Saturday, June 1, 2019

FUNNY Family Math Word Problems #2

Did you know that statistics show that 13 out of 6 people can't do math at all? Isn't that crazy, when math is so simple! Here are some problems for you.

1. Kerrie has 2 assignments that are due soon. Each assignment calls for 350 words. Is "panoramic views all around you" a redundant phrase?

2. Kerrie makes 1 gallon of chili for her husband's work chili cook-off. Her adorable husband makes 1.25 gallons for the cook-off.  Why did Kerrie let her husband sleep in their bed that night?

3. If Kerrie's husband works 15-hour days for 2 weeks straight, when will he get a freaking raise?

4. If the McLoughlin household runs the dishwasher twice a day and the washing machine once a day for one month straight, how many hours will Kerrie have to write to make money for a maid service? How old will the kids be when they will clean the house while Kerrie eats her bon bons in the tub?

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And you can check out Part Three here, which leads to the others!

originally posted February 15, 2012


  1. 1. Yes
    2. You're wrong.
    3. When he takes some time off to be with his wife.
    4. Why pay for what we already have?
    4a. How much crack have you been smoking?

  2. There 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don't.

  3. i heart my geeky commenters, especially when one is my husband ;-)


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