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Eliminating Wasps and Hornets: What You Need to Know

Summer is around the corner, and that means you’re going to be spending more time outside. Unfortunately, that also means you’re going to encounter wasps and hornets from time to time, especially if you’re having food and drink.

The bane of picnics and barbecues, wasps and hornets can really make people uncomfortable. Even one lone wasp can ruin someone’s day at the park. That’s most likely because people associate them with getting stung – which does unfortunately happen from time to time.

Here’s what do you need to know when it comes to defending yourself against these flying menaces.

Solitary vs. Social Wasps

Wasps and hornets (which are actually a type of wasp) are generally categorized into two main types according to their behavior: solitary or social. Of all the species of wasps in the world (there are over 30,000) solitary wasps form the vast majority. However, social wasps are the type more commonly found in Ontario, and include Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps and Bald-Faced Hornets.

What’s the difference? Well as you might have guessed, solitary wasps live their lives by themselves, and are much less aggressive and less likely to sting you. They mostly use their stingers to disable their prey. Social wasps live in colonies, and if they feel threatened in any way, especially near their home, they will attack and sting aggressively.

Yellow Jackets are a particular concern as they will tend to sting without even being provoked.

If you notice an active wasp nest near your home or business, you should take it very seriously. Call a professional wasp nest removal expert right away. Meanwhile, you can educate yourself about wasps and hornets and find out the best way to prevent an infestation.

Here are a few tips:

Ensure your home doesn’t have any openings for them to enter through. Inspect your home or business exterior thoroughly and seal up any cracks, crevices, gaps and holes with quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk.

Make sure to check out:

·         Windows, doors, siding, eaves and fascia boards

·         Roof joints and behind chimneys

·         Places where utility pipes, plumbing, wires or cables enter the building

Repair or replace torn window and door screens and weather stripping. Repair or replace screens in the roof and soffit vents if necessary.

Trim back trees, shrubs and bushes. Make sure to remove any empty wasp or hornet nests from previous seasons.

Store garbage and recycling with tight-fitting covers away from your building.

Regularly clean garbage cans, green bins and recycling receptacles to remove sugars and proteins. These will attract wasps.

In the summer, help keep wasps away (especially Yellow Jackets) from outdoor social areas by keeping food sealed or covered and cleaning up any spills as quickly as possible.

You can try to lure yellow jackets away from your outdoor eating areas by placing a cup fruit juice or other sweet beverage away from the area, which will help keep them at bay.

If you do notice a large number of wasps or hornets near your home or business, it’s best to call a professional exterminator right away. There’s no reason to put up with a wasp nest – and you should avoid handling it yourself. Leave it to the pros!

This is How You're Going to Quit Porn for Good

Change starts with you
The first thing you need to do is to want to quit porn for good. You need to really want to do this because, otherwise, you’ll fall back into it. Change starts with you, from you.

Try some other ways
You might have tried before to quit porn. You failed because probably you did it the same way at all times. That’s the reason why you cannot win this battle. Try it another way. 

Try talking to someone about this
If you cannot fight this battle alone, you might want to talk to someone about your struggling. Get a life coach, or simply talk to your best friend or even life partner. There must be a person you can talk to, who can understand you and help you get through this.

Delete all your porn videos
This is what should be called “cleaning house.” Get rid of all of it, delete it as soon as possible. Get the trash and put there all the discs and magazines, pictures and other videos. And don’t forget about your computer. It’s crucial that you don’t skip this step.

Avoid getting porn
You’ll need to block all the entry points you have. Which means that you might want to get a porn blocker for your phone, laptop, and computer from your office. Some of you might have people who send you e-mails. You need to also block them. And unsubscribe from all the porn sites that you watch. For some of the sites you’ll have to pay – see this as a way to have more money in your wallet.

Get someone who can help you 24/7
You need to find someone who’s willing to help you at all times, on a daily basis preferably. Make sure that person is there for you because a good idea is to call that person when you feel like watching porn, even if that means that you have to call that person every day. That person might set some consequences if you fail. It’s actually a very good idea. Some consequences may include run laps, lunges, sport in general, or even worse – do some things you never said you would, such as giving money to a political party that you don’t vote for.

