Friday, May 24, 2024

Parenting Writers: Learn How to Sell Your Regional Parenting Magazine Articles as Reprints

Want to write parenting and family articles and get paid for it? Have you already written for your local parenting/family magazine and think you don't own the rights to your article?

I know there are a lot of parents out there doing the difficult but rewarding job of parenting every day and thinking, "I should write about this. I wonder if others struggle with this. I could help someone with my story or with a researched article about this topic."

I had those same thoughts back in 2005-ish when I had my third baby and was in the trenches of parenting. I checked into my local parenting magazine, Kansas City Parent, sent something to them about stocking up on meals instead of going grocery shopping daily, and I made a fast 25 bucks.

Then I wondered if I could maybe send the same piece to other magazines in other cities. Did they only want local content or would they take my little evergreen piece?

So I hit the ground running and created a career out of selling parenting and family magazine reprints to local magazines all over the world.

Lightbulb moment: Even if your local magazine assigned an article to you to write for them, you still own that article and you are free to sell it as a reprint anywhere else you like, as long as you didn't sign a contract giving away the rights. (and if you did that, you should have gotten at least $500 for the article, not $25-100).

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Here are just the first 20 of my almost 200 writing credits. I hope to see you in the magazines!

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