Wednesday, November 25, 2020

4 Tips to Successfully Work from Home with Your Partner

 If you have recently started working from home or have been comfortable doing it, but your partner joins you, it can be exciting spending most of your time together, but it can also be chaotic. Without a proper plan, the set up can lead to conflicts, resentment, and unproductivity. However, when handled properly, it can be a fulfilling experience that can help cement your relationship. Here are ways to make it work.

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Set Work Boundaries

It's essential to define a working schedule and separate it from your family time, as hard as this might be to execute. What time will you be waking up? How do you handle work-related calls? Who takes care of house chores? When do you take breaks? If you are running different schedules, how do you make it work? For instance, one of you may be working late at night while the other during the day. Both of you need to have adequate space to work and sleep without interfering with the other. Handle misunderstandings amicably to avoid interfering with work.

Get Separate Workstations

If possible, work from separate rooms, but each can have their workspace in the same room when this is not possible. Agree on how to set up the room ideally to suit each other's needs and preferences. For instance, you may want the work area to be cooler and the lighting dimmer, while your partner may want to work in a brightly lit room. Reach a compromise. Also, have rules to guide you through the work time. If one of you is on a video call, the other partner can excuse themselves from the room. It’s also important to have separate work phones and computers.

Create Time to Bond and Relax

Organize some time together when both of you are through with work commitments to relax, unwind, and enjoy each other's company. If you love cooking, make your favorite meal, enjoy a glass of wine and if you so wish, get a rosin product from CLSICS. Once in a while, you can go out for dinner or a party with friends. It’s also important to schedule time every day to exercise, whether indoors or outdoors.

Respect Each Other’s Alone Time

It's natural for each one to want to spend some time alone. You can talk about it, and if you don’t have a big home, one person can spend time in the bedroom and the other in the workroom. You can also plan to go out individually to work from a cafĂ© or park or meet friends. Again, if you have free time and your partner is working, you can go out of the house or take care of house chores without making noise or interfering with their work.

 Working from home can be exciting and economical. You don't have to commute to work or worry about keeping a tight schedule. With a good plan, you can run a successful business and enjoy the company of your family right from home.

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