Choose a life without porn
Words can lie, but behavior – never. This change starts with yourself. Don’t stay in denial; your life might become even better after quitting porn.  

There are numerous tools which can help you quit porn. Some will block the porn from all of your devices. Some may give a full report of your internet use to your trusted person who can set the consequences (accountability partner). You need to understand that you have to be open for this whole thing to work out and beat the porn addiction. Also, remember that you’re not the only one who has this problem. Lots of people get affected by this. Check out for a good recovery program.

Dating Tips for Nervous People

If you are someone who feels sick at the thought of going on a date, you may feel that there is no cure for your first date nerves. While everyone feels anxious before going on a date, there are some tricks you can use to minimize your nerves so that you can let go and enjoy yourself. Read on for some suggestions…
Do something you like beforehand – One of the worst things you can do before a date is nothing. If you simply wait around, you are going to end up over-thinking everything, and you will work yourself up into a nervous frenzy. Instead, you should do something that you enjoy so that you have a distraction. This could be anything from listening to your favorite song to baking a cake – whatever appeals to you.
Set yourself realistic expectations – It is important to remember that it is okay if your date does not go well. You are not meant to fall in love with everyone you date, and everyone you date is not meant to fall in love with you. If you aren’t into your date, that is fine. You can use it as practice for your next date! No matter what, though, do not let it dent your confidence. This isn’t a job interview!
Practice your date – Another way to ensure you feel more comfortable is to have a practice run beforehand. You can ask one of your friends to help or you can use services like The Chatline Guide. This will enable you to practice speaking with the opposite sex. If you make a mistake or embarrass yourself, don’t worry – it is just a practice session. It is better to do it now!
Make sure you are comfortable – People are their most confident when they feel comfortable. Avoid wearing clothing that you do not feel at ease in. You are going to spend more time worrying about walking in your heels than your date. Moreover, you can always choose a pub you have been to before, or anywhere else you are comfortable with, as your first date venue.
Plan a simple date – Last but not least, keep the first date simple. Something low-key with less pressure like going for a drink or a coffee is ideal. You do not need to do an intricately planned activity, as you will only then worry about the activity as well as the dating. Avoid putting more pressure on your shoulders.
As you can see, there are a number of different approaches you can use to get over your first date nerves. From practicing to planning a simple date, if you follow the advice that has been provided, you should feel a lot more comfortable about going on your date. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. After all, it is meant to be fun!

Friday, April 27, 2018

How to Improve Hand Dexterity in Children

Making and playing with slime is all the rage and is great for hand dexterity!

As small children begin to grow from babies to little boys and girls, they develop better hand dexterity. Any parent is familiar with the dilemma of a child who frequently drops their drinking cup through inattention or a lack of hand dexterity and strength. When introducing small kids to playful exercises that they’ll enjoy while improving their hand dexterity, it’s a win-win for parents.

Here are a few ways to get your children to be better with their hands.

Paper Folding

Origami is all about using paper to produce interesting shapes and objects. As the Origami Way website shows, there’s no end of creativity that’s possible for children who happily while away the hours producing their latest invention. Origami can also be an extension of the coloring book because coloring in the sides of what they’ve made and drawing fun things to bring the shape to life is what it’s all about.


Colorful play-dough, and the edible play-dough that’s available now too, has been pleasing kids for many years. They learn to mold the dough into different shapes and forms to create new things with their hands. Play-dough comes in sets with different colors to add pleasing visual elements to make it more exciting for toddlers.

Edible play-dough is also a safer option for kids that like to put everything in their mouths. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on them while they play with the play-dough to ensure their safety always. There are also YouTube videos to show kids 5+ how to get more creative using the malleable product.

Learning to Move a Finger Ball

For little ones learning to get more control with their fingers, introducing a finger ball lets them grab it and try to walk it along the floor with their fingers. If they aren’t using their thumb enough – known as having a lazy thumb – encourage them to do so. The sense of touch, movement of the ball and finger dexterity all play a part in this activity. Introduce finger balls of different sizes to vary up the exercise – some little ones will quickly discover that larger balls are harder to control for them. They’ll have to try harder until they’ve mastered it which teaches them not to give up easily.

