Friday, June 29, 2018

How To Stimulate Your Child's Mind

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is ready for the world, and that means
preparing them for adult life. This often tends to sound a lot easier said than done, and yet, it really
all depends on the direction that you go in. You could be one of those parents who constantly drill
your child and keep them on a tight leash throughout their early years, setting rules and creating
endless tasks for them to complete. But, this strategy can backfire, and once your child hits a certain
age, they may end up letting loose and becoming out of control because they haven't been allowed to
experience anything yet. So sometimes it's better to take things a little easier, and allow them to learn
but while having fun. It's all about stimulating their mind and showing them that there is more than
what they see in front of them. Letting them explore the neighborhood with a cool pro scooter can
also help them develop a sense for adventure. This approach will also give you more of a chance at
bonding with your child and building a solid relationship over the years.

Here's what you can do.

Encourage conversation through games.
As technology is getting more advanced, there are so many different kinds of virtual games out there
that cater to all different types of individuals. Final Fantasy XV is a game that allows you to build your
very own kingdom and protect it from all kinds of threats. You can find hidden treasure, you can
explore lost worlds, and you can even connect with your friends online. Games like this let your
child's imagination run wild because anything is possible. This will also develop your child's skills
and creative mindset.

Discover mother nature.
Mother nature is an incredible thing, it provides us with so much beauty in the world, and because of
that, there is so much to uncover. All you have to do is take a walk in the park to see it for yourself,
and many children don't do this enough anymore because they live in a different era. It is your job to
encourage this and let them feel the air caress their skin and bask under the sun. There is so much to
see, all you need to do is truly open your eyes and let it in. So when the weekend comes, take them
out somewhere nice and explore the countryside once more.

Introduce them into sports.

Sport comes in many different forms, and that's what makes it so much fun. Not only is it a great way
to keep your child fit and healthy, but it also teaches them so much that can be put towards their
everyday life. They will learn discipline, respect, technical strategies, and of course, teamwork. And
these are all things that they will greatly benefit from in their future. So have a look in your local area
and see what sports are available. If your child isn't sure as to what they want to do - that's fine. Think
of it as a trial and error process. Let them test the water until they find something they really love.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer of Productivity and Organization #2: Entertaining Box

Welcome back to the Summer of Productivity and Organization.

The older I get, the more I turn a little bit more into an introvert. Plus the older I get the less energy I have. I'm not the party girl I once was. If it takes too much effort BEFORE the party, event or celebration to get it ready, then I am a grumpy mess when it's time to socialize. THAT IS NO FUN.

The problem:
  1. I can't find party stuff when I need it and lose a lot of time digging around in different places all over the house: in the actual party box, in a holiday box, above the stove, in a kitchen drawer, above the pantry.
  2. Because I can't find what I'm looking for, I buy new stuff, wasting money!
  3. The kids also can't find what they need when they want to have little impromptu celebrations.
  4. The whole affair makes me NOT want to entertain, EVER. 

The solution:
The Par-Tay Box (or Entertaining Box, since it has everything in it I use to entertain guests)

Just start by locating ALL your party supplies: balloons, candles, cups, plates, napkins, plasticware, banners, streamers, and maybe even thank you notes and general invitations if you still do that kind of thing! You might think my box is lame ... you might have a TON of party goodies. You may have them in a pretty plastic tub with a lid. Yay for you! I am cheap and already had this box and the stuff fit in it!
There are the contents of my party box, compiled on Google Docs after locating all the goodies and putting them all in one spot. Then I took them all out and logged them before putting them back in the box.

I realize this still looks like a huge mess, but it's not so easy to organize all the different kinds of stuff we own. All I know is I can now find what I need and so can the kids! I got it organized before my birthday and Joel's!

See the others in this series here:
#1 Hand-me-Down Clothing Boxes

Friday, June 22, 2018

Home Remedies for Knee Pain That Really Work

Knee pain is often very debilitating, especially in severe cases, but there are many instances where it’s possible to treat the pain at home. Home remedies for knee pain are quite varied, although their effectiveness is dependent on the severity of the knee pain.
As with any home treatments, it’s important to consult your doctor before you do anything, as
they will know the best options for your circumstances. This is especially true if you’ve injured
the knee or if there is a crunching noise in the knee. This may require surgery or other

However, in the case of minor injuries, inflammation, and moderate arthritis, it’s very possible
that home remedies for your knee pain will in fact work. Check out some below that may help
ease knee pain:

Cold Compress

One of the most effective home remedies for knee pain that really work is cold compression.
The simplest way to do this from home is to get a large amount of ice cubes and place them
inside of a plastic bag or towel.

