Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

I love Halloween. My sweet tooth loves Halloween. My kids love Halloween. My mom has given us all kinds of cool decorations. We dress up and do Trunk or Treat at church the weekend before Halloween. We love Boo at the Zoo. We go to Deanna Rose's Pumpkin Hollow. We go to Johnson Farms to choose our own pumpkins (preferred spelling = punkin). We grab neighborhood friends and go trick or treating. We go to the All Saints Day Mass the next day.

Some people, whatever their religion may be, don’t “do” Halloween because they consider it an evil holiday. How can candy be evil?! I know there are scary aspects to Halloween, so we as parents protect our kids the best we can. Just like how all year long we protect them from cars running them over, from drowning, from perverts and predators.

We dress up for parties, prom, etc., so why can’t kids dress up and ask for candy? They aren’t devil-worshipping! I’m sure there are all kinds of reasons why I, as a Christian, should not celebrate Halloween.

But I’m doing it anyway, and you can all bite my Snickers bar.

P.S. I think it’s hilarious to see a kid dressed as a devil at the church’s Trunk or Treat. My friend Kyle says the devil doesn’t like to be made fun of … that he likes to be taken seriously. So kids dressing up as him must really burn the devil’s a**.


  1. Happy Halloween!
    Don't eat too many sweets, you'll give yourself a belly ache!

  2. Happy Halloween!!! We are also big Halloween people-we love it! We just dumped out the Trick or Treat bags-WOW the candy-I am tempted to count how many pieces but I am afraid it would take too long.



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