Friday, April 27, 2018

5 Kid-Friendly Stops in Missouri for Road-Tripping Midwestern Moms

If you’re a mom that loves the open road and has mastered the art of road-tripping with your kids, Missouri is definitely a spot that deserves your attention.

Wait. Missouri? Really?”

Surprised? Hey, they don’t call it the “Show Me State” for nothing!

Honestly, though: Missouri is brimming with some of the best nature attractions around, especially if your little ones are the type that like to run around until they wear themselves out.

And not only is Missouri a fantastic road trip destination, but also a wonderful place to set up camp. Whether you’re looking for RV rentals in Missouri or are interested in a traditional tent to spend time with your kids, camping in the natural beauty of the Ozarks is an experience like no other.

Now, what are you going to do throughout your Midwest adventure to keep your kids busy and totally entertained? Let’s break down some awesome options for moms who love the great outdoors.

Missouri Botanical Garden
If your kids consider themselves nature lovers, look no further than one of the world's premiere botanical gardens.

From checking out the Climatron geodome that makes you feel like you've stepped into a jungle to the serene Japanese Garden, there are over 79 acres of plant life to explore. There are likewise kid-specific educational events and flower shows scheduled throughout the year, meaning there's always something new to see regardless of when you stop by.

National Tiger Sanctuary
Definitely not your traditional zoo, the National Tiger Sanctuary boasts rare breeds of big cats. Most notably, the sanctuary offers the opportunity to see white tigers up close. In addition to the Sanctuary's “Awareness” tour where you see firsthand how these majestic cats are cared for, you can book a “Feeding” experience to witness these massive mammals during mealtime.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park
Missouri offers up some offers state parks to out-of-towners, and this gem is no exception. Ideal for a picnic or for families who love to hit up the water for a swim or kayak adventure. There are also multiple hikes such as the Hidden Springs and Rocky Top Trails if you're looking to put in some miles.

Sachs Butterfly House
Another prime spot for nature lovers, the images taken at the Sachs Butterfly House mostly speak for themselves. Your kids will not only be amazed by the color and beauty of the house itself, but also learn a thing or two about insect life. And yes, you should most definitely expect a few critters to land on you while you're here.

Mark Twain Cave
If you've never taken your kids to a proper cavern, this will definitely be a spot to remember.

Located in Hannibal, you and your family can walk in the footsteps of Mark Twain as you explore tightly woven labyrinths that look like something out of a storybook. The tour guides at Mark Twain Cave are known to crack jokes, easing the tension and providing a more lighthearted experience for little ones who might be intimidated by the journey at a glance.

Although “Missouri” may not be synonymous with “awesome family vacation” in your head, it’s a great time for Midwestern moms and kids alike. Even if you can only check out a couple of these attractions, they’re totally worth the drive and your kids will cherish the memories made here.

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