Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Giving Nature A Real Home In Your Garden

Most people are well-aware of the fact that we’re encroaching more and more on the spaces that many of the species besides us consider their home. As we do so, however, we are creating the potential for new habitats and ecosystems that many of them can live happily in. The sad reality is that not enough people are helping to create that habitat. If you have a garden, then consider doing your part to share it with some others.

Our feathered friends
This isn’t a hard one to convince many of. Most people love seeing birds in their garden and enjoying their songs throughout the day. Feeding them with seed holders and birdhouses are the easiest ways to see more of them around. Ponds or birdbaths will give them even more reason to stop around more often. Don’t be worried if it takes them a while to catch on to the hot new property. Wildlife are naturally cautious around new additions and environments.

A winter guest
There are some creatures closer to the ground that might like a safe haven in your garden if you were to build it for them. One of the most common is the hedgehog. Many people already build homes for them to spend the winter in and it’s as simple as creating a wooden hut with some insulation and an entrance big enough for just them.

Get back to the wild
If you love your garden then you probably consider wildflowers as nothing more than weeds. When you have designs of your own then it is true that you need to economise your soil and fight off unwanted guests. Instead, consider partitioning off a wildflower haven with plenty of distance from the other parts of the garden. It’s easy to get packs of wildflower seeds that contain up to 20 different species that can add a real variety to the garden.

Pond life
Ponds are fantastic ways to add a bit more life to the garden. Fresh water will attract not only birds as we mentioned. Frogs, toads, newts, and dragonflies seek them out for breeding, as well. Of course, you can have your own fish in there living happily as well. But it might be important to consider pond pumps at discount prices to keep the pond fit for the life inside it as well. You need to think about what kind of life you want in there, as some fish species can be rather greedy in eating any other kind of wildlife that try and breed there.

Keep the outdoors outdoors
Some people show a little trepidation about creating a wilder garden because it threatens the sanctity of the home and they expect it will bring about all kinds of new pests. It’s not entirely untrue, either. You have to make sure your home is well-sealed with bug spray around cracks and crevices. If you’re worried about pests eating plants in your garden, then companion plants can serve as a more effective and more environmentally friendly way to get rid of pests. Instead, they invite predators like spiders or ladybugs that eat the pests.
Unless we adapt our ways, we can expect that the list of endangered species will continue to grow even in our own surroundings. Do a bit of good and give nature a home in your garden.

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