Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Tiny House Movement + I Want to Live at IKEA

 A post came up on my Facebook feed recently reminding me that we bought the four acres adjacent to our home a few weeks after the insane and stressful process of selling our old home and moving in to our new one. I had forgotten about that entire stressful process, kind of like a mini-house-buying negotiation session complete with more papers to sign. Thank goodness for Docusign so we didn't have to do everything in person!

I was thinking I probably need to check into getting a building permit to build a tiny house on this "bonus property" for my mom to live on someday. Or I also dream of a little office back in the woods so I can get creative and write my memoir series. But that's a long time away! I still have around 8 more years of homeschooling :-)

So let's go back to September 2017 for a moment and a trip I took to IKEA with my kids...

Remember that movie from the ’80s where the guy and the girl got lost in the Target and had so much fun? Well, I prefer IKEA. They even have the food of my people, the Swedes. Food, coffee, chocolate, lots of space for running. The ultimate hide-and-seek space. Bathrooms. Did I mention amazing food?

Look! You can even get in your exercise at IKEA!

I like these storage solutions, but always fear I'd bonk my head on them.

Can you imagine living in 590 square feet? Have you ever had to, such as in a
dorm room or tiny studio apartment?

Callie's ideal office, complete with Eiffel Tower prints.

Time to go.

When we got home later, my son put on the song "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" and trotted around in time to the beat like a super cool guy. When I was 13 years old, I sure didn't think that someday my kid would like my music. I know my dad has the same thoughts.

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