Monday, April 10, 2017

Writing for Regional Parenting Magazines and Selling Reprints: My 171 Publishing Credits

This post is for those who want to write parenting and family articles and get paid to do so. I know there are a lot of parents out there doing the job every day, thinking, "I should write about this. I wonder if others struggle with this. I could help someone with my story or with a researched article about this topic."

I had those same thoughts back in 2005-ish when I had my third baby and was in the trenches. I checked into my local parenting magazine, Kansas City Parent, sent something to them about stocking up on meals instead of going grocery shopping daily, and I made a fast 25 bucks.

Then I wondered if I could maybe send the same piece to other magazines in other cities. Did they only want local content or would they take my little evergreen piece?

Fast forward MANY years: I present to you below a rockin' list of great magazines I have personally written for, and it increases every year. Once I figured out I could do this, I compiled a book of info and markets and guidelines and pay information so others could do the same thing. I've made as little as 10 bucks on a piece up to $250 (I don't write for national magazines yet).

This is the cover of the 6th edition (2015), which held about 285 paying family and parenting markets.

And this is the cover of the upcoming 7th edition. If you're interested in just buying the list of markets in PDF format instead of the print book, sign up for an email subscription at The Published Parent and you'll get an email right when it becomes available. If you'd like to wait for the print book with tips and tricks, that's cool too. I also plan to compile tips and tricks as a PDF you can purchase separately, so you get some choices!

I've written for every one of these on the list below, so I know all the information you want (guidelines, pay, how fast they pay, etc.). The ebook also includes national markets I have not broken into yet, like, Parents, Working Mother, FamilyFun, Highlights, Brain,Child and many more. Check them out!

You can sign up for an email subscription to my writing site here (The Published Parent) and get a free sample of the book, including FIVE markets that pay $50 plus for reprints! Please also consider joining my Facebook group called Parenting Magazine Writers ... it's FREE and full of tips and tricks and markets and like-minded writer friends!
  1. About Families
  2. Alaska Parent
  3. Arizona Parenting
  4. Athens Parent
  5. Atlanta Baby
  6. Atlanta Parent
  7. Auburn Opelika Parents
  8. Augusta Family
  9. Austin Family
  10. Baton Rouge Parents
  11. Bay Area Parent Silicon Valley
  12. BC Parent
  13. Bermuda Parent
  14. Birmingham Parent
  15. Black Hills Parent
  16. Boom!
  17. Bowling Green Parent
  18. Bronx/Riverdale Family
  19. Brooklyn Family
  20. Broward Family Life (June 2018)
  21. Calgary's Child
  22. Carolina Parent
  23. Central California Parent
  24. Central Penn Parent
  25. Charlotte Parent
  26. Child Guide
  27. Cincinnati Family
  28. Cincinnati Parent
  29. Colorado Parent
  30. Columbus Parent
  31. CT Parent (Connecticut)
  32. Cy-Fair Parent
  33. Eastern Shore Parents
  34. Edmonton's Child (nonpaying)
  35. Family Time
  36. Family Times
  37. Findlay Area Family
  38. First Coast Parent
  39. First Time Parent
  40. Flagler Parent
  41. Florida Family News
  42. Fort Bend Parent
  43. Fredericksburg Parent
  44. Genessee Valley Parent
  45. Georgia Family 
  46. Good Life Family (July/August 2018)
  47. Greater Fort Wayne Family (nonpaying)
  48. Greater Pensacola Parents
  49. Growing Up in the Valley
  50. Houston Baby Guide
  51. Houston Family
  52. Hudson Valley Parent
  53. Indy's Child
  54. Inland Empire Family
  55. Irving Parent
  56. Island Child (pays with ad)
  57. Ithaca Baby Book
  58. Ithaca Child
  59. Jersey Shore Family (nonpaying, for now)
  60. Jewish Journal
  61. Kalamazoo Parent (now defunct)
  62. Kansas City Baby
  63. Kansas City Parent
  64. Katy Parent
  65. Kern County Family
  66. Kids VT
  67. LA Family
  68. Las Vegas Family
  69. Little Egypt Family
  70. Long Island Family
  71. Mahoning Valley Parent
  72. Manhattan Family
  73. Memphis Parent
  74. Mendo Lake Family Life
  75. MetroFamily Oklahoma
  76. MetroKids Pennsylvania
  77. MetroParent Wisconsin
  78. MetroParent Michigan
  79. MetroPet (nonpaying)
  80. Mi Child
  81. Mobile Bay Parents
  82. Monterey Bay Parent
  83. Montgomery Parents
  84. Mother and Child Reunion (nonpaying)
  85. My Child Australia
  86. Nashville Parent
  87. Neapolitan Family
  88. New Beginnings (nonpaying)
  89. New Jersey Baby
  90. New Jersey Family
  91. New Jersey ParentWeb
  92. NOLA Baby & Family
  93. North State Parent
  94. North Texas Kids
  95. Northeast Pennsylvania Family
  96. Northern Kentucky Family
  97. Northshore Parents
  98. OC Family
  99. Okanagan Child
  100. Omaha Family
  101. On the Coast
  102. Orlando Family
  103. OV Parent
  104. Oxford Family
  105. Palm Beach Parenting
  106. ParentGuide Florida
  107. ParentGuide News New York
  108. Parenting OC
  109. Parenting Plus
  110. ParentLine Maryland
  111. Parent News South Carolina
  112. Parents & Kids
  113. Parents' Source
  114. Pearland Parent
  115. Peekaboo (Arkansas)
  116. Piedmont Family
  117. Piedmont Parent
  118. Pittsburgh Parent
  119. Playground
  120. Portland Family
  121. Purchase Area Family
  122. Queens Family
  123. Red River Family
  124. Rio Grande Family
  125. Rochester Baby Guide
  126. Rutherford Parent
  127. Sacramento Parent (March 2018)
  128. San Antonio Kids (May 2018)
  129. San Diego Family
  130. Santa Clarita Family
  131. Saskatoon's Child
  132. Scary Mommy
  133. Seminole County Parenting
  134. Simply Family
  135. Sonoma Family Life
  136. South Bay Family
  137. South Jersey Mom
  138. Southern Child (nonpaying)
  139. Southwest Florida Parent and Child
  140. Space City Parent
  141. Staten Island Family
  142. Staten Island Parent
  143. Suburban Family (IL)
  144. Suburban Parent
  145. Sumner Parent
  146. Texarkana Parent
  147. The Kansas City Star 
  148. The Parent Notebook
  149. Tidewater Parent
  150. Today's Family
  151. Toledo Area Parent
  152. Treasure Coast Parenting
  153. Tulsa Kids
  154. Turks and Caicos Parents
  155. Utah Family
  156. Valley Parent Georgia
  157. Valley Parent Oregon
  158. Vancouver Family (Washington)
  159. Ventura County Family
  160. The Village Family
  161. Volusia Parent
  162. Washington Family
  163. Washington Parent
  164. West Virginia Family
  165. Westchester Family
  166. Western New York Family
  167. Wholistic Family Health
  168. Williamson Parent
  169. Wilmington Parent
  170. Wise Youth Today (nonpaying)
  171. WZPL Family


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