Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Make Underwhelming Gifts A Thing Of The Past!

Do you ever buy gifts and get the feeling that the receiver was a little underwhelmed? Maybe the receiver was super nice about the gift, but you felt underwhelmed giving it to them because you just couldn’t think of the ‘perfect’ gift. Now you can make underwhelming gifts a thing of the past. Use these tips to buy an amazing gift next time you have a special occasion coming up!

Be Really Thoughtful
Ok, this probably goes without saying, but you should be really thoughtful if you want to make underwhelming gifts a thing of the past. Make a list and brainstorm. Make a list of the receivers hobbies and loves, and then branch out from them with gift ideas that they might like. Use the internet to help you. You could find great gift ideas for men and even awesome gift ideas for fitness fanatics. Then of course you’ll need to take your budget into account, and your relationship to the person. That should help you to find a suitable gift that you feel incredible giving!

Give the Gift of Time
The gift of time is hugely underrated, and should be given more! Why not give your time to the person, rather than a physical gift? You could take them out for the day. Maybe you could have lunch and explore some free museums if money is tight. Maybe you could treat them to a day at the spa. There are so many things that you can do that will allow you to give this person your undivided attention. It’ll feel great to the person that they are so important to you.


Make the Present More of an Event
If you want to make sure the present gets the attention that it deserves, then you should make it more of an event. Let’s say you plan on taking this person somewhere. Instead of just handing them the tickets and yelling ‘surprise!’, you could spell out what you are going to do with different sized letters, cut them out, and then make them put them back together. This can make the event really fun, but remember not to make it too hard. It’s supposed to be a gift, not brain training.

Do a Little Stalking
When it comes to gifts, there’s no harm doing a little stalking. Most people have a wishlist and favorites on different websites, so if you can manage to find them you’ll have a ready made list of what this person wants! You could also look for clues around their home, look at their social media, or if you really need help, ask a close friend or family member.

Do Something Funny
Why not make giving the gift a humorous event? You could hide the real gift inside of an underwhelming gift. For instance, you could hide a kindle inside of a book that you know the receiver would never read in a million years! You could do the same with a gift card to a book shop. This will make the gift more exciting and surprising, and a simple gift will automatically become more magical. You could place a tiny gift inside of a huge box. Use your imagination to think of something funny you could do with this person’s gift.

Make Something Yourself
How about making something yourself? Taking the time to make things yourself is really thoughtful and meaningful. If this person is sentimental, they’ll likely love a handmade gift from you more than any store bought gift! You could make some jewelry, a key ring, a plaque, a piece of art…the list goes on. There’s a tutorial for absolutely everything online. You can make sure that the gift is perfect for them, and personalize it. Don’t forget to put a little mark on it somewhere, like your initials, so that they know you made it!

Give to a Cause That Matters for Them
If you can’t think of anything because this person really does have everything, then why not give to a cause that matters in their name? You can then present them with the information inside of a card. They should be really happy that their special occasion, whether it be a birthday or a retirement, has helped others.

By putting a little extra thought into gifts, you can make them much more exciting. You don’t even necessarily have to buy different gifts; you can just make opening them more exciting. Do you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share? Leave your comments below!

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