Friday, February 28, 2020

Growth in the Popularity of Mobile Slot Games

In this article, we'll be talking about the growth of popularity of mobile slot games in the gambling industry. Reports this year have stated that up to 61% of online gambling slot use comes from those placing bets from a mobile phone and some of those enjoyed playing at Cozino. You may think this is a high number, but when up to 5.5 billion of the world's population are mobile phone users, this percentage will come as no surprise.

What makes mobile gambling on slots so popular?

1) Smartphone Era

Practically everyone owns a smartphone these days, and most people use them from morning to night, taking them with them where ever they go. In a nutshell, smartphones are super comfortable and convenient to use these days; these phones are no longer seen as a piece of fancy technology, as everyone has one. In a survey conducted in the US concerning mobile gambling use, they found convenience was the number one reason players sited for using their mobile to play slots. This is because smartphones can be taken pretty much everywhere by a player, allowing users to gamble where ever they are and whatever time in the day.

2) Increase in technology

From as early as a decade ago, mobile phones and tablets started to become more and more powerful, until now they are as powerful as many computers and laptops. This increase in handheld technology meant that mobile phones were now capable of running decent gameplay. The gambling industry became aware of this new technology and started to look at ways gambling could become involved. Now we see users on mobile slot machines as a part daily routine. This is because most smartphones allow you to download an app for almost anything, and this including gambling. Many casinos have specially designed apps that give punters better gameplay and a gambling experience with greater reliability than their web browser components. Some casinos players have even been able to use virtual reality headsets with their mobile phone to play in virtual casinos from the comfort of their own home.

What does this mean for casinos in real life? Well, as you can imagine, the popularity of mobile-based slot machines has led to a decrease in punters playing in real life. But not completely, many players still prefer to play the slots in real life. There are several reasons for this from a lack of trust in technology and their random numbering systems, to players who prefer the full gambling experience of playing a slot in real life.

All we can say is that this popularity of players using mobile slots is not a fad, and the demand doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon. Every day more and more people are turning to use their mobile phone for everything in life; more and more people will use their phone to play slots. And with the advancements in technology, the gameplay for mobile slots will only increase current players' experience and interest new ones.