Tuesday, May 16, 2023

FUNNY Family Math Word Problems Part #1

Here is the worksheet for tomorrow, kids, so study up (if you teach "real" school, feel free to use this in your classroom). Word problems can be fun!

1. There are 389 members in the homeschool group. Four get kicked out for voicing opinions in a different, secret group. Who was the mole?

2. It costs $50 to rent the church basement for the Valentine's Day party. Kerrie has $23 cash. How did she get that much cash?

3. The Explorer Room has a capacity of 50 people. Kerrie brings herself plus 7 kids. Who is the [bleep] that told her, "It's not a lunchroom."?

4. Sleeping hours at Kerrie's house are approximately 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. If Kerrie nudges her husband 14 times per night for snoring, ... where else do you think he should sleep?

Math is all around you! Homeschooling is easy when you see that!

See part two for more!

originally posted February 12, 2012


  1. My anwsers

    1. If we all realized that we are all broken, (you are broken, I am broken, God still loves us), maybe we could be more understanding of one another.

    2. She worked for it.

    3. See anwser to #1.

    4. By his wife. I love you. Sorry for snoring.

    Do I pass?

  2. This is funny. I am still laughing my butt off.

    Your blessed husband

  3. Thanks for commenting, babe! I love you! You rock, my best friend.

  4. Ok, loved the post, but especially loved the "anonymous" comments! What a great "anonymous" person you have Kerrie!

  5. *waving* Hi, Aron!! :)

    I thought it was a lunchroom, though. Too bad you weren't breastfeeding for extra offensive-y goodness. :)


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