Friday, July 24, 2020

5 Ways To Keep Your Young Children Entertained While Social Distancing

My teen boys working together to put the finishing touches on Joel's 19th birthday creme brulee :-)

Many children around the world are showing signs of rebellion or depression because of the long-term isolation they are going through due to the pandemic. The good news is there are ways you can help your young children through their life experiences as you teach them how to deal with new tensions and frustrations.


Although technology should not be used as a long-term solution to a child’s boredom or entertainment, there are beneficial apps that children can enjoy. Select sites that have music and encourage movement, logic, or creativity, and then monitor the child’s use of the app carefully.


One of the best ways to interact with your children is by planning one-on-one time. Tickle sessions, making up stories, and playing fun and educational fingerplay exercises can all engage the child while teaching the tot new mental skills.


Isolation can be fun if you involve your children in the kitchen. Let them help make lunch and have a blanket picnic in the middle of the kitchen or under the table. Invite each child to add toppings to their very own pizza and watch how exciting a meal can become.


Most children love music, movement, and dancing. Turn the music up and take the time to dance with your children. After a couple of days, your children may begin dancing as soon as you turn the music on – even without you. For an added treat, let each child select a favorite song to dance to.


Coloring, cutting, and pasting have been a favorite of children across the globe for years for a reason – art is essential to their mental growth. Learning to create and think outside the cultural norms of yellow suns and green trees can be exciting for a child and broaden their creative horizon.

You can help your child deal with their isolation and boredom by introducing these five activities. You may find your children love the structured time so much they participate without any whining. Yes, miracles do occur!

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