to interact with your children is by planning one-on-one time. Tickle sessions, making up stories, and playing fun and educational fingerplay exercises can all engage the child while teaching the tot new mental skills.


Isolation can be fun if you involve your children in the kitchen. Let them help make lunch and have a blanket picnic in the middle of the kitchen or under the table. Invite each child to add toppings to their very own pizza and watch how exciting a meal can become.


Most children love music, movement, and dancing. Turn the music up and take the time to dance with your children. After a couple of days, your children may begin dancing as soon as you turn the music on – even without you. For an added treat, let each child select a favorite song to dance to.


Coloring, cutting, and pasting have been a favorite of children across the globe for years for a reason – art is essential to their mental growth. Learning to create and think outside the cultural norms of yellow suns and green trees can be exciting for a child and broaden their creative horizon.

You can help your child deal with their isolation and boredom by introducing these five activities. You may find your children love the structured time so much they participate without any whining. Yes, miracles do occur!

Easy Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer

Now that summer has arrived, parents are faced with the summer holidays. It can sometimes be
challenging to know how to keep the kids busy through the summer. You don’t want to risk not
organising anything, by the time the end of the summer arrives, you’ll be sure to be pulling your
hair out. 

Photo by Mac DeStroir from Pexels

Things of things to do, however, doesn’t have to mean you are going out and about. You can stay at
home and have just as much fun. Parents often get confused into thinking they need to go out all the
time and fill the summer with expensive activities; this isn’t the case. 

If you’re finding it hard to think of some ways to keep the kids entertained this summer, have a look at
some of the ideas below: 

Out And About 

Ok, so we will start with a few days out, but inexpensive ideas. There is a load of fun activities that
you can get involved with over the summer when the weather is perfect.

Visit The Beach -  A trip to the beach is often a great success for the kids. It’s something that the
whole family can get involved with, with water sports, sandcastle competitions, picnics, and much
more the beach is a winning, cheap day out for the whole family. 

Theme Parks - You may think that this is an expensive option; however, if you shop around and find
coupons, you can often find a great deal for these kinds of days out. 

A Trip To A Park - Whether you choose a play park or a national park, they are both brilliant. Ride
your bikes, playing ball games, have a picnic, relax in the summer sun, or enjoy a box of
pretzels delivered (order them in advance).

There is plenty that a park can offer you and the kids, and it’s a popular go-to for many parents in
the summer holidays. 

Days In 

Days in can be just as entertaining as days out in the summer. They are also a great way to keep
the costs down if you have spent some savings on trips or week away already. Being at home also
enables your children to free play and choose some activities they would like to do in their own space. 

Home Cinema - An enjoyable day at home is a home cinema. Recreate a cinema feeling in your
lounge. Pick out some favourite movies and munch on some hotdogs and popcorn. You could even
set the living room up as a den that surrounds the TV with comfy seating and blankets. 

Back Yard Camping - Who said you have to travel to camp? Camping in the back yard can be a
brilliant way to introduce your kids to nature without worrying if they’ll enjoy it, they will automatically
feel safer because they are in their back yard. Why not go the whole way and create a mini-camp
site complete with a seating area, fake fire (or real under supervision), lanterns, and chairs. 

These ideas should get the creative juices flowing and give you a good starting position with
your summer holiday plans. Is there anything that you are planning for this summer? Please
share your ideas in the comments below

Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer: What You Need to Know

A Toronto sexual assault lawyer can help you with your sexual assault case. Here are a few things about sexual assault cases you should know.

A Toronto sexual assault lawyer is defined as a lawyer who defends victims and alleged perpetrators of assault of a sexual nature. In the Toronto justice system, sexual assault offenses are not taken lightly, and the charges can be serious to people found guilty of the offense. If the jury convicts you, apart from a lengthy jail term, your criminal record can follow you for your entire life because the stigmatization can be intense.

The justice system has made it imperative to protect complainants who report sexual assault cases. This is because these people are normally prone to threats from the perpetrators if they report such cases. One of the key thing that should be protected is the records (private medical and police) of the person filing the complaint, which are only made available to the Toronto sexual assault lawyer and in some cases to the defense if they need to know more about the cases. However, that access is only given by the judge.

  1. Defending the Accused in a Sexual Assault Offense
To adequately represent the accused, a Toronto sexual assault lawyer should understand the tools and options available to utilize in theirs defense.

For instance, the lawyer can hire private scientific investigators to look deeper into the evidence, including analyzing the DNA. These strategies can help the defense discover some weaknesses.
Defending the accused is not an easy go, and therefore the defense side should formulate a tactical plan on how to present their argument. Sexual assault cases can be quite lengthy and cumbersome and put a lot of pressure on the family of the accused, and that can lead to stress on family cohesion.

  1. Consequences of a Sexual Assault Case
If you are convicted, you are more likely to be jailed, and due to the nature of the case, the jail term can be very long. The crime could also attract a probation, lifetime prohibition of weapons, 20 years on the National Sex Offender Registry order and a DNA order.

  1. Allegations Which are Historical in Nature
Sexual assault cases can be historical. However, in Toronto, there is no time limit when it comes to sexual assault allegations. Nevertheless, if the allegations are brought forward more than half a year after the occurrence of the offense, the alleged can have a panel trial.

  1. Consent
In most cases Ernst Ashurov Toronto sexual assault lawyers have handled, the alleged claimed that the victim had consented to sexual activity. So, how strong is this defense? It is worth understanding that some scenarios are not lawfully considered to anchor the consent claims. Some of the scenarios include:

-        When the offender was given the advice of the consent by another person which is not a too common scenario.
-        When the victim was not in good mental /body conditions to consent, i.e. mentally challenged, intoxicated or young to give in.
-        When the complainant only consented to the act because the accused was in a power, trust or authority position.
-        Lastly, when the complainant indicated non-consent by her words or conduct (this includes the circumstances where the consent was originally in place, but then the victim withdrew it for some reason)
Honesty in consent can be a legal defense. The consent should not be prompted by alcohol or drugs. The accused is, therefore, supposed to decide whether there was consent.
Therefore, during the jury hearing, the accused should testify if at all the consent defense will be successful (even though this is not always the case as the authority of proof lies with the Crown)

  1. Hire the Best Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer
Given the seriousness and severity of sexual assault cases, if, unfortunately, you find yourself in a case like this, you should hire the best sexual assault lawyer to represent you in court.

The lawyer will work hard to give you the help you need, including soft settlement rectification. Toronto’s sexual assault lawyers have a verified track record and years of experience under their belt and can represent you properly.


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