Paper Scrunch

Paper scrunching helps kids to strengthen their hands while improving control at the same time. The idea is to have small pieces of paper beneath each palm that are wider than each hand. With the left and right palm laid flat over the paper, the child attempts to grip the paper and scrunch it up into a small ball. Different paper is useful to offer a greater or lesser challenge depending on their age and hand control: plain sheets, tissue paper or sheets with a heavy-weight for a greater challenge work best.

There are many little exercises and fun games that children can play to improve hand dexterity and strength. Without both, they’ll keep dropping drinks on the floor and find it increasingly difficult to manage hand-eye coordination. But once they’ve gotten better, they’ll enjoy a sense of achievement and new confidence for new challenges ahead.

5 Kid-Friendly Stops in Missouri for Road-Tripping Midwestern Moms

If you’re a mom that loves the open road and has mastered the art of road-tripping with your kids, Missouri is definitely a spot that deserves your attention.

Wait. Missouri? Really?”

Surprised? Hey, they don’t call it the “Show Me State” for nothing!

Honestly, though: Missouri is brimming with some of the best nature attractions around, especially if your little ones are the type that like to run around until they wear themselves out.

And not only is Missouri a fantastic road trip destination, but also a wonderful place to set up camp. Whether you’re looking for RV rentals in Missouri or are interested in a traditional tent to spend time with your kids, camping in the natural beauty of the Ozarks is an experience like no other.

Now, what are you going to do throughout your Midwest adventure to keep your kids busy and totally entertained? Let’s break down some awesome options for moms who love the great outdoors.

Missouri Botanical Garden
If your kids consider themselves nature lovers, look no further than one of the world's premiere botanical gardens.

From checking out the Climatron geodome that makes you feel like you've stepped into a jungle to the serene Japanese Garden, there are over 79 acres of plant life to explore. There are likewise kid-specific educational events and flower shows scheduled throughout the year, meaning there's always something new to see regardless of when you stop by.

National Tiger Sanctuary
Definitely not your traditional zoo, the National Tiger Sanctuary boasts rare breeds of big cats. Most notably, the sanctuary offers the opportunity to see white tigers up close. In addition to the Sanctuary's “Awareness” tour where you see firsthand how these majestic cats are cared for, you can book a “Feeding” experience to witness these massive mammals during mealtime.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park
Missouri offers up some offers state parks to out-of-towners, and this gem is no exception. Ideal for a picnic or for families who love to hit up the water for a swim or kayak adventure. There are also multiple hikes such as the Hidden Springs and Rocky Top Trails if you're looking to put in some miles.

Sachs Butterfly House
Another prime spot for nature lovers, the images taken at the Sachs Butterfly House mostly speak for themselves. Your kids will not only be amazed by the color and beauty of the house itself, but also learn a thing or two about insect life. And yes, you should most definitely expect a few critters to land on you while you're here.

Mark Twain Cave
If you've never taken your kids to a proper cavern, this will definitely be a spot to remember.

Located in Hannibal, you and your family can walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain as you explore tightly woven labyrinths that look like something out of a storybook. The tour guides at Mark Twain Cave are known to crack jokes, easing the tension and providing a more lighthearted experience for little ones who might be intimidated by the journey at a glance.

Although “Missouri” may not be synonymous with “awesome family vacation” in your head, it’s a great time for Midwestern moms and kids alike. Even if you can only check out a couple of these attractions, they’re totally worth the drive and your kids will cherish the memories made here.

Top 5 Tips For Safe Family Travel In A Foreign Country

When traveling with your family, having a fun time should only be your second priority. Your first priority, of course, should always be safety. This is even more true when you’re traveling to another country versus traveling domestically.

Here are the top five tips for safe family travel in a foreign country:

1 - Lock The Doors

This may sound simple, but it’s not something you want to overlook. When you step into a taxi or an Uber, lock the doors. When you arrive at your hotel room, lock the doors as well.

Locking the doors is one of the most basic safety procedures that you can make, but it’s also among the most important without question.

2- Have Local Currency Available

Most travelers think they can get by just by paying for everything with credit cards, and indeed you should be able to.

