Saturday, June 1, 2019

FUNNY Math Word Problems Part 5 ... the kids are getting older now

Problem #1
If Daddy says dinner will be ready in 10 minutes and it's 5:50 p.m. now, what other activities are you going to do to fill your time until dinner is really ready at 9 p.m.?
Michael's 14th birthday dinner (sushi/California rolls) made by Daddy

Problem #2
If camp costs $375 per person in Kerrie's family and 3 people are going (husband and two kids), how many hours will Kerrie have to proofread to pay for it?
I cheated on this picture because Joel is featured here and he got to go free as a Savio servant. The ones I paid for were my husband, Callie and Michael. And it was worth every penny!

Problem #3
If X, Y and Z activities are all going on at the same time in the same week, calculate the trajectory of exactly when and where Kerrie will lose her mind. Bonus points for picking a mental institution for her that takes her insurance!

Problem #4
Calculate the distance between Kerrie's house and the nearest Starbucks. The nearest liquor store. The nearest chocolate shop. Bonus points if you call an Uber to pick her up and take her to all three. Super extra credit if you are buying.
Seriously, I rarely drink alcohol. This was probably water or lemonade.

Problem #5
If 2 kids raise their hands to go here and 3 raise their hands to go there, how many tears were shed by the ones who did not get what they wanted?
On the way home from Florida.
Here are parts ONETWO and THREE. And FOUR. Enjoy!

originally posted October 28, 2017