Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nail Art for Kids

Nail art has gained global prominence and it is common among all age groups. As attractive as it is to see a woman’s nails painted in beautiful colors, so it is to see a baby with its tiny fingers and toes beam with sweeter colors.

We all know those super-cool moms who put in extra effort to create a lovely masterpiece on their kids’ fingernails.
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Some would rather stay away from beautifying their kids because of the possibility of hurting them. But who said you can’t keep the little ones stylish without harming them? Children, babies most especially, are used to putting whatever comes their way into the mouth. If you’ve never had a baby, you must have noticed one. Ever tried holding a baby’s hand? The next thing you see is a little hand trying to pull yours into its mouth. Their flexibility even allows them pull their toes towards the oral region. This is not strange at all; babies are just programmed that way.

How about kids who are a bit grown? They also fall victim to ingesting these harmful substances while eating their favorite snacks or licking chocolate off their fingers. So, it is absolutely unavoidable to keep nail polish from getting into your kids’ gastrointestinal system. To do things the right way, check out this list which contains nontoxic nail polish for babies. Now we can look at the various fun and cool nail art options your kids can wear.

·         Superheroes
Image credit: Pinterest
This totally depends on which superheroes your kids love to watch. Are they Marvel fans or DC’s or even both? The Avengers is a legion of heroes who are indomitable and DC is filled with amazing characters. This would help your kids identify their strengths in an absolutely fun way.

·         Cartoon Characters
Kids would flip for these endless list of designs. SpongeBob and Patrick? Smurfs? Minions? Pokemon Pikachu? Angry Birds? Frog Prince? I told you the list is endless.

·         Emojis
Wouldn’t it be great to put a smile on your little boys’ and girls’ faces with a smiley face? There are a number of hilarious emojis you can explore too. Good luck!

·         The Animal Kingdom
If you are lucky to have an animal loving family and you don’t want to stop at visiting the zoo on weekends, then this is just right for your kids. You never know how much fun it would be for them to have it at their fingertips. This nail art idea is very astonishing and is sure to make your kids happy.

·         Fruities
Fresh fruits nail designs are never out of season, for kids most especially. You can design those tiny nails with fruits that match the season. For instance, red apples and watermelons for summer and the likes. It is cute to stick to a particular fruit while painting the nails, however, creating some kind of fruit salad is cuter.

We hope you make your children happier with these ideas you’ve just learned.

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