Friday, August 14, 2020

Helping Your Family Survive The Common Cold

 Let’s be honest, when you become a parent, feeling under the weather is not how it used to be. Gone are the days where you can call in sick from the day job, snuggle up on the sofa, box of tissues, energy drinks and your favorite TV show to help you ease yourself back to health. No! These days there is no sign of a day off and sometimes even the common cold can make you feel like you have been run over by a big truck. However, because we have no choice but to carry on instead of nursing ourselves back to health. Right now we are more conscious than ever of flu like symptoms because of COVID-19 and we need to do all that we can to keep ourselves feeling well or nurse ourselves back to health should we have to self-isolate because the symptoms are so similar. With that in mind, here are some of the ways that you can survive the symptoms of a common cold, and hopefully fight whatever virus it may be. 

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Informing doctors 

Most of the time you would inform your doctor if you were ill, but with covid-19 it is important to stay at home or try and get tested for that virus. If it isn’t covid, then you can look at finding some over the counter treatments for your symptoms. If you have young children, getting them registered with a pediatrician is important so that you have that contact should temperatures rise or symptoms get worse. 

That raging headache

There is nothing worse than needing to take care of loud and energetic children when you have a headache brought on by a cold. It seems to center in your forehead and pound like it has it’s own heartbeat. It certainly isn't pleasant. Of course, taking painkillers can help but often placing a cold compress on your forehead can ease the pain. 

The nose that won’t stop running

A streaming nose is never attractive, but a sure fire symptom of the common cold. Keeping issues to had will be vital to making sure you keep it in check. Of course, it’s not always easy, but often sinus medication can help to dry out your nose. That or a menthol rub on your chest or droplets on your clothes can help you ease the tension. 

The blocked up ears making everything sound fuzzy

Block up ears can make everything sound fuzzy and quiet, and while that may be ideal to nurse some of the other symptoms you will be feeling, it’s not ideal when taking care of children or the family. Often this is another area causing a sinus blockage, and can be connected with your head and your nose. 

The aching bones and muscles

Feeling tired and having aching muscles is not the best feeling especially with energetic children. But keeping active can often help you rather than hinder your chances of feeling better. Too often sitting down can make us feel worse, so it may be worth getting out and about and keeping your body moving. 

The fluctuating temperature

Finally, controlling your temperature when you have a cold is not easy, so the best advice is to wear layers, enabling you to get warm or cool down as and when needed. It’s rather tempting to climb back under the duvet, but with a family to look after often this just isn’t possible. Try and maintain the same heat in your home and regulate your body temperature yourself. Water can also help with this. 

Let’s hope this helps you recover quickly. 

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