Tuesday, April 24, 2018

4 Reasons to Consider Homeschooling Your Kids

Homeschooling in the USA continues to grow at a strong pace, with more and more parents shunning traditional schools in favor of teaching their kids from the comfort of their own homes.

Data from the National Centre for Education Statistics suggest that the number of kids taught at home is growing by 3 to 8 percent a year since the total hovered around 1.8 million in 2012. That puts the upper estimate of those being home schooled at around 3.5 million children.

So why are so many parents turning to homeschooling their kids? Here are four reasons to consider homeschooling your kids.

It will help your kids love learning

For many of us, school is synonymous with suffering. That suffering comes largely from the pressures of passing tests and completing homework by deadlines. You are made to learn at the same pace as everyone else with no respite. It’s no wonder so many kids end up hating learning as a result of their school experiences. With homeschooling, you have none of that. They can learn at their own pace without any pressure. Most important of all though is that it can make learning fun. If your kids are among those making soccer more popular than MLB among 12-17-year-olds, then get them working out points scenarios and outcomes as part of their math work. If your kids find learning fun, they will learn to love it and that will set them up for life.
Samuel, age 8, in full soccer gear!
You can move with the times and teach your kids the stuff that matters

All too often, schools are stuck in a certain way and method of teaching. They will often deal only in established facts and when a new discovery is made, it can take years for that to filter through and for kids to find out about. With homeschooling, you are free to teach what you want. If there is a Jawbone Discovery that changes what we know about the history of the human race on a Tuesday, your kids can be learning about it by the Wednesday. You’ll also be able to knock on the head skills like calculus problems which hardly any of us have to use in life, instead focusing on skills like budgeting and personal finances which we all need in adulthood.

You can help your kids focus on what they are good at

Your kid might be a talented artist, particularly gifted at music or have a flair for writing. Homeschooling can let them flourish by focusing more on the skills and talents that they are good at, rather than the ones they are not. If they have a genuine chance of being the next Pablo Picasso, Taylor Swift or JK Rowling, then homeschooling can help them achieve their dreams.

They’ll avoid the bullying of the school playground

Bullying is a big issue and it happens in virtually every playground in every school in the country. Even President Obama gave a speech about bullying in 2011. There are people who have a utopian idea that every kid in every school can get along fine, but if we can’t do that as fully mature adults then why should be expect our kids to be able to do it? Homeschooling removes the threat or prospect of your kids being bullied, making them far happier at the same time.

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