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Things You Should Never Do on an Airplane

If you have been flying for a while, then you know what you should do and what you should not do while in the airplane. If it's going to be your first time flying, it is important to know there are certain things you should never do in an airplane. Some of these things are designed for your own safety and that of other travelers, and failure to observe them would put you at crossroads with the crew. Without further ado, these are some of the things you must never do when you are in an airplane:
Sleeping during takeoff or during landing

It may sound harmless why you should not sleep during takeoff or landing, but there are very good reasons why you must stay awake at this particular times. This is because during landing or takeoffs, the cabin pressure changes so fast and it's imperative that stay awake so that your body system can balance between the changes in the cabin pressure and your own system. This equalization must take place when you are awake, and to aid it, you can chew gum, yawn or simply stay awake and take deep breathes.  If you happen to fall asleep during the pressure change, there are chances that you may get super dizzy, and you may potentially get some problems with your eardrums. In some worst cases, your nose may bleed, and you could also end up with unnecessary hearing problems.

Sitting from takeoff to landing
The main reason why you should not sit from takeoff to landing is primarily due to health concerns. The low pressures present in the cabins have the potential of lowering blood circulation in your system, leading to blood clots, especially in your legs. Again, it is never healthy to be in one position for so long. This is why it is recommended that you should walk and stretch during the flight. This is especially recommended when you're flying for long hours without money stops.  You don’t want to go through all the hassles of renew my passport only to have a nasty flight experience simply because you were seated right from takeoff to landing in the next destination.

Sleeping when it's daytime at your final destination

Sleeping when it’s daytime at your final destination will ruin your internal clock system and you'll find it very difficult to adapt to the new time zone. When this happens, you'll find it really difficult to adapt and keep up. This is why it is recommended to adjust your time to reflect the actual time in your destination so that you can fall asleep when only it is time to sleep in the destination you are headed to. Ruining your internal clock would mean a whole range of problems for you, especially if you needed to stay active.

Declining a beverage
You should stay hydrated all the time you are on the plane. You should know that the cabin air is always dry and every time you exhale, you lose a lot of moisture. This is why you need to make it a habit of taking lots of fluids so that you remain hydrated through the period. Don't shy away from calling for more drinks every time the crew makes rounds.

Ordering tea or coffee

To begin with, inflight tea or coffee is an insult to the beverages. In fact, if there's anything you should never do is to order coffee or tea while flying. The reason for this is that the coffee and tea are made from the plane’s tap water, and truth is told,this is not the kind of water you want to be drinking. The tanks are always dirty since they are cleaned just a few times a year, and the tea or coffee will always smell and taste horrible. Additionally, the waters in the plane may contain coliform which is potentially harmful to your health. Therefore, know that you will always be better off not ordering the tea or coffee in the planes. They are the unhealthiest meals you will ever have on the plane.

Drinking anything with bubbles
The reason why you should not drink anything with bubbles such as carbonated drinks or beer is that the changes in air pressure in the cabin can sometimes cause gas is to expand and this will consequently cause the gas from those drinks to expand inside your body by up to 25%. Now, this may not be a very good news for a lot of people because it will come with a lot of discomforts. In turn, you will not enjoy the flight and you may regret why you went for renew my passport so that you take such an uncomfortable trip.

Eating too much of the plane food

Of course, you should eat when you feel hungry anywhere and not just on the plane alone. The dry cabin air and the low pressures may sometimes make it difficult to tell the difference between salt and sugar and this may sometimes make foods taste so horrible. Additionally, the conditions inside the plane do not make it suitable for digestion to take place properly and so overindulging may cause a lot of stomach upsets for you when you land. Therefore, in as much as some of the foods will be tempting, just be sure to take enough and don’t be tempted to overindulge.
Walking around barefoot
Sometimes walking around in flight barefoot may make you feel a little bit comfortable, especially if you’re in a very long flight, but this is not a very good idea and it’s something you must not do, however tempting it to be. The reason for this is that the floor sometimes maybe super filthy and you will be collecting all manner of filth under your soles. Therefore, before you think about walking barefoot, just think about the amount of that you’ll be collecting and this may potentially have negative health impact on you.
Not relieving yourself when should
When feeling pressed on the plane, be sure to visit the restroom and relieve yourself.  Don't fall for the temptation to hold it until you reach your final destination. Even during normal instances, it's unhealthy and it will only make you feel very uncomfortable. Always remember that holding it for a very longer may also lead to infections in your urinary tract.

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