But at the same time, it’s also really smart to have the currency of the country you’re visiting in your pocket just in case anything happens and you’re unable to use your cards. You can exchange  American dollars for virtually any other kind of currency at a money transfer service.

3 - Carry As Little Information As Possible

The simplest way to have as little information on your person will simply be to leave your electronic devices at home, if possible. Instead, buy a cheap international phone for the trip, and if you need to bring a laptop or tablet for work, have no saved credit cards or stored passwords on it whatsoever.

4 - Stay Together In Crowds

Tourist attractions such as historical sights, natural wonders, monuments, and museums are going to be extremely crowded, to say the least. It’s important for everyone in your family to stay together so you don’t get cut off.

As a safety precaution, take photos of each of your kids on the same day, so if they do get lost, you can show people willing to help what they look like and what they are wearing.

5 - Insurance Is Your Friend

Travel insurance will be your best friend from a financial perspective should anything happen such as a medical emergency (which most certainly won’t be covered by your health care plan if you’re international), cancelling flights or booked hotel rooms, or losing or damaging valuable possessions.

Sure, travel insurance is an added expense, but it’s one that can be well worth it. Many foreign hospitals may not even help an injured or sick member of your family until you pay, which means having insurance could literally save someone’s life in the most extreme of circumstances.

Traveling Safely In A Foreign Country

As was noted previously, there is no greater priority when traveling than the safety of your family. The five tips we have covered here today will do a lot to help ensure that your trip is as safe as possible, but there are many more safety precautions to take as well so don’t end your research here.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Make Your Gifts Really Count!

adult, birthday, birthday gift

Giving gifts can often be a big challenge for a lot of people. Even if you're the kind of person who
really loves giving people presents, you're still going to have to deal with trying to find something
that will be perfect. Not only that but you want to make sure that any gift you give isn't just going to
be some empty gesture. You want it to mean something, no matter what the reason for the gift is.
With that in mind, here are some things for you to consider in order to help you make your gifts
really count.

Personalize them

Few things are as likely to make a gift feel like it's not really that connected to the person you're
giving it to than if it's generic and just kind of seems as though it's not really connected to anyone or
anything. In order to avoid that then the best thing you can do is to personalize it. That way you add
just that extra bit of personal value to any gift without having to go to that much extra effort.
Something like a name necklace or a gift with an engraving in it is a simple thing that can make a
huge difference. It can turn any gift into something that people will want to treasure for years to come.

Give them meaning

Sure, it's possible to get away with just giving some a gift that they will think is nice. But if you want
your gift to really count then, the best thing you can do is to make sure that it really means something.
Why not try to tie it into something about your relationship or about who they are as a person. That
way, when you give them their gift, they can immediately recognize how much thought went into it.

Make them yourself

There's no denying that, if you really want to show someone that you care, making them a gift is one
of the best ways to do it. Instead of just buying something, a handmade gift shows that you're willing
to take time and effort out of your life in order to make something just for them. Sure, it's more hard
work than if you just bought it, but it really will mean that much more to the person you give it to.

It's crucial that you remember that, even if you end up not finding the right gift or you misjudge how
much someone is going to like what you give them, it's not the end of the world! The worst that can
happen is that things are a little bit awkward for a moment. And even then, most people are just so
happy that someone would think of them enough to buy them a gift that they are often more
concerned with that than the gift itself. And if you don't get someone the perfect gift, at least you'll
have a better idea of what you to get them further down the line.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

If you have been flying for a while, then you know what you should do and what you should not do while in the airplane. If it's going to be your first time flying, it is important to know there are certain things you should never do in an airplane. Some of these things are designed for your own safety and that of other travelers, and failure to observe them would put you at crossroads with the crew. Without further ado, these are some of the things you must never do when you are in an airplane:
Sleeping during takeoff or during landing

It may sound harmless why you should not sleep during takeoff or landing, but there are very good reasons why you must stay awake at this particular times. This is because during landing or takeoffs, the cabin pressure changes so fast and it's imperative that stay awake so that your body system can balance between the changes in the cabin pressure and your own system. This equalization must take place when you are awake, and to aid it, you can chew gum, yawn or simply stay awake and take deep breathes.  If you happen to fall asleep during the pressure change, there are chances that you may get super dizzy, and you may potentially get some problems with your eardrums. In some worst cases, your nose may bleed, and you could also end up with unnecessary hearing problems.

