Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook by Kerrie McLoughlin

I never thought I would put a cookbook together. Cooking is NOT my thing. Kids, yes! Writing, yes! Scrapbooking, yes! Homeschooling, yes! Travel, yes! Loving my husband, yes! Cooking and housework, not so much.

But, with the help of our daughtersitter Jordan, it got done. You see, tater tot casserole all by itself ROCKS. It's the ultimate yummy comfort food. My kids see it's for dinner and are HAPPY! The next morning you can scramble the leftovers in some eggs for breakfast. It's quick and easy and has 5 basic ingredients.

Somehow Jordan and I brainstormed a bunch of recipes for tater tot casserole, including BBQ, gluten-free, bacon cheeseburger, fish stick surprise, Italian, pizza and more! You can check out the Fully Loaded version here.

Then I popped in a baker's dozen dessert recipes, including Easy Brownies, Granola Bars and the amazing Heavenly Bars!

It's available now at Amazon in print so grab your copy now ... one for yourself and one for a friend! Here's the link

Cheesey goodness; just toss a veggie on the side


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