Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Kerrie's Favorite Beauty Products #holidaygiftguide2020

Here are some of my favorite beauty products, and it will be updated to add more, so be sure to check back in every now and then (bookmark the page!). I make no affiliate income from posting these photos; these are just things I like! Further, these are things some of my kids also swear by (I'm about to have four teenagers plus an 11-year-old)!

Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream was only $6.43 at WalMart (doing the grocery pickup*, of course). It's lightweight and perfect for summer or when you just want something NOT thick. My 15-year-old daughter loves it too and kept using mine so much I got her one for herself. We've probably bought this about 5 times so far.

Here's my honest review about Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel from years ago. This has saved my hide more times than I can count and the bottle never seems to run out, so if you think the price tag is high, you'd be wrong. I still have the bottle I was given to do a review and I've since bought another, and I keep waiting for the original to run out!

Every. Single. Christmas. my family gets me more Bath and Body Works shea body cream so I end up with about 5-7 of these tubes every year in all sorts of scents and I love them all! Long-lasting hydration. Smells so good and lasts so long you can use it as perfume as well!

Got this at Five Below and it was only 5 bucks and covers GREAT! Pair it with a makeup wedge for better coverage.

Clearly I have a deodorant-collecting problem. I just realized I have FOUR of them and enjoy them all, so I needed to tell you about each one because they are all so different. Suave is what I've been using FOREVER because it's cheap and it works and it smells good. Then over the last year I got some ROCKIN' Target and WalMart beauty boxes and they had these amazing other deodorants in them. I wouldn't normally buy a spray deodorant, but Degree is fantastic for a summer day. The other two pictured are NATURAL ... so if you are worried about getting cancer from your deo, then go for those. The little guy is vanilla lavender, yum. the other one is Rose + Black Pepper and smells divine, like my Great Aunt Eva's roses (you know how antique roses can have a pepper smell to them?).

I can't say enough about these. THEY DO NOT BURN. The only thing that ever came close to these were the Younique makeup remover wipes, but they are costly. These are only maybe $6 or so for a package and I add them to my Walmart grocery pickup order.

This came in a Target beauty box in 2020, I believe, and it's so lovely. Makes my lips so smooth with a thick lip balm plus the sugar scrub.

I used to sell Younique and I still love some of the products SO MUCH but they are expensive, unfortunately. We still buy this one, though, because my teens use it to cover acne while also drying it up and healing it with minerals instead of junk.

This is a Younique mascara and they finally got smart and made it ONE STEP like I kept saying they should! So the fibers are in the formula for this one. I also love their regular Epic mascara. I use this as a fat base, then touch up the next day or another time with the Epic. Yes, I sleep in my mascara and always have. My teen daughter is mortified, but my lashes are fine and I don't think I have any more wrinkles than any other woman my age. Shrug.

I also love Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in all colors, and it's only $1.97 at WalMart! My faves are pink, red, and turquoise.

Originally published July 30, 2020.
*If you click on the WalMart post, we both get $10 toward our next order.


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