Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Questions and Laws

1. What time do you usually start trick-or-treating? Even if your kids are grown, please answer this question for the past, Mamas or Papas. I view Halloween as a candy-getting sport, so I like to be at it around 6 p.m. Yeah, so Daylight Saving Time is throwing the sunlight off, but who says it has to be pitch-black to get candy?

2. What time do you call it quits? I'm saying by 8 on a regular night; maybe 8:30 on a weekend. Some kid showed up at our door WITH HIS PARENT at 9:45. How uncouth!

3. Do you just want to throw eggs at the cars that race down the street, almost hitting your groups of kids who are crossing in the crosswalk? I didn't have eggs, so I threw my best "Don't mess with a Mama Bear" look and then yelled at the guy that he was "brilliant." (Sorry, but I have a nasty ear infection and was pretty grumpy to start with).

4. I may have to shut you out of the blog if you answer "yes" to this, so think carefully before commenting. Do you ever DRIVE your kids around a normal neighborhood? By "normal" I mean not a swanky neighborhood where the houses are 10,000 feet from each other. Oh, and did I mention the weather was GORGEOUS last night, as well? I saw people pulling up to only the houses with lights on as their kids (and not tiny ones, either) got out to trick or treat. Please enlighten me if you do this, because in my book this is (a) lazy and teaches your kids (b) to be lazy and (c) to be greedy. If I hafta work for MY candy (oops, I mean MY KIDS' candy), you hafta work for yours.

5. Don't you hate when someone's porch light is on and they don't answer? Or when their light is NOT on and they hear you coming and chase you down the street because you didn't come to their house?

Anyone else have any other Halloween peeves?