Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer of Productivity and Organization #2: Entertaining Box

Welcome back to the Summer of Productivity and Organization.

The older I get, the more I turn a little bit more into an introvert. Plus the older I get the less energy I have. I'm not the party girl I once was. If it takes too much effort BEFORE the party, event or celebration to get it ready, then I am a grumpy mess when it's time to socialize. THAT IS NO FUN.

The problem:
  1. I can't find party stuff when I need it and lose a lot of time digging around in different places all over the house: in the actual party box, in a holiday box, above the stove, in a kitchen drawer, above the pantry.
  2. Because I can't find what I'm looking for, I buy new stuff, wasting money!
  3. The kids also can't find what they need when they want to have little impromptu celebrations.
  4. The whole affair makes me NOT want to entertain, EVER. 

The solution:
The Par-Tay Box (or Entertaining Box, since it has everything in it I use to entertain guests)

Just start by locating ALL your party supplies: balloons, candles, cups, plates, napkins, plasticware, banners, streamers, and maybe even thank you notes and general invitations if you still do that kind of thing! You might think my box is lame ... you might have a TON of party goodies. You may have them in a pretty plastic tub with a lid. Yay for you! I am cheap and already had this box and the stuff fit in it!
There are the contents of my party box, compiled on Google Docs after locating all the goodies and putting them all in one spot. Then I took them all out and logged them before putting them back in the box.

I realize this still looks like a huge mess, but it's not so easy to organize all the different kinds of stuff we own. All I know is I can now find what I need and so can the kids! I got it organized before my birthday and Joel's!

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