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CBD: Understanding the Basics

CBD is a popular buzzword throughout society and the medical world. This chemical compound is often touted as a natural remedy to help soothe inflammation, calm anxiety, and many other ailments. However, if you’re new to CBD, it’s essential to understand what CBD is, the difference between CBD and THC, and more. This article will give you the CBD crash course you need. 


Most people confuse CBD and THC in the beginning. Both of these chemicals are considered cannabinoids, which means they bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. They are both found in a cannabis plant, too. However, the similarities often stop there. THC is primarily found in the marijuana plant and produces a euphoric effect. This psychoactive effect is why it’s usually illegal unless you have it for medical reasons. CBD is found in marijuana and hemp plants, and it doesn’t make you feel euphoric or high. 

Pure CBD Oil

CBD oil and other pure CBD products like the ones sold at OnlyPure CBD are often hemp-derived to ensure they do not have a high THC content. The low or non-existent THC content is why CBD is readily available online and at stores ranging from gas stations to vape stores. These products are usually referred to as “pure CBD” because they are almost all CBD. 

Where Does it Come From?

CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana plants. The CBD taken from marijuana plants has a higher level of THC and may have various levels of CBD. How high the CBD and THC levels are usually depends on the strain of marijuana. Hemp plants have a THC level below 0.3%, so hemp-derived CBD has notoriously low levels of THC, which is why it’s legal. The low levels of THC are not enough to make a person feel euphoric. 

Various Benefits

People have reported various beautiful benefits from taking CBD. CBD is currently FDA-approved for seizures, including for children. Although CBD is not FDA-approved for other medical conditions, many people report that it helps other medical conditions. Some of the reported benefits of CBD include: 

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Calming anxiety
  • Reducing stress 
  • Reducing pain, including chronic pain
  • Improving sleep
  • Helping stabilize mood

CBD is often a quick-acting way to help boost your mood and relieve stress. It can provide the relief you need to function without the unpleasant side effects other medications and herbal remedies are known for. However, it’s important to note that CBD dosage may vary depending on the individual. 

In Conclusion

CBD is readily available in various forms. CBD salve can help treat inflammation when applied topically. Gummies and CBD oil are ingested orally to provide fast relief from multiple conditions, including anxiety. Make sure that you shop for pure CBD products and always read labels to avoid accidentally taking THC. 

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