Apply this to the sore knee, compressing it against the joint for around 10 to 20 minutes.
Leave the cold compress for a few hours, and then use it again if it still feels sore, doing so
several times a day until the pain subsides.


While commonly used as an ingredient for food and drinks, ginger is also an effective
anti-inflammatory treatment. Compounds inside of the ginger root provide pain relief from
inflammation, making it a good way to treat knee pain at home, with ginger being sold at
most supermarkets.

Try combining some fresh ginger with boiling water, leave it to rest for around 10 minutes,
and then strain the ginger from the water. Add some lemon and honey for flavor and then
drink. Make several of these a day until the pain stops.

You can also use ginger essential oil by massaging a few drops onto the problem area or
adding a few drops into a hot bath and soaking the knee for 20 minutes.


If your knee pain is caused by arthritis, then lemon may also work as an effective home
remedy, with the citric acid present in the fruit being key to the treatment. Citric acid in lemon
dissolves uric acid crystals, which build up in certain types of arthritis, meaning it could be
the cause of the knee pain.
Try slicing a few lemons into smaller sections and then wrap them in a paper towel and then
apply it to the knee, while you can also drink lemon squeezed into water in the morning -
make sure it’s on an empty stomach!

Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese martial art involves slow, deliberate movements that are known to
improve balance and flexibility, especially in older people. Research indicates that practicing
tai chi may provide relief from joint pain while improving range of motion, while the meditative
aspect of the martial art may help with the mental aspect of dealing with chronic pain.

Living Well, Without the Spending

Many believe that to live well, they have to spend big. So, what do they do? They spend, and they spend, and they spend some more. Yes, they live well, but for ten times the amount they needed to spend to do so. They need not spend that much. You need not spend that much, either. You need not break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to live well. Want to know how? Well, make sure to read on.
Don’t miss a deal
To live well without spending, you have to know how to spot the latest deals. You have to be able to get the item you want or need for half the price you would usually pay for it, and you have to spot deals to do it.

When it comes to deal spotting, you should always look for retailers that pride themselves on offering you the chance to find the best price. You should also look out for those that are willing to price match, or even beat, their competitors. These are the retailers that offer the best deals, and they should be the ones you look to take your business to. Deals are always out there; a quick Google search will tell you that. They’re out there and waiting, and it’s down to you to find them and then take advantage of them.

Save your bonuses
The bonuses you get on top of your paycheck, whether accumulated through extra hours or gifted for hard work, should be saved if you want to live well but spend less. You should save them because they are not a part of the monetary package you need to get by in life. Thus, there is no need to spend them. When you don’t spend your bonuses, and you instead stash them away, you build for yourself a healthy ‘rainy day’ fund, and that fund will prove pivotal in you saving money in the long run.

Make sure there is a use for every inch in your house
You may believe that you need a big house to live well. Well, you don’t. You don’t need to have a big, fancy mansion to be living well, and don’t you ever forget it. If you were to live in a big house and were then guilty of not making use of every inch the house offered, then you would be wasting money. And, wasting money is the enemy of spending well! So, if you need to downsize to pay for a house that you can afford with comfort, and thus not waste any money on, then do it. When you do, you’ll have less to clean, as well, so it’s a win-win!
Living well does not have to equate to spending big. You can live your life, and you can be happy and comfortable when you do, by spending way less than you think you need to. So, start tightening those purse strings of yours and start living without the spending.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Modern Kitchen Design: What are the Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Healthier Lifestyle?

Eating healthy may not be the easiest task, but it is very rewarding. If you want to eat healthy foods, you should make a habit of preparing your own food at home. Think about it: if you don’t prepare your own food, aren’t you more likely to eat out or order food in? And isn’t that food likely to be highly processed or fat- filled? Over the long haul, how close will you be to attaining your goal of eating healthy?

