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4 Ways To Build Self-Esteem That Lasts


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Nobody wakes up in the morning and thinks, "I'm going to hate myself today." Everyone has the intention of loving themselves because a high level of self-esteem is an incredibly powerful thing. Whether it's bouncing back quickly from defeats or not allowing rejection to ruin your day, you're bound to be happier and more content if you love yourself.

However, it's not as simple as clicking your fingers and eliminating the tension. Anxiety doesn't work like that as, if it did, there would be no such thing in the first place. The key is to build up your confidence so that knocks, no matter how big or small, don't have a lasting impact, but also so that you don't love yourself to the point that you become a narcissist.

If it appears like a tough balance to strike, it isn't as long as you understand the basics, four of which you can find underneath.

Focus On Your Strong Points

To begin with, it's vital to concentrate on your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. Everybody has weak points, yet your lack of self-esteem magnifies them, and they transform into huge negatives. Thankfully, the way to forget about your weaknesses is to dive headfirst into your strengths.

Please don't assume that you don't have any because everyone has talents - you need to figure out what they are. Once you realize that you're a skillful cook, for instance, you can decide to prepare meals more often, finishing with a dinner party. When it goes well, you'll start to see your real value. The same goes for everything from sports to crossword puzzles.

Whatever it is, do more of it to enhance your skills and reinforce the fact that you do have strong points that you can fall back on when the negative thoughts creep into your mind.

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Lean On Technology

Often, it is a habit or a feature that makes your confidence plummet. Physical and mental attributes are debilitating as they make you feel as if you're not normal. The worst thing is that it can be something as basic as having poor hearing. When you can't hear properly, you'll always fret about trying to be involved in the conversation.

Sure, hearing aids help, but it's not as if they are discrete. Well, they weren't, but technological advancements mean that software and hardware are ten times more subtle. As a result, you can rely on invisible hearing aids to help you keep your secret while enhancing your lifestyle. This is pretty much the case for a host of defects that can play on your mind, so there's no reason to suffer in silence.

Right now, invisible braces are among the most common forms of orthodontic devices for this very reason.

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Accept Compliments

A telltale sign that your esteem is at an all-time low is when you can't accept a compliment. Unfortunately, the negative thoughts are ingrained in your brain so much that you can't compute them, which forces you to reject them entirely. Even worse, you need positive comments more than ever when you're struggling because they help you to see the light.

Therefore, it's essential not to resist them, even if they make you uncomfortable. All it takes is a simple "thank you." With an everyday phrase such as this, you won't automatically shut down the person providing a compliment, and in time, you'll learn to accept them more. As well as expressing your gratitude, you can defer to other people and share the credit.

"I got it from my mama" is more than a song!

Address The Triggers

You shouldn't expect to go through life without experiencing rejection as it's a common feature for everybody, regardless of success. However, rejection makes you feel bad about yourself, so what are you supposed to do when it rears its ugly head? The answer is to reaffirm your value once it has taken a hit.

For example, rather than focusing on the reasons why you didn't get your dream job, you should write down the attributes that make you a valuable employee. That way, you'll have the confidence to continue applying for roles and putting yourself in a position to be successful. You'll appreciate the way this tactic makes you feel inside, especially after you've suffered a blow.

Again, you can do it for a variety of issues. If you go through a breakup, for instance, you can jot down the features that make you a great life partner. 

It's hard work, but feeling good about yourself is worth the effort.

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