Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Gift Guide: Universal Yums Subscription Box


Universal Yums makes a fantastic gift!

Do you worry that your grandchildren are not learning enough about the world in school? Is it hard to find a snack that's interesting and fun? Are you unable to board an airplane flight to anywhere in the world? Are you concerned because your kids seem to be sitting around the house staring at the ceiling tiles, bored out of their minds? 

Universal Yums can solve all of those problems! (and, yes, if you click on the link, we each get a special deal) 

Back in May 2020, I bit the bullet, plunked down 39 bucks, and got a massive box of snacks from United Kingdom (June 2020 Universal Yums box) for my family to sample. Here are some photos of the snacks we received. (FYI: you can pause anytime you like and restart your subscription box, change the size, etc.)

I apologize for some of the sideways photos!


LOVED these!

The Yum Scoreboard helps you keep track of your favorite snacks!

I'm going to order the Germany box for my dad and mom when it comes around because they lived there for a while (it's where I was born, in fact) and might think that's a pretty cool gift to get in the mail. Also, if there's ever a Kuwait, Dubai, or Middle East gift box, we gotta have it since my husband travels there quite a bit for work and it would be fun for the kids to sample some snacks from that region of the world.

What country or region would you like to try snacks from?

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