If you are to prepare more foods at home, you should have gadgets that make cooking easy. There are countless gadgets that can do amazing things in your kitchen. Some will even make you look forward to making your own meals.

 Here are a few kitchen gadgets that you should consider investing in if you are to have a healthy lifestyle:

1.       Vitamix Blenders
Fruit juices and green smoothies are the epitome of healthy living. Not only are they full of nutrients, but using them as a meal replacement can work wonders for your weight loss goals. Vitamix blenders will prove to be invaluable in helping you make smoothies and other juices. The blenders are powerful and extremely easy to use. Better still, they can be used to make anything, from salad dressings to pesto to dips to even nut butters. You can even use the blender to prepare your vegetable- based soups. Amazing, isn’t it?

The blenders are some of the most durable kitchen gadgets. They will serve you for years. Additionally, they are exceptionally reliable. On the downside, they are a bit too pricey. But you can rest assured that they are worth every last coin you spend on them.

2.       Knife Sets
Knives are indispensable in any kitchen. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to prepare any one meal without using a knife? And because they are so important, it is important that you have a quality set of knives in your kitchen at all times.

But what exactly defines quality in a knife? First, a good knife should have a good handle. This means that the handle should provide a firm grip for users. The knife should also feel balanced when held. The knife should also be sharp enough to cut nearly anything. Of course you will have to sharpen even the sharpest knives at some point, but they should be reasonably sharp when you buy them.

The best kitchen knife set should also be versatile. Can the knives be used to chop and dice vegetables as well as to cut meat? Can they be used by left- handed people just as they can be used by right- handed people? How durable are they? Do they come with a warranty? If the answers to these questions are yes, then by all means go ahead and acquire the knife set. It will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

3.       Instant Pot
Ever since they were launched, instant pots have been all the rage. Many people rave on and on about the benefits of these pots. You should try them yourself to experience their magic. Instant pots are virtually multi-purpose pots that can work as a steamer, rice cooker, pressure cooker or even a slow cooker.

For those who are always busy and short on time, these pots are a godsend. All you have to do is toss your ingredients in the pot and wait for them to get cooked. You will be alerted once your meals are ready, so you can do other things while your food is cooking. The pots also cook food faster than ordinary cookers, which saves you plenty of money over time.

4.       Mini-stand Mixers
If you don’t yet own a mixer because of lack of space, mini-stand mixers are a perfect solution to your problem. As the name implies, these are extremely small and exceedingly powerful. In fact, besides their compactness, they are really no different from ordinary mixers.

If you wish to make cooking easy, you should invest in good, quality, time-saving gadgets. An instant pot for instance will make it extremely easy to prepare healthy meals. Good, quality knives make cooking a breeze, while a good blender encourages you to eat healthy. If your kitchen is not particularly big, then a mini-stand mixer will come in handy as it is extremely small. Be sure to try out these gadgets. You will not regret it.

Nail Art for Kids

Nail art has gained global prominence and it is common among all age groups. As attractive as it is to see a woman’s nails painted in beautiful colors, so it is to see a baby with its tiny fingers and toes beam with sweeter colors.

We all know those super-cool moms who put in extra effort to create a lovely masterpiece on their kids’ fingernails.
Image credit: Pinterest

Some would rather stay away from beautifying their kids because of the possibility of hurting them. But who said you can’t keep the little ones stylish without harming them? Children, babies most especially, are used to putting whatever comes their way into the mouth. If you’ve never had a baby, you must have noticed one. Ever tried holding a baby’s hand? The next thing you see is a little hand trying to pull yours into its mouth. Their flexibility even allows them pull their toes towards the oral region. This is not strange at all; babies are just programmed that way.

How about kids who are a bit grown? They also fall victim to ingesting these harmful substances while eating their favorite snacks or licking chocolate off their fingers. So, it is absolutely unavoidable to keep nail polish from getting into your kids’ gastrointestinal system. To do things the right way, check out this list which contains nontoxic nail polish for babies. Now we can look at the various fun and cool nail art options your kids can wear.

