Thursday, August 13, 2020

4 Things You Must Do If Your Car Insurer Won't Pay Out


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A silver lining of the Coronavirus pandemic has been that there have been fewer cars on the roads. As a result, there aren’t as many accidents, which means more motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians aren’t in undue danger.

However, the restrictions ease, the odds of being involved in an incident increase ten-fold. When another driver hits your vehicle, you rely on your insurance company to pick up the slack. Sadly, 18% of all insurance complaints are a result of a lack of cooperation from insurers.

So, what are you supposed to do if your claim is rejected and you’re left in the lurch?

Ask For A Detailed Explanation

Policy providers are skilled at using platitudes to pass off their decision-making process. Don’t let them do it because they’ll bury your application so that it never sees the light of day. As soon as an insurer says that they can’t payout, your first move should be to demand a thorough explanation. Not only do you want them to highlight the main reasons for the rejection, but you need it in writing too. That way, you have a codified copy that you can refer to should you have to take it further.

Reference Your Records

Your records can take various forms. For example, if you use a dashboard camera, that will be the critical evidence in any correspondence as it clearly shows you weren’t at fault. However, video footage isn’t the only type of information that you might need to present. A detailed history of your vehicle, from years of maintenance work to receipts for purchases, will be essential. Sometimes, an insurer might say that your plan is void because of unofficial products and services. In that case, proof of purchase should eliminate any suspicions and make the company change its mind.

Don’t Repair Your Vehicle

Photographic and video evidence of your car is essential, so please capture as much footage as possible. Still, the last thing you should do is fix your vehicle before the process has run its course. Unless an official from the insurance company analyzes the damage, there’s no way for the insurer to gauge what happened and who’s at fault. Plus, even a vehicle that appears totaled will get quick cash for junk cars and scrap metal if you use a junk removal firm. It might not be the money you thought you would get, but a little cash is better than none whatsoever.

Be Persistent

Insurance providers work slowly. Therefore, you won’t secure a quick solution. If anything, you’ll need to wait for a couple of months before you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong. Too many applicants file, receive a rejection letter and decide it’s not worth the hassle. Of course, it depends on your circumstances, yet most people can’t afford a new vehicle without a payout, not to mention the increase in their premiums.

Being persistent will clear your record so that you obtain the necessary fund to repair or replace your car. That’s how insurance should work.

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