Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Be Prepared And Eco Friendly On Your Next Trip

When going on holiday this year, think about ways you can help the environment. It doesn't take a lot of effort. Just a little preparation and eco-friendly choices as well as being prepared for every eventuality. If you’re planning on going off the beaten track, be sure that you have a survival kit and the right tools to get by. With Prepared Bee, you can learn the best skills to get you through life. 

It’s good to always be prepared and if you are taking a trip with the kids to a campsite, then bringing nutritious food is important as well as a first aid kit. The way that we eat contributes to the planet and so if we eat wholesome organic food, then it really does help the planet. Making things beforehand is also good so we can recycle responsibly whilst we are on the road and re-use tubs and plates.

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1. Consider Staying Close To Home

All transport requires energy and fuel and contributes to climate change. Consider staying closer to home and take the bus or train rather than flying. Avoid short haul flights wherever possible. That is more important now than ever with COVID, staying closer to home could be the best chance to ensure your holiday isn’t cancelled but if you are going abroad, be sure that you have your skills and everything else at the ready. Staying closer to home and not using airplanes is also great for the planet. 

2. Choose Your Destination

When selecting a destination, factor the environment into the decision-making process. Look for providers who offer eco-friendly holidays. Many companies take steps to reduce their carbon emissions and create initiatives to help the environment. You may want to go further afield but you should be sure to check the country’s government website for travel restrictions. 

3. Choose A Holiday Where You Can Help The Environment 

Rather than lying on a beach for a fortnight, look for a holiday where you can make positive change. There are lots of social and environmental initiatives to choose from. For example, whale watching in the Azores. These types of holidays allow you to take an active role in researching and protecting wildlife. If you go to a caravan park of some kind, let’s say in Georgia, then you can be sure that you will be contributing to the planet by not using up energy in hotels etc. 

5. Be A Responsible Tourist

Whether travelling alone or with friends, be responsible. When you're away on holiday, treat the environment as you would your own home. Don't drop litter or do anything that impacts the local environment. If you're spending the day at the beach, take your rubbish away with you. Most hotels have a policy where you can leave towels on the floor to be replaced. Don't request new towels each day if it isn't necessary. This will reduce the energy used for washing and the use of detergent. It’s good to get away, but it’s also just as important to help the planet and each other. 

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