Friday, February 28, 2020

Slot Tips and Tricks

The slot machine game is arguably the world’s oldest form of machine gambling, having been created sometime in the 18th century. It may even be the first ever gambling machine actually. It was originally called the fruit machine as the symbols on the reels where of fruits, like the iconic cherry symbol that still appears on reels to this day. Another name the game quickly adopted was the one-armed-bandit, the name was coined due to the machines proficiency at taking your hard earned cash and because of the fact that in those days you would needed to pull on a lever located beside the machine in order to start the reels spinning.

The first thing to remember when playing slots at is that it is a game of chance and unlike the good old days, cheating is virtually impossible nowadays, unless you are friends with the technicians or casino owner that is.  

Play According to RTPS 

RTP stands for return to player percentage; this refers to how much the machine will payout to players. For example; if the machine has a 97% RTP this means that out of every 100% put into the machine, it is programmed to give out 97% percent of that.

This is probably one of the most fool-proof ways to make sure you will be earning your money back, well hopefully that is. There are so many game titles on the market today and many more hitting the shelves at an exponential rate, this is due to the sheer number of developers that are popping up everywhere. All games have their own return to player percentage and the amounts can vary quite drastically, a rule of thumb any new players should abide by is to stick to games that offer an RTP of 98 or higher. Obviously this is not a strict rule. 

Speak to Floor Attendants Or Customer Support 

As mentioned above, the RTP is a great way to go about choosing the right machine to throw your cash into, however, this is not always the only tool players can use to determine the machine for them. A classic trick used by many avid players is to approach a friendly looking floor attendant and ask them to point you towards the machines that the regulars tend to play at. This is a great way to choose a machine if you do not frequent the casino as the regular players will no doubt have a good idea of which machines pay well and which machines to stay away from.

Now it goes without saying that you shouldn’t bet your house on this information, so always keep a level head and play responsibly. 

Look for Progressive Jackpot Machine

As the industry has grown, so have the number of game creators and competition in the industry. One way developers are trying to gain the upper hand is by offering progressive jackpots. This basically means that a large number of machines are linked together in the jackpot. Every time a spin is made and the jackpot is not won, a predetermined amount is added to the jackpot total and will continue to do so until the jackpot is won. Many players have noted that machines that are linked to massive progressive jackpot usually payout less frequently than those that offer smaller jackpots.

So the next time you’re on the prowl for a great slot game, make sure it has a high RTP, is located in an area the regulars seem to frequent and offers a small but decent progressive jackpot.