·         Superheroes
Image credit: Pinterest
This totally depends on which superheroes your kids love to watch. Are they Marvel fans or DC’s or even both? The Avengers is a legion of heroes who are indomitable and DC is filled with amazing characters. This would help your kids identify their strengths in an absolutely fun way.

·         Cartoon Characters
Kids would flip for these endless list of designs. SpongeBob and Patrick? Smurfs? Minions? Pokemon Pikachu? Angry Birds? Frog Prince? I told you the list is endless.

·         Emojis
Wouldn’t it be great to put a smile on your little boys’ and girls’ faces with a smiley face? There are a number of hilarious emojis you can explore too. Good luck!

·         The Animal Kingdom
If you are lucky to have an animal loving family and you don’t want to stop at visiting the zoo on weekends, then this is just right for your kids. You never know how much fun it would be for them to have it at their fingertips. This nail art idea is very astonishing and is sure to make your kids happy.

·         Fruities
Fresh fruits nail designs are never out of season, for kids most especially. You can design those tiny nails with fruits that match the season. For instance, red apples and watermelons for summer and the likes. It is cute to stick to a particular fruit while painting the nails, however, creating some kind of fruit salad is cuter.

We hope you make your children happier with these ideas you’ve just learned.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer of Productivity and Organization #1: Hand-me-Down Clothing Boxes

Welcome to the Summer of Productivity and Organization!

Your first assignment is to knock out the hand-me-down monster!*

I don't know about you, but I LOVE hand-me-downs. I love the money it has saved me over the years! With three boys and two girls, passing clothing down from older to younger is just smart. And whenever my sister-in-law asks me if I'd like the clothing from her kids (both older than mine), I always jump at the offer!

Also over the years since my kids were very little, I have always said yes to any clothing anyone wanted to bestow upon me. Everyone is always so gracious and they say, "If you sort through and don't want something, just pass it on to the next person or donate it to a thrift store." And I have.

The problem:

  1. Too many hand-me-downs that I don't want to process because thinking of what sizes my kids might be in the future makes my brain shut down. 
  2. Wasting time digging through things, never remembering what was in which box.
  3. Not being able to find what I wanted and giving up and just buying new stuff.
  4. The result was wasted money.

The solution:
The Hand-Me-Down Clothing box.

You might say, "Big deal. I always toss our hand-me-downs in a box in the basement or storage room." Well, it IS a big deal because I took the time to actually sort through every piece of clothing, decided what to keep (Sam is a slim guy so I got rid of all the baggy pants I knew he'd hate), and then typed up a list and printed it out. The list contains the brand, color and size and anything special, like if they are cargo pants versus regular pants. Then I put it in a page protector and packing taped it to the box. Then it went on a nice, organized shelf in the storage room of my new home.

Tip: Make sure you don't tape the top of the page protector so you can pull out the page and make changes to it over the years ... or entirely revamp it depending on what you get rid of and acquire and how old your kids are now. My youngest child is 8, so this entire box is pretty much stuff that's saved for him.

The result so far that I've seen in my home is a lot of money and time saved shopping. My middle son needed shorts for a week of camp and had maybe one pair that would work. They would not be doing laundry there. I raided the hand-me-down clothing situation in the storage room and tossed a bunch of shorts at him that his cousin had just sent over via his mom. Several of them fit and he's all set for summer now. When he's done with them, they'll likely go into the box of too-big clothing for his little brother.

*Yes, I do remember what it was like to have tiny ones and to never want to get rid of their clothing. I kept tiny clothes far too long. Your nostalgia fades a little bit each year until you realize you don't need to keep that onesie with yellow stains, that you can make a quilt (or pay to have one made or ask a family member to make you one for Christmas) out of the clothing, that others would love to be blessed with your hand-me-downs, and that ... if you have another baby anyway ... baby clothes will be showered upon you in droves in the form of new and hand-me-down clothing and blankets. Save a few special things for a potential new baby and call it good. Leave some new memories for the new kid ;-)

Your other assignments:
#2 Entertaining Box

Co-op Class Binder and Bag (coming soon!)
Homeschool Binders (coming soon!)
Homeschool Bookshelf (coming soon!)
Homeschool Closet (coming soon!)
Writing Crate (coming soon!)

