Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tackle-It Tuesday: FINALLY My Closet?!

Before we begin, I'd like to remind the class that I am in a rockin' giveaway hop that runs through July 31. You can check out my offerings here and enter to win my prize package! Now, on to my closet ...

I love to organize. I could come to your house and see a problem and fix it immediately. I recently helped my friend find a home for her Kitchen Aid mixer. Her husband  had told her to take it out of the kitchen; it was too big and there was no spot for it. I was like HUH? Where would you put it? You use it all the time! So I checked around and in her pantry I asked if I could move some things around to make a home for the mixer in the bottom of the pantry. I enjoyed moving things around and combining things to make room and it fit perfectly!

Alas, it's like those therapists who fix everyone else but their life is a freaking mess (equals over half of the therapists I've known in my life; no, I have not been to lots of therapy and when I've gone I've been told I don't need it. I used to work at a place with therapist and even dated a psychologist ... who was dating me, half his age ... see what I mean?). Anyway ...

So here is the post where the BEFORE pictures were. And here are the AFTER shots. My husband can send the swag to this chick right  here because she kicked my butt YESTERDAY and I knew I had to get on it. I mean, she's a professional organizer!


Note how all the crap hanging on the door is gone?

Yes, this is like all the shirts and skirts I have, including maternity! And this seems like a lot of clothing to me, much of it I never wear.

I maybe have like 10 pair of shoes. Note the black color scheme. And how often do I wear those stripper heels?  Well, like 3 times last year. But they are so pretty and were bought by my man (and Jordan)!

Yep, here is what I took out of the closet to make it look clean. To make room for my shoes I took out the scrapbooking/memorabilia tub and put it on the cedar chest. Then stuff that was hanging on the door goes on top of the tub, right? Look, Aron is coming home Friday and maybe for a long time. I will have more time to work on this THEN. For now my head is barely above water with this house and if I can keep laundry done and dishes done and keep my kids healthy and happy and fed and clean and all that while doing it all by myself, then I'm doing a good job. I'm sure scrapbooking will be another post someday ... I do it very simply but have so much stuff to scrap and I save everything my kids have ever touched!

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