Sitting from takeoff to landing
The main reason why you should not sit from takeoff to landing is primarily due to health concerns. The low pressures present in the cabins have the potential of lowering blood circulation in your system, leading to blood clots, especially in your legs. Again, it is never healthy to be in one position for so long. This is why it is recommended that you should walk and stretch during the flight. This is especially recommended when you're flying for long hours without money stops.  You don’t want to go through all the hassles of renew my passport only to have a nasty flight experience simply because you were seated right from takeoff to landing in the next destination.

Sleeping when it's daytime at your final destination

Sleeping when it’s daytime at your final destination will ruin your internal clock system and you'll find it very difficult to adapt to the new time zone. When this happens, you'll find it really difficult to adapt and keep up. This is why it is recommended to adjust your time to reflect the actual time in your destination so that you can fall asleep when only it is time to sleep in the destination you are headed to. Ruining your internal clock would mean a whole range of problems for you, especially if you needed to stay active.

Declining a beverage
You should stay hydrated all the time you are on the plane. You should know that the cabin air is always dry and every time you exhale, you lose a lot of moisture. This is why you need to make it a habit of taking lots of fluids so that you remain hydrated through the period. Don't shy away from calling for more drinks every time the crew makes rounds.

Ordering tea or coffee

To begin with, inflight tea or coffee is an insult to the beverages. In fact, if there's anything you should never do is to order coffee or tea while flying. The reason for this is that the coffee and tea are made from the plane’s tap water, and truth is told,this is not the kind of water you want to be drinking. The tanks are always dirty since they are cleaned just a few times a year, and the tea or coffee will always smell and taste horrible. Additionally, the waters in the plane may contain coliform which is potentially harmful to your health. Therefore, know that you will always be better off not ordering the tea or coffee in the planes. They are the unhealthiest meals you will ever have on the plane.

Drinking anything with bubbles
The reason why you should not drink anything with bubbles such as carbonated drinks or beer is that the changes in air pressure in the cabin can sometimes cause gas is to expand and this will consequently cause the gas from those drinks to expand inside your body by up to 25%. Now, this may not be a very good news for a lot of people because it will come with a lot of discomforts. In turn, you will not enjoy the flight and you may regret why you went for renew my passport so that you take such an uncomfortable trip.

Eating too much of the plane food

Of course, you should eat when you feel hungry anywhere and not just on the plane alone. The dry cabin air and the low pressures may sometimes make it difficult to tell the difference between salt and sugar and this may sometimes make foods taste so horrible. Additionally, the conditions inside the plane do not make it suitable for digestion to take place properly and so overindulging may cause a lot of stomach upsets for you when you land. Therefore, in as much as some of the foods will be tempting, just be sure to take enough and don’t be tempted to overindulge.
Walking around barefoot
Sometimes walking around in flight barefoot may make you feel a little bit comfortable, especially if you’re in a very long flight, but this is not a very good idea and it’s something you must not do, however tempting it to be. The reason for this is that the floor sometimes maybe super filthy and you will be collecting all manner of filth under your soles. Therefore, before you think about walking barefoot, just think about the amount of that you’ll be collecting and this may potentially have negative health impact on you.
Not relieving yourself when should
When feeling pressed on the plane, be sure to visit the restroom and relieve yourself.  Don't fall for the temptation to hold it until you reach your final destination. Even during normal instances, it's unhealthy and it will only make you feel very uncomfortable. Always remember that holding it for a very longer may also lead to infections in your urinary tract.

4 Reasons to Consider Homeschooling Your Kids

Homeschooling in the USA continues to grow at a strong pace, with more and more parents shunning traditional schools in favor of teaching their kids from the comfort of their own homes.

Data from the National Centre for Education Statistics suggest that the number of kids taught at home is growing by 3 to 8 percent a year since the total hovered around 1.8 million in 2012. That puts the upper estimate of those being home schooled at around 3.5 million children.

So why are so many parents turning to homeschooling their kids? Here are four reasons to consider homeschooling your kids.