How to keep your pet away from nicotine and its dangerous effects

Our pet is like a family member, so we only want what’s best for it. We wouldn’t want to harm it intentionally, but sometimes we do it without realizing. One of the biggest threats to our pets’ health and safety is our nicotine addiction. Smoking classical or e-cigarettes near a dog, cat, fish or any other friend from the animal kingdom means actually poisoning that creature.

Nicotine is dangerous for every living being, not just for humans. There are many ways in which the substance can get into our pet’s system, but you should know that every time you use classical or e-cigarettes near it you are one step closer to harming it. Nicotine and pets simply don’t get along and if you are not careful, you might have to choose between your friend and cigarettes.

Alarming symptoms
If you notice that you pet is vomiting, has diarrhea, is trembling, drooling or hyper-salivating, has an unusual behavior, doesn’t want to play with children or has seizures, remember if you smoked or vaped near it. If you did, nicotine intoxication is, most probably the cause, so you should take immediate action unless you don’t want to lose it. You read it well – pets might lose their life as a result of nicotine poisoning.

How can animals be exposed to this hazard
The dangerous substance can get into the animals’ system the same way it gets into a human body. The difference is that the impact is far more severe in what pets are concerned. Next, let’s see how animals can end up intoxicated by nicotine.
  • By chewing and snuffing tobacco. In case this happens, you should get professional help from a licensed veterinarian or Animal Poison Control (ASPCA);
  • Shisha Tobacco tastes sweet and it can have different flavours. If it leaks somewhere, pets might be tempted to lick it and this would be very harmful for them. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned before, call a vet immediately;
  • Dissolvable tobacco should be kept away from reach of children and pets;
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) mean different products which contain nicotine in various quantities: patches, gum, inhalers, nasal sprays and others. Of course, some of them are flavoured, so if a pet reaches them, it will lick or chew them. If this happens, a vet will tell you what to do;
  • Kreteks (also known as Cloves) can kill your pet, so be very careful when you use them. Don’t think that your dog cannot eat a whole clove cigarette;
  • Pipe Tobacco or Loose Leaf can be chewed by dogs, ferret or Guinea Pig;
  • E-juice or e-liquid for vaping comes in recipients that can be chewed by dogs. Also, if they get a hold of your PV (Personal Vaporizer) that can intoxicate with the liquids found there;
  • Second and third hand smoking or vaporising will affect pets in more serious matter. If they inhale the smoke, the intoxication will be severe. Call your vet as soon as you notice any of the described symptoms.
In all cases, don’t induce vomiting, because the process can be even more traumatizing than the intoxication. You should do that only in the extreme case when you cannot reach a vet on time. As we can conclude, smoking is bad for our health, so smokers should protect those around them more unless they decide to quit smoking.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Loving Approach to Birthday Party Planning for Kids

Being a kid is the thing that happens once in a lifetime in which we were all kids once at that we had some pretty small and simple wishes where from toys to parties we like to have fun. In which most of the people are very much concern about the responsibility or doing the chores.  Now a day’s many parent are interested in arranging the kid’s parties for their kids to have fun and joy. In which this modern technology there are some agencies operating where they will be taking care of all the kids party arrangements just we have to say them how the party arrangement should be done and count of the persons who will be attending the function. The following are the some of the suggestions for kid’s party planning that will reflect your care for your children.
·       Give yourselves ample time – If you need to make your ids party well organized one then you have take ample time in deciding the things how your party should be only then it makes your party enjoyable one.
·       Involve the child – First you get suggestions from your child also and allow them to decorate, make invitation and help you in organizing the party event, when you do this your child will truly feel that it is their party function.
·       Schedule activities for the event – Have an activity and the time plan so your guest will be having something to do in the party moment. Kids will love to play the games so arrange for some fun kids games that will keep the kids involved in the party.
·       Be sure to take videos and pictures – you will want to have the permanent record of the party yourself. So record all those cute moments of your child little buddy photos. By seeing the videos and photo both you and your child will be enjoying a lot.
The properly planned and hosted kid’s party will bring your child a lot of happiness not just because they had the fun games and activities but also due to the deeper sense of security and your extra effort in caring them.

Kid party ideas for the big time party fun

The great thing about the kid’s party ideas is that these never seem to run out. After all the kids are most inquisitive, most precious and most curious creatures on the planet with their endless questions, active bodies and exploring hands. As such you can organize the birthday party for your kids by inviting their friends to the function based in what they are most interested you can arrange the things. You can get inspiration for your next children’s party with these below practical wonderful kid’s party and ask your kid to choose the one according to their mutual preferences. They are.
·         Construction party
·         Princess and cowboy
·         Clown party
You can also ask help for the service agents who arrange the birthday parties there are number of kid’s party’sagents where they will be taking care of all the works starting from the arranging hall, decorations and parties. As for the food menu items it is better you arrange to simple menu food items for the kids where you can contact  jumpaltitude for kid’s parties Fayetteville and tons of popular theme party ideas that includes the costume, party drink ideas, decoration as well as the printable invitations.


Kids parties for making your child’s birthday special

The kid’s parties are one which has to be done by selecting the right good theme ideas where the yearly birthday celebration is a big deal to the kids and they will be looking forward to their birthdays as much as they do for the Christmas celebration. So, if you need some good ideas then you can Google search on the internet and identify the best themes and best party agent service for arranging the party in better way.
You can also provide them the customized designs and themes for arranging the birthday party for your kids in which the jumpaltitude provides an excellent kids birthday parties as per the specification of the users and they will be taking care of all the in and outside works just you need to be there at the time of function and enjoy your kid birthday party along with invited guests.

Things which you should not do when planning a party for kids
Kid’s party planning can be a dreadful task where just imagines planning a party for the hundreds of kids and if you are the only adult who will you control over things. The following are the things which you should not do while planning for the parties. They are.
·         Check your place – Since you have planned for the kid’s function you need to arrange the reception area with child proof make sure that no hazardous materials present in the table.
·         Make sure your invitations concrete – Even if you are in the tight budget you need to make sure that your invitation is accurate. Properly indicate the food service agents to prepare the food for the guest by saying the count.
·         Do not invite guests that you cannot handle – some kids can be handled but some kids may not be under the supervision of an adult so it is better to avoid inviting the guests with kids who are difficult to handle.
·         Have a program – While you are arranging the kid’s parties arrange the function with full of games like magicians and other kinds of fun games.
·         Have a back-up plan – Always make sure that you have the backup plan because once the basic plan got failed you can choose the next plan.
When you make sure that you don’t do the above items then your birthday party will be happy and enjoyable one where you will not be in the stress situation and happily enjoy with your time with friends and family members. 

The Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook Recipes

Back here I told you I turned 47 and I thought you should buy my cookbook. That posts sends you back here for the table of contents, so you know what you're getting yourself into :-)

Here are pictures from the book of the table of contents. I hope you love the book! Please leave me a review whether you love it or hate it!

You Need My Cookbook :-)

Today I'm 47 years old. And I'm going to get straight to the point. 

I think you should buy my cookbook. 

You know you struggle to make mealtime interesting at your place. You get tired of making the same old stuff. How about a bunch of recipes that include tater tots and also incorporate your other favorite things and meal types: Sloppy Joes, string cheese, beer, and so much more?! Click here to see the full table of contents so you can start your meal planning while you wait for your book!

If not for yourself, how about for someone you know who would enjoy it? We all know that person who is hard to buy for ... and a cookbook is something cool and different. A book full of tater tots? Way cool.

It's full of recipes for different types of tater tot casserole, including BBQ, gluten-free, bacon cheeseburger, fish stick surprise, Italian, pizza, dairy-free, and more! You can check out the bonus Fully Loaded version here. Here's what it looks like on the inside. Nice large print, friends.

And because we all like something sweet, it also contains a baker's dozen dessert recipes, including Easy Brownies, Granola Bars and the amazing Heavenly Bars! Here's another sample:

It's available now at Amazon in print so grab your copy now ... one for yourself and one for a friend! Here's the link! And please leave me a review after you receive it! If you love it, I smile. If you have an issue with it, I try to improve it next edition!

Cheesey goodness; just toss a veggie or a salad or some fruit on the side
Here's the back cover:

Want to know about my non-fiction self-publishing journey? Head over to The Published Parent to read the story!

Hey, while you're supporting me and loving on me, may as well also give this one a look:

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