Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How to keep your pet away from nicotine and its dangerous effects

Our pet is like a family member, so we only want what’s best for it. We wouldn’t want to harm it intentionally, but sometimes we do it without realizing. One of the biggest threats to our pets’ health and safety is our nicotine addiction. Smoking classical or e-cigarettes near a dog, cat, fish or any other friend from the animal kingdom means actually poisoning that creature.

Nicotine is dangerous for every living being, not just for humans. There are many ways in which the substance can get into our pet’s system, but you should know that every time you use classical or e-cigarettes near it you are one step closer to harming it. Nicotine and pets simply don’t get along and if you are not careful, you might have to choose between your friend and cigarettes.

Alarming symptoms
If you notice that you pet is vomiting, has diarrhea, is trembling, drooling or hyper-salivating, has an unusual behavior, doesn’t want to play with children or has seizures, remember if you smoked or vaped near it. If you did, nicotine intoxication is, most probably the cause, so you should take immediate action unless you don’t want to lose it. You read it well – pets might lose their life as a result of nicotine poisoning.

How can animals be exposed to this hazard
The dangerous substance can get into the animals’ system the same way it gets into a human body. The difference is that the impact is far more severe in what pets are concerned. Next, let’s see how animals can end up intoxicated by nicotine.
  • By chewing and snuffing tobacco. In case this happens, you should get professional help from a licensed veterinarian or Animal Poison Control (ASPCA);
  • Shisha Tobacco tastes sweet and it can have different flavours. If it leaks somewhere, pets might be tempted to lick it and this would be very harmful for them. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned before, call a vet immediately;
  • Dissolvable tobacco should be kept away from reach of children and pets;
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) mean different products which contain nicotine in various quantities: patches, gum, inhalers, nasal sprays and others. Of course, some of them are flavoured, so if a pet reaches them, it will lick or chew them. If this happens, a vet will tell you what to do;
  • Kreteks (also known as Cloves) can kill your pet, so be very careful when you use them. Don’t think that your dog cannot eat a whole clove cigarette;
  • Pipe Tobacco or Loose Leaf can be chewed by dogs, ferret or Guinea Pig;
  • E-juice or e-liquid for vaping comes in recipients that can be chewed by dogs. Also, if they get a hold of your PV (Personal Vaporizer) that can intoxicate with the liquids found there;
  • Second and third hand smoking or vaporising will affect pets in more serious matter. If they inhale the smoke, the intoxication will be severe. Call your vet as soon as you notice any of the described symptoms.
In all cases, don’t induce vomiting, because the process can be even more traumatizing than the intoxication. You should do that only in the extreme case when you cannot reach a vet on time. As we can conclude, smoking is bad for our health, so smokers should protect those around them more unless they decide to quit smoking.

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