It will help your kids love learning

For many of us, school is synonymous with suffering. That suffering comes largely from the pressures of passing tests and completing homework by deadlines. You are made to learn at the same pace as everyone else with no respite. It’s no wonder so many kids end up hating learning as a result of their school experiences. With homeschooling, you have none of that. They can learn at their own pace without any pressure. Most important of all though is that it can make learning fun. If your kids are among those making soccer more popular than MLB among 12-17-year-olds, then get them working out points scenarios and outcomes as part of their math work. If your kids find learning fun, they will learn to love it and that will set them up for life.
Samuel, age 8, in full soccer gear!
You can move with the times and teach your kids the stuff that matters

All too often, schools are stuck in a certain way and method of teaching. They will often deal only in established facts and when a new discovery is made, it can take years for that to filter through and for kids to find out about. With homeschooling, you are free to teach what you want. If there is a Jawbone Discovery that changes what we know about the history of the human race on a Tuesday, your kids can be learning about it by the Wednesday. You’ll also be able to knock on the head skills like calculus problems which hardly any of us have to use in life, instead focusing on skills like budgeting and personal finances which we all need in adulthood.

You can help your kids focus on what they are good at

Your kid might be a talented artist, particularly gifted at music or have a flair for writing. Homeschooling can let them flourish by focusing more on the skills and talents that they are good at, rather than the ones they are not. If they have a genuine chance of being the next Pablo Picasso, Taylor Swift or JK Rowling, then homeschooling can help them achieve their dreams.

They’ll avoid the bullying of the school playground

Bullying is a big issue and it happens in virtually every playground in every school in the country. Even President Obama gave a speech about bullying in 2011. There are people who have a utopian idea that every kid in every school can get along fine, but if we can’t do that as fully mature adults then why should be expect our kids to be able to do it? Homeschooling removes the threat or prospect of your kids being bullied, making them far happier at the same time.

Giving Nature A Real Home In Your Garden

Most people are well-aware of the fact that we’re encroaching more and more on the spaces that many of the species besides us consider their home. As we do so, however, we are creating the potential for new habitats and ecosystems that many of them can live happily in. The sad reality is that not enough people are helping to create that habitat. If you have a garden, then consider doing your part to share it with some others.

Our feathered friends
This isn’t a hard one to convince many of. Most people love seeing birds in their garden and enjoying their songs throughout the day. Feeding them with seed holders and birdhouses are the easiest ways to see more of them around. Ponds or birdbaths will give them even more reason to stop around more often. Don’t be worried if it takes them a while to catch on to the hot new property. Wildlife are naturally cautious around new additions and environments.

A winter guest
There are some creatures closer to the ground that might like a safe haven in your garden if you were to build it for them. One of the most common is the hedgehog. Many people already build homes for them to spend the winter in and it’s as simple as creating a wooden hut with some insulation and an entrance big enough for just them.

Get back to the wild
If you love your garden then you probably consider wildflowers as nothing more than weeds. When you have designs of your own then it is true that you need to economise your soil and fight off unwanted guests. Instead, consider partitioning off a wildflower haven with plenty of distance from the other parts of the garden. It’s easy to get packs of wildflower seeds that contain up to 20 different species that can add a real variety to the garden.

Pond life
Ponds are fantastic ways to add a bit more life to the garden. Fresh water will attract not only birds as we mentioned. Frogs, toads, newts, and dragonflies seek them out for breeding, as well. Of course, you can have your own fish in there living happily as well. But it might be important to consider pond pumps at discount prices to keep the pond fit for the life inside it as well. You need to think about what kind of life you want in there, as some fish species can be rather greedy in eating any other kind of wildlife that try and breed there.

Keep the outdoors outdoors
Some people show a little trepidation about creating a wilder garden because it threatens the sanctity of the home and they expect it will bring about all kinds of new pests. It’s not entirely untrue, either. You have to make sure your home is well-sealed with bug spray around cracks and crevices. If you’re worried about pests eating plants in your garden, then companion plants can serve as a more effective and more environmentally friendly way to get rid of pests. Instead, they invite predators like spiders or ladybugs that eat the pests.
Unless we adapt our ways, we can expect that the list of endangered species will continue to grow even in our own surroundings. Do a bit of good and give nature a home in your garden.


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