Sunday, February 25, 2018

Your Weight Loss Environment and Where to Hide Your Food

Losing weight, I have found, has a lot to do with what is in your house, in your desk at work, in your car and everywhere. For the first few weeks when I'm working on losing weight (aka getting healthy because for me it's not about looking like Barbie but it's instead about being able to be ALIVE and HEALTHY for my children and husband and being able to enjoy life more), I just can't have tempting stuff around. It has to be hidden from me. After that, I get my Game Face on and can resist that bag of Reese's peanut butter cups. Sometimes.

The key to resisting the junk is to have stuff around that I personally like, stuff that tempts me AWAY from the junk.

Some of my go-tos are vanilla coke zero, carrots (they complete me), fat free sour cream with ranch stirred in, grapes as big as my head, whatever is healthy or light that turns me on, that I crave. Cilantro lime rice with romaine and black beans with a light Ranch dressing rocks. 

Weight Watchers light bars were it for a while, now not so much. 

Lifesavers orange mints have calories but keep me from things that might be hundreds of calories, and many points. Light yogurt with grape nuts and banana slices. Light English muffin with egg and cheese or lunchmeat. Light Sara Lee bread is only a point a slice and fills me up.

Where should your food live?

I have “my food” on top of the fridge. I buy some stuff for the whole family, but some of it can get costly and I only eat a little at a time while the kids would Tazmanian Devil through it in seconds. Don’t be afraid to say to your kids, “Hey, roomie, this here is MY special food. I spit on all of it then wiped my butt with it. You wouldn’t like it. No touchy.” I keep it in a lunchbox.

Sidenote: My husband got called out of town to Wyoming last-minute, which meant taking 6 kids to 3 grocery stores (hit the sales, use up the coupons, save money) by myself. I just KNEW I would fail that day. I was all ready to CRAVE some 10-point Starbucks coffee (I'm "allowed" 26 + 7 per day) or some real soda or a pastry or a fat burger or – better – 10 tacos! But I kept a lid on it. I think I might be a better mom if I smoked or drank or took a happy pill sometimes, but I’ll take healthy, sometimes impatient me as mom over being an addicted mom any day. I’m getting over my food addiction, and it feels good!

*Originally posted November 2, 2012


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