Friday, July 20, 2012

12 Days of Christmas in July Giveaway Hop!!!!!! #12DaysCmasJuly

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by, and I'm sorry that this giveaway is over. There's still a review below, though, then I'd love it if you'd head to the TOP and SIDES of the blog (picture me as the flight attendant I almost was giving you directions with my arms) to check out all the other fun things you can find to read here.

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I am so excited to hook up with GoingCrazy!! WannaGo??!! and Planet Weidknecht for the 12 Days of Christmas in July Giveaway Hop! These great ladies are hosting the hop, which has tons of other blogmasters giving away all kinds of great prizes! Wanna know what I'm giving away this time?

First of all, The Party Works has generously offered one lucky winner THIS Littlest Pet Shop 8-pack party pack, valued at $27.68

My sons used to be in love with LPS stuff and we would have done ANYTHING to have had this set at their birthday parties when they were younger. Don't feel sorry for me, though, because two girls followed those two boys (and then another one came; confusing?), so the girls are now into LPS really badly! This is such a great thing to have a party pack all made up and ready to go. It eliminates making a list or worrying about trying to remember exactly what to buy for a birthday party you're having.

The other freebie I'm offering is a copy of the DVD Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables. This DVD is divided into 12 chapters which are an average of 7 minutes each and focus on a different fruit or vegetable. This DVD is valued at $19.95 and is perfect for kids 6 months to 5 years old. The premise is that kids copy what they see other kids doing. If they see other kids eating all sorts of great foods, they will also do that. I see that happening when we go to my healthy pal's house ... my kids try things I don't normally serve because they see their friends eating it! For instance, I don't love mushrooms, onions or peppers, but I do want them to try new things. I didn't used to like tomatoes until I helped my husband grow them in our own garden. Let your kids pick out the produce after watching this DVD!

This DVD is super cute and shows little kids inspecting, talking about and eating each vegetable or fruit and loving it! This is such a great idea! If you don't win this giveaway, head here to buy the DVD!

There are all sorts of ways to enter to win these great prizes! Just check out the trusty Rafflecopter below for your choices and your multiple chances to win!  Thanks for coming by and sharing this giveaway!

Check out all the other rockin' bloggers who are offering great things!

*Prizes can be shipped